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Hunting the Hunter


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Seheria woke up, still thankful for the proper bed under her. She was used to traveling the world, but that didn't mean she had to like sleeping in the dirt and rocks. A proper bed with a proper pillow for her head and warm blankets was not something that one should ever have to do with out. They had been staying in the manor for a few weeks now, with very little in the way finding out who was responsible for the killings. The Aes Sedai had split up and gone looking through the city every day, but they rarely shared what they had found with Seheria. Hopefully that meant they had found very little.


Seheria spent her days looking in on her own Eyes and Ears and those who showed they had information to give to Yellows. She had no fear, like the other's had, that by going to her unmarked informants that she would draw the attention of killer to them.She knew the killer would have a list of those they were to kill, so seeing her visit her own wouldn't mean the difference between life and death for them. If they were on a list, her visit wouldn't make a difference. Still she acted as if it was a fear, and made a point to be cautious in how she approached her informants. When she wasn't with her informants she was watching the other Aes Sedai, trying to make sure they didn't find out too much. She would say she making sure they were safe if ever she was questioned, the world was dangerous and she knew it better than they did. If the killer was looking for eyes and ears, could they truly think the killer wouldn't come after a Sister? It would be enough to get any heat off her for watching them. If not, she could say she was trying to gain the knowledge they got from their informants. It wasn't a very appealing lie, but its one they would believe.


Seheria sighed and quickly dressed. The sun hadn't yet rose, but today she would rally the group. Enough time was spent 'gathering information'. It was time to find a killer. She finally knew where her man would be. She knew the names on the list he was receiving, and she knew that they were being given to him in order. He had killed someone last night, brave for doing it with so many Aes Sedai in the city, but the poor man must be desperate thinking the poison was killing him. He had killed last night, and Seheria knew who was next. She had made sure that no vial was left for him, just the next name and a promise of a double dose of antidote when the target was confirmed. The only thing left unknown was when he would strike.


Seheria wanted the glory, no she needed the glory, of finding him. It would mean the difference between greatness in both of her Ajahs or failure at her task from each. She had gone to great lengths to see that she would be the one who found him, even stopping Carys from finding out when the girl came too close to it. Perhaps having those men attack her was going a little too far, but Seheria wouldn't let that woman steal her moment. She did have to keep an eye on her though, and she could be gracious enough to include the other woman. After all Carys had come close to finding the killer, so Seheria would let her be there when she exposed him.


She searched out the other Yellow before she had a chance to set out for the day alone again. She informed her that the time to search for the killer had come. They had spent too long gathering information, and with the death the night before there was no more time to waste. They had to be stop looking for information and start looking for action. Seheria pointed out that the smartest way was to pair up and scatter the city looking for unusual behaviour. By now they would know most of the locations of the eyes and ears in the city so it was time to protect the people. She made a grand show of it, one that would clearly mean the woman couldn't back out of it without looking like she did not care about the eyes and ears. She made sure that it was worded so that the woman would be sure to show up at the time they agreed to. To be more sure of it Seheria let the woman decide what time they would start the hunt that day, making sure to note the usual time of day the informants had said the previous kills had been at. When Carys had set a time to meet and a place to start from. Seheria left to find the others to make sure they too were pairing up around the city.


When the time came to meet up again with Carys, Seheria was ready and waiting at the meeting point. She blinked when Carys walked up with a man beside her, but Seheria did not question it. A moment of panic was hidden well, Seheria would be in control of this. No matter what was thrown at her.


As the small group walked through the city Seheria let others choose some turns but she made sure they ended up close to the place she knew was the night's mark. As they neared the small shop she could see forms moving in the window and when they were just one building away from it at a casual stroll there came a loud crash and a scream from inside the building. Both Aes Sedai filled with power and everyone of the near by Aes Sedai ran to the shop, not sure if the woman who screamed was still able to he helped, and not sure if the man that they had seen in the window was to blame.

