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Best place to buy audiobooks?

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Hello fellows!

To be honest, I've for a while listened on the audio-books illegally, but these books have given me so much pleasure, I've decided to buy all of them. Though I need some advice...I really want to buy these books so close to the author/speaker as possible, as few middle-hands as possible, preferably directly from author. Also, when buying these audio-books, it would be preferable to get the latest updated/corrected ones. I was surprised that web-shop on this site does not sell the books. Maybe there is some other "official" place to get the audio-books?





What does unabridged mean in audiobook-context?

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i bought them from amazon (i am an idiot about money), but i am told that you can get them much cheaper from audible.com, though i do no know how it works. i imagine audible would explain it.

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i get all of my audio books from audible (or downloaded through torrents) but audible doesn't sell the actual cd, they only sell you the files so that you can download them and put them on whatever device you use (which you can burn them to cds but i don't think that's what you are asking).


borders.com should have them and the two distributors that borders uses primarily are ingram and baker&taylor (can you tell i worked at borders? haha) ingram is a fantastic distribution company that is probably closest to "the author" you can get, eliminating many middle men. but i think baker & taylor does more multimedia and ingram is more paper book. worth it to check out either of those companies websites.


edit: I can only push getting it from a book store though. Book stores are dying and going out of business because of ebooks and the decline in book readers. When you cut out the middle man, you are denying someone employment. It might save you ten cents, but is it worth it to eliminate employment?


for a list of all of the options, i just found this website: http://www.mmpubs.com/distributors.html

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Thank your for your answers. Actually I want CD-books rather than digital ones (I don't like copy-protection and strange audio-formats). Brolie, you are very right about supporting small bookstores, though I guess many is limited in their collection, and it is hard time effort to find bookstores which sells audiobooks of Wheel Of Time; to be honest I'm just guessing about that, but I don't think it is easy to find, but maybe I'll take a peek.. ;).

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you can ask the bookstore to order you anything, and you can have them deliver the CDs to your home at no extra delivery charge.


i avoid large book stores because they are as bad as amazon now anyway. but you can ask a small bookstore to special order you anything from the catalogs, i think.

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Well with my experience with Borders (which was a large chain until they had to file bankruptcy and close two thirds of their stores.. *sad* ) you can ask someone to order all of the audio books for you like cindy said. In my town, we only have used book stores otherwise, so I'm not sure how it would work at a smaller book store.


I just know that Borders, as a company, has always been about saving customers money and giving the best customer service, which I have respected them for. Plus the fact that they are on the brink of going out of business completely makes me very sad.

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