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Approved FL Bio for Dehimage Nulid - Cc'd by White Tower


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DM Handle: Conquest

Character Name: Dehimage Nulid

Character Type: Freebooters

Place of Birth: Not known

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Weapon Score: 5


Physical: Slight build from life on the streets and the small amount of soldiering he did.


Strengths: Quick of thought and Is usually good around groups of people, can keep his head in tight situations and follows orders to the T, as long as he agrees with the outcome.He is quick and good with knives but cannot really use a sword. He knows enough about poisons to get the job done without force.


Weaknesses: Cannot get over a traumatic experience and any woman that he comes across will cause him to have overwhelming guilt over past decisions. He will go into a fury if any woman around him is being harmed in any way and will not lay a hand on a woman for any reason choosing to run, if his life is in any danger.


Character History: Dehimage grew up in a small city that was rotting from the core, the nobles had control of the local authorities and any strong arm or glorified thug could get a job making sure that the citizens stayed obedient. He had to find a way to survive and quickly found that a knife was much better than a sword in many circumstances, he became adept at finding the points that immobilized a person and found a job at an apothecary, adding to his knowledge of poisons and many other deadly ways to kill. White cloaks patrolled the area and had a tight fist on the teachings of the time. Dehimage’s goal was to become a Child of the Light, what else was better than ridding the land of the evil of Tar Valon. He decided that he wanted to get himself ready by joining a local party first.


He enlisted with the local army of special task forces that a minor nobleman had created. His mission was to help destroy the Tar Valon witches foot hold in the outlaying lands, by raids held late at night and burning the hideaways that the women caught admitted to.




The night was cool, the mist in the air making his flesh slick and slightly uncomfortable in his lose fitting clothes. The Mark had just left the house and was traveling with what appeared to be a younger woman walking beside him. The silence was ever stretching; he thought for sure that the couple would hear his heart beating in his chest as they slowly made their way down the cobble stone street.


That must be the witch he had been tasked to find, she didn’t seem all that dangerous. But that was the way of the witches, lure you with their young looks and trap your soul. He braced himself along the wall of the alley, he needed to do this quickly, and keep from making a scene. He pulled a small blade from his sleeve and removed the leather cover to keep the poison from drying out. His task was to dispatch the man and capture the woman. The time had come and he would have to act now.


On the balls of his feet he quickly covered the distance to the couple, placing the blade into the man’s kidneys allowed Dehimage to quietly put him to the ground before the woman knew what happened. He grabbed her around from the back and covered her mouth then began dragging her back to the alley, while fending off her kicks and elbows. Jorge, a big burly fellow, quickly bound and gagged the woman covering her head with a bag, then with the ease of tossing a child threw her over her shoulder and disappeared in the darkness.


Something was nagging at him, this had been too easy. If the witches were so bad, then why would she just let herself be taken without so much as bolt of lightning or something? Maybe it was a trick. Maybe she was waiting to get to Lord Mullen’s place and strike him down there. He needed to warn him. He needed to follow orders though, his next task was to burn the building where they were at, and it housed their supplies and new recruits for the trip to Tar Valon. Taking a flint he lit a small torch that he had hid there while scoping the place out earlier that day. He quickly tossed the torch in the thatch roof and watched as the dry grasses blazed into a raging fire. As instructed his group who stood in the shadows shot at the people as they ran out. The screams sounded as if they were just children, “Another trick,” he told himself. He had a hard time believing it.


Feeling sick, Dehimage made his way to the room where Lord Mullen was investigating the Witch. The guards gave him an ugly grin as they let him in. Lord Mullen was standing by his desk issuing out more orders for his men, wearing only loose fitting trousers. He looked up as Dehimage entered the room.


“Ah, just the man I was waiting to see,” he turned and started walking back to the bedchamber expecting Dehimage to follow. What else was said was lost to Dehimage as he looked onto the bed. The woman he had captured was strapped to the bed, staring at the ceiling. Dehimage noticed she wasn’t breathing, Then he saw that there was a knife on the bed side table. He couldn’t breathe. He found himself walking slowly to the side of the bed, looking into the woman’s eyes. He knew it wasn’t possible but it seemed they were looking straight at him, right into his soul. She was almost a woman. He couldn’t age her but it was due to awkwardness from adolescents to womanhood, not the ageless look of Aes sedai. How many had he help capture. And how many had fallen to this fate.


“What’s the matter with you, you look as if you’d never seen a dead woman before.”


He knew that answer but he had to ask, “Why this?”


The man just smiled the same kind of grin his body guards did. “She was not useful anymore; she didn’t know the location of the Witches hideaway, so I made another use for her.”


The wrongness of this made his insides burn, He felt as if he was going to pass out. He was supposed to be doing good, not… this. Dehimage didn’t remember picking up the knife, but he found it in the man’s chest only moments later. Dehimage sat by the woman who he had caught only hours earlier. She had fought; he still felt bruises showing on his legs from where her kicks landed, fought for her life, and now she was dead. He didn’t want to think about the building that he had burned. How many had he killed for this monster, only for sick pleasure? The Aes Sedai were evil, it must take such men to kill creatures like that. He didn’t want to do it anymore. He vowed no woman would come to harm while he was around.


The two guards outside went down silently as he made his way out side. Her eyes burnt into his vision. Even though she had said nothing to him, he couldn’t get her voice out of his head. “Why” “Why” he found himself heading north, towards tar valon.

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