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ooc: we're ready to catch a killer! I'll write more about what she does at the place in my next post - I need to get myself to bed right now!




It was the end of another day before the messenger returned. His breath came in short gasps as he handed the letter over to her, almost as if he had done the running himself. He gave a short nod as she dropped a few coins in his hand – the second half of his retainer – and left the room quickly. She could see why he was the name on every one's lips when she'd asked about the small town. The young man appeared to do everything quickly.


The letter bore a wax seal impressed by a Great Serpent ring. Setting aside the book she'd been reading, Carys carefully opened the document to reveal a single word: Return. Frowning, she stared at the six letters. One word yet it could mean so much. What else was it that she was supposed to see in this reply? Moreover, why was it not in Amadine's hand?


It was mulling over the response that Elessar found her. He entered the tiny library quietly, his boots stirring the small layer of dust that covered everything save her footprints. Carys handed him the letter without speaking. His eyes flicked down and then back to hers as he raised his eyebrow in question. She gave a small laugh and shrugged her shoulders. “It is as puzzling to me as it is to you. Nevertheless, we should leave at daybreak to allow ample traveling time.”


The night that followed was quiet, for once. In the short time since they'd met, the Yellow and the Warder hadn't seen many quiet nights. The common room was busy for a time, the stage empty of entertainment, the room buzzing with average conversations of average folk. Carys listened for mention of the farmhouse, or of doings in the city, but to no avail. Even the devastation of the second floor seemed to be considered commonplace now – not a soul mentioned it.


She retired to her room early, leaving her Warder to the ambiance of the country folk. She patted him once on the shoulder as she left the room, remembering their conversation one night past. They had abandonment and survival in common, along with a devotion to the White Tower and others in general. It was a fitting beginning, and one that would hopefully lead to a solid working relationship and perhaps even friendship. Such attention to her duty in the Infirmary hadn't left Carys with a lot of friends, even within her Ajah. Elessar's statement from the night before echoed in her head as she shut the door to her room.Perhaps someone really would write our story some day. Though that would mean more time spent outside the Tower and away from the Infirmary.


Darkness still reigned the sky as someone shook her awake. Blinking sleep from her eyes, the Yellow nodded that she was awake and the Warder stole away to ready the horses. She dressed quickly, donning a dark riding dress with heavy yellow scrollwork. Tucking the one word reply into her belt pouch, Carys swept out of the room and outside to her horse and her Warder. Elessar handed the yawning innkeeper a bag of coins and the pair rode off toward Cairhein – a dark looming blob in the distance.


As the weather was complimentary to travel, Elessar and she made swift time – entering the city before night had well and truly set. People walked the streets, though no more than normal, brave in their dashing between, in front of, and behind horses. There were a few people mounted as well. Her ageless face earned nods from the City Watchmen and nobles alike, their mounts varying in color and expense. A passing thought flitted through Carys' mind as she noticed that the noble's mounts were of better stock than the City Watch. Tucking it away for later, the Yellow returned to her musing over the six letters written on the note in her belt pouch.


The Teobon estate was on the northeastern edge of the City. The mansion itself was stately and large and more intimidating by night. The dark windows could hide any number of things; the world was full of dark things. Light burned in only a few rooms, casting queer shadows onto the grounds. Still, servants rushed out to meet her and Elessar as they rode up to the front, unburdening the Aes Sedai and Warder of their horses and saddlebags as they dismounted.


Carys left for Amadine's room at once, only to find it unoccupied. The younger Yellow balled her hands into fists at the irony of the situation – before they weren't doing anything, and now Amadine was so busy as to be out of her room at this hour of the night? Annoyed, Carys returned to her room intending to find the Sister in charge upon the elder Sister's return.


Apparently she was more tired than she thought, however, and before long she was asleep in her bed. Sunlight streaming through the windows came as a slight surprise, but there was nothing to be done about it. Calling upon Amadine found the woman asleep with orders for no one to disturb her – evidently even the other Aes Sedai. The servants looked terrified when Carys suggested she enter. It nearly made her laugh, as Amadine had never appeared very frightening to her. She let the issue drop, however, choosing to take the time to bathe away the dirt from the road. Living in the Tower for all these years had left Carys with a few comforts that she was loathe to miss – such as being clean.


Seheria found her just as Carys had dismissed the servants yet before she had entered the bath. The other Yellow spoke at length with her searching for the killer before the day was out. Agreeing fervently, the Altaran suggested meeting at the front door in three hours. That should give everyone enough time to be ready, but more important, it was around the time that the other kills had happened. The front door was easily found, they would need to use it anyway, and no one would be standing around the door “just because.”


Slightly less than three hours later, Carys and Elessar met Seheria at the front door. The Warder appeared at ease, sword and color changing cloak making him look every inch the Gaidin that he was. Carys wore another dark dress, this time with yellow slashes. Seheria blinked at the sight of Elessar, but schooled her features into calm once more. Though the blink was slightly odd, Carys ignored it. Seeing as Carys did not enter the party nor Cairhein with a Warder, she supposed it would appear odd that she had attained one in such a short time. Nodding to Seheria, the three of them set out into the City to catch a killer. And hopefully save a life.


Despite their important agenda, the streets of Cairhein looked the same as they had yesterday, and probably the day before that. Shopkeepers still had the doors of their shops open, beguiling items in the windows to prompt visitors. Merchants from near and far that had no shops set up kiosks on the side of the road, their wares displayed and sold to the highest bidder. Citywatchmen marched up and down the streets, their eyes searching for trouble – when they weren't chatting up the people. Men and women of all classes walked around, some lazily, some rapidly on their way to an unknown destination. A few carriages rolled through the streets, the drivers barking at people to get out of the way.


Carys watched them all with amusement. It was truly her first taste of city life...well, life in general. She'd always been cooped up in the Wise Woman shop or the Tower or the Infirmary to notice what was going on around her. There was something to be said about normal life. This is what we are trying to sustain. All of us. She turned her attention back to the task at hand as the three of them rounded another corner. If we must set about this grim task in order to preserve their ignorance then I am ready. Later she would chide herself for the formal language, and for apparently picking up a slight taste for danger. Now, though, Carys looked around, blue eyes alert and the hairs on her arms standing up.


Concern flashed through the Bond as trio meandered down this stretch of street. Choking back a gasp, the Yellow embraced the Source. She trusted Elessar's instincts to be sharper than her own. A mere second later, there was a loud crash and a scream from inside a building. It was a small shop, sitting on the corner of an alley and surrounded by a mass of rundown buildings. Practically vaulting from her saddle, Carys grunted as she hit the ground, the impact vibrating through her. I'll live, she thought, rushing forward with the other Sisters, we need to make sure she will as well. Looking to her right, she found Elessar running at her side, his long legs easily keeping speed.


Carys and Elessar made it first, with Seheria on their heels. The Warder glanced at the two Yellows and as she made an almost imperceptible nod, her Warder kicked open the door.

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Elessar watched as the messenger arrrived, then gave his Sedai some time to read the message before he joined her. He entered the tiny library quietly, his boots stirring the small layer of dust that covered everything save Carys’ footprints. She handed him the letter without speaking. His eyes flicked down and then back to hers as he raised his eyebrow in question. Return? She gave a small laugh and shrugged her shoulders. She said that it was as puzzling to her as it was to him. Nevertheless, they ought to leave at daybreak to allow ample travelling time. He nodded in agreement, his eyes meeting hers. Handing back the letter, he left to get some fresh air and to think about the next day’s journey.


The night that followed was quiet. The common room was busy for a time, the stage empty of entertainment - to Elessar’s slight disappointment -, the room buzzing with ordinary talk. Carys retired to her room early, leaving Elessar to the ambiance of the country folk. She patted him once on the shoulder as she left the room, and through the bond he got a feeling of shared commitment. His gaze following her, he recalled their conversations and the events that had brought them together in a Bond. They had a common purpose now. It is a good beginning, he thought to himself. I will not fail you, my Aes Sedai.


Elessar remained in the common room to see if he would hear more news about the state of the city and of matters that would be of interest to his Sedai. He mingled with the commoners, bought some of them a drink or two or six to loosen their tongues, but did not hear any noteworthy news during the next few hours. At last he went to his room and had a decent night’s sleep. The following morning Elessar was up before dawn, as planned, and went to Carys’s room to wake her before he went to see to their horses. It was dark outside; morning had not yet broken. As he walked with watchful eyes toward the stable Elessar thought of the day’s journey to the City. He considered the route they would take and how to make it as safe as possible. He brought Stormbreaker and his Sedai’s horse to the front of the building and had them saddled and ready by the time Carys emerged. Elessar handed the yawning innkeeper a bag of coins before they left for the capital of Cairhien.


It was good travelling weather that day and they made swift time. They entered the capital before night had well and truly set. People walked the streets, though no more than normal, brave in their dashing between, in front of, and behind horses. Elessar threw some of those boys and men hard glances as he rode past but said nothing, keeping his constantly watchful and vigilant eyes on his Sedai and on the surroundings. City Watchmen nodded respectfully to the Aes Sedai as she rode by and they also gave respectful looks to her Warder - and deadly protector - who rode by her side.


The Teobon estate was on the north-eastern edge of the City. The mansion itself was stately and large and more intimidating by night. As they neared it, Elessar thought of shadows moving in the darkness. He saw that from only a few rooms there shone a light, casting strange reflections onto the grounds. Even so, servants rushed out to meet them as they rode up to the front, unburdening Carys and Elessar of their horses and saddlebags as they dismounted. The journey had gone well, with no trouble or danger, and Elessar was pleased. He nodded to his Sedai as she went ahead into the mansion, while he remained standing outside for a little while. He looked into the mounting darkness, wondering where the next danger lay.


The next morning Elessar got up well before dawn to have a solid workout in the estate gardens. To keep the edge a swordfighter had to hone his skill and it had been a while since Elessar had had the time for a workout. One of the servants, seeing the shirtless Borderlander striding purposefully down the corridor from his room with a blade in hand and an intent look on his face, stepped hurriedly aside, throwing him an anxious look. The Warder, cloaking himself in the Oneness - The Flame and the Void -, feeling the Calmness spreading through him, as man and weapon became one, had only eyes for the grounds outside. Soon he stood in the gardens and started the dance of the blade. From opening stance to guard stance. Striking high, then low; feinting, slashing and parrying, moves that floated from one to the other, in a never-ending stream, with great skill and precision. Sweat beaded on his face and upper body and after a while he started to feel some weariness in his muscles, but Elessar was singularly focused on his sword movements and kept it up, for a long while, until at last he sheathed his blade.


He returned to his rooms then, well satisfied with the workout, as night was turning into day. Sunshine was filling the Cairhienin sky. He had a shower and clothed himself in his Warder clothes, his colour-shifting cloak blending into his surroundings. Staring out through the windows, as sounds of morning from within and without the estate broke the silence, Elessar nodded to himself.


A few hours later he joined his bondholder as they met another Aes Sedai - she was called Seheria and was also of the Yellow, Carys had told him - at the front door. Elessar was at ease, blade fastened to his side, his step certain. He gave a warder’s bow to the other Sister who seemed to give him a somewhat strange stare before her face was unreadable once again. Perhaps she was surprised that Carys now had a Warder? He thought. That would not be an odd reaction considering the circumstances. Or it could be I imagined it, Elessar wondered. Even after all these years I find it difficult to read those Aes Sedai looks. Soon the three of them - one Warder and two Aes Sedai - set out into the City. They had a mission to complete.


High above them, in a sky blue as the ocean and with a sun sending rays of gold down upon Cairhien, a raven floated on the soft breeze, its black eyes watching.




Riding through the busy streets of the capital Elessar’s full attention was on his Aes Sedai and on their mission. His vigilant eyes swept across the buildings and streets, the shopkeepers, merchants, vendors, customers and other people - from all across the lands - walking about, looking for potential danger. He met the eyes of Citywatchmen patrolling the city - they marched stedfastly up and down the streets - and spotted the ruffians who stood seemingly nonchalantly at street corners, watching for potential prey. A few carriages rolled through the streets, the drivers barking at people to get out of the way. Probably a Cairhienin nobleman, up to his neck in their Game of Houses, Elessar thought wryly to himself as one such carriage rushed past them.


Passing a dark-cloaked man of strong build walking along the pavement Elessar felt eyes boring into his neck. He half-turned in the saddle to get a closer look at the man but he was already gone, lost in the crowd. Shrugging, the Warder fastened his eyes on the street in front of him again. His alertness increased, however, if such was possible. A hundred or so yards further on, as they passed a small bookstore beside an alley, he felt cold eyes staring at them from the shadows. His eyes hardened.


A little later as they were rounding a corner Elessar’s eyes suddenly widened in alarm. Looking around them and down the street he felt danger. Great danger! Where? His eyes were everywhere. He did not see anything out of the usual but had come to trust his instincts over the years; it had kept him - and his Sedais - alive on several occasions. His hand touched his sword fastened at the side, as he tried to pinpoint the danger. He felt a reaction through the Bond and realized that Carys had felt his concern. Coming to a halt, he stared around in silence. Where are you?


A moment later - as time almost seemed to stop - there was a loud crash and a scream from inside a building. The Warder’s head snapped in the direction. It was, Elessar saw, a small shop, sitting on the corner of an alley and surrounded by a mass of rundown buildings. The Warder threw himself off his black stallion, blade in hand, landing a little roughly but steadily on the ground. He had intended to help his Sedai dismount, but saw that she was already on the ground. Together with the Sisters the Gaidin rushed forward, his Sedai at his side.


Carys and Elessar made it first, with Seheria on their heels. The Warder, blade in hand and a hard but focused look upon his face, glanced quickly at the two Yellows - and receiving an almost imperceptible nod from his bondholder, Elessar Gaidin kicked open the door with great force.

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Eltar slipped the vial out of his pocket along with the letter. He opened the letter, reading the description of what house the target was in, then put it back in his pocket and opened the vial. The clear liquid reflected sunlight, and Eltar didn't hesitate in drinking it. He shuddered, and pocketed the vial as well, before moving into the alley next to the house the letter had described. There was another alley running along the back of the house, and there sat a door leading into the house.


Feeling an urge of recklessness at not having planned his entrance and escape, Eltar tried the door, and found it unlocked. With a grin, he went in, and followed the short corridor to the kitchen, where there sat a heavy table with a large, finely made, teapot sitting in the center. He drew his knife, and moved quietly to the doorway leading into one of the front rooms. It was empty except for a cabinet full of china, and a few chairs, and so Eltar moved to the front door, where he looked up the stairs, expecting to see someone standing there.


A scream alerted Eltar to a presence in the kitchen, a woman was standing next to the table, and had seen him standing there with a knife. Eltar moved into the front room, hoping to reach her before she could run, and the woman picked up the teapot with both hands and threw it at him. It missed his head, instead crashing into the cabinet, smashing multiple pieces of china. He started to run at her, and reached the table, when the front door flew open, and a man entered the house. Eltar took one glance at him, and knew he wouldn't be able to fight the man, so he did the only thing that he could do. The table was heavy, but Eltar managed to flip it, presenting a barrier that would slow the man down as he took off down the corridor to the back door. It swung open, and bounced off the wall, allowing Eltar just enough time to get through before it swung closed.


Eltar ran down the alley, and turned the corner to go the opposite way from the main road, not noticing the woman in the yellow dress standing at the mouth of the alley. Suddenly, the air turned to jelly around him, halting him in his tracks. He struggled to move, but found only his eyes could move, and started floating backwards, towards the main road.


Eltar Cordwyn ~ Now caught thief/murderer

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As the man with Carys made for the front door Seheria turned off the main road and ran around back. Carys and her new friend would have the front door covered but Seheria had to make sure there was no other escape route free. The man she hired was not new to breaking into places, and one of the tests she had given him had him get out of a tighter situation than this. He was a quick thinker. He was a skilled thief, not just some lout with a urge to kill. He would have multiple escape routes planned, but Seheria could not let him get away. This had to end today, before it opened a bigger investigation; before it brought down her Ajah.


She moved quickly to the back alley, but the man dashed out of the door before she had made it in. Seheria threw out a weave of air that wrapped around the man, pinning his arms and legs. She calmly reeled him in. When he was close enough to hear Seheria addressed him, "There is no use struggling boy, you can't break free from me. Come now, we only wish to talk. Let us go back to inside and you can explain what has happened just now, and why you ran away so quickly."


Seheria led the man through the door he had left by. Carys and Elessar were helping the woman in the front of the shop when Seheria returned. "Do not worry, he cannot harm you now." She was speaking to the woman in the shop who seemed startled to see the intruder again, but she made sure the note carried over to Carys' companion. She didn't know how to read the man, but she had noticed his fingers graze the handle of his blade when he noticed Eltar's return.


"Come, boy. Have a seat and tell us what has happened here today to cause such a mess, and why you took off out the back in such a hurry."


Seheria Mori

~Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

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Ooc: E, Kat and Arlow want us to go next.


- - - -


The door flew open, it's hinges groaning from the force of Elessar's kick. Carys had the ridiculous urge to laugh at the scenario, but she tamped it down. Her Warder rushed forward, sword at the ready. The Aes Sedai, though filled with saidar stayed behind him. This is what Warders were trained for, what he was trained for. Her actions had gotten them into plenty of situations already; she didn't need him almost dying again. Grabbing a few threads of Air, she wove a thin shield all around him, a mere half inch from his body. It wouldn't completely stop an attack, but it would ensure less damage to Elessar than intended.


Or would have, if it had been necessary. Peeking around the Gaidin, Carys saw a thin man in black heave up the kitchen table, blocking Elessar from his escape route. Well moving that is easy enough. Using another strand of Air, she set the table back down, moving it to one side so the path to the back door was larger. Her Warder grunted a thank you as he ran past. He gave a quick glance back to check behind her and then bolted through the door.


Carys was helping the woman up when Elessar ran back in. Apparently Seheria had apprended the man whilst he was trying to leave. “Hunting in pairs was her idea, and it turned out to be a good one. There shall be no more blood spilled today,” the young Yellow said as she picked up a teapot from the floor. Nodding in response, the Warder immediately sheathed his sword and began helping her. Manners in this too...she observed, smiling. The woman, whom Carys had set gently in a chair, stared at the opposite wall for another heartbeat before she shook her head, stood up, and began to put her life back in order.


They'd mostly cleaned the floor of fallen objects when her fellow Yellow led the culprit into the kitchen. Though Carys had leaned down to pick up a dishrag, she stood up fast as the older Sister brought in the murderer. Not who I had pictured. But then again, not all darkfriends can run around with Dragon Fangs on their clothing and madness in their eyes. The woman let out a little gasp and backed away from Seheria and her captive. "Do not worry, he cannot harm you now,” she assured the shop's occupant. The woman nodded but fear still blazed in her eyes.


The Altaran felt tension in the Bond and she looked over to see Elessar's right hand resting on the top of his sword pommel. Carys placed her hand on his arm.


"Come, boy. Have a seat and tell us what has happened here today to cause such a mess, and why you took off out the back in such a hurry." Seheria pushed the man down fairly roughly, fastening his arms to his sides with ropes of Air two inches thick.

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OOC: Oki Em! Their turn next.

- - - -


IC: The door flew open with a slam. Elessar rushed forward, sword in hand, Carys right behind him. Inside the room the Warder saw a man and a woman. The man - a thin figure in black - cast him a quick glance before flipping over a kitchen table, blocking him, before storming off down the corridor to the back door. Elessar cursed inwardly. He moved toward the table but before he reached it it righted itself and was set to the side - Carys helping with the One Power, he understood - and he grunted a thank you to her as he ran past. He gave a quick glance back to check behind her and then bolted through the door.


He ran down the alley, his target some way ahead of him - Light, that man is fast!, he thought to himself as he ran - and then stopped in his tracks as he saw the man come to a sudden halt near the mouth of the alley. Elessar saw the woman in the yellow dress and understood what had happened. The Aes Sedai got him! Casting the man a very hard glance, Elessar nodded and returned the way he had come. His bondholder was helping the woman up when he re-entered the room. “Seheria Sedai caught him”, Elessar said promptly as he met her eyes. He did not speak the words, but he was sure Carys could see in his eyes - and perhaps feel through the bond - that he half-blamed himself for not catching the man himself.


“Hunting in pairs was her idea, and it turned out to be a good one. There shall be no more blood spilled today,” Carys Aes Sedai said as she picked up a teapot from the floor. Elessar Gaidin nodded in response before sheathing his sword. He started helping his bondholder while at the same time keeping an eye on the other woman who was seated in a chair. Soon the woman got to her feet and began to put her life back in order. They had mostly cleaned the floor of fallen objects when Seheria Sedai led the culprit into the kitchen.


Elessar threw him another hard glance but said nothing. Studying the man, the Warder noted how ordinary he looked. But Darkfriends come in all guises, he thought angrily. Borderlander-bred, Elessar hated the Shadow and everyone associated with it. He kept his eyes on their captive as Seheria Sedai spoke. "Do not worry, he cannot harm you now,” she said to the woman in the shop who stared at the man with fright in her eyes. Elessar’s unease grew as he studied the Darkfriend more closely and almost without knowing his right hand rested on the top of his sword pommel, as if ready to unsheathe his blade at any moment. When Carys placed her hand on his arm he relaxed a little, though he had some trouble finding that Calmness within that he sought.


I will fight the Shadow ‘till I die - and beyond! his former Battle Ajah-Sedai Leandreen had told him with great conviction, emerald eyes blazing, many years ago. It had bound them together, mind and soul.


Leandreen, our cause will never be abandoned! Elessar thought with fervour.


Seheria Sedai spoke then and the Warder’s attention refocused on the situation at hand.


"Come, boy.” She said. “Have a seat and tell us what has happened here today to cause such a mess, and why you took off out the back in such a hurry."

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Eltar was forced to sit down into the chair, and he realised that the Aes Sedai the rumours had mentioned were right there, standing in front of him. He tried to raise his arms, and shivered when he realised that the women must be using the Power on him. "Come, boy. Have a seat and tell us what has happened here today to cause such a mess, and why you took off out the back in such a hurry." Eltar chuckled at the woman telling him to have a seat, but didn't say anything. I should just keep my mouth shut, he thought. If I just go and tell the first person to confront me what I was hired to do, I won't be having a good reputation for much longer. Eltar's eyes met those of the man's, who he assumed to be a Warder, and he grinned at him before focusing on the woman standing in front of him. He stared at her defiantly, wondering what was going to happen.


~ Eltar

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The Yellow waited for a reply. Anger growing on the outside but pride growing on the inside. Even caught red handed by Aes Sedai and tied down for questioning her man showed signs of not speaking. She almost wished she wouldn't have to break him, but knowing she did, she hoped the man would hold up well to it. Everyone had a breaking point and this man would be no exception. Seheria hoped he would fight, hold on and keep quiet for a decent length of time. It would convince her she had truly picked the right man in the first place. She had been hasty in choosing, but so far she felt he had done well. This test would be the deciding factor in knowing if she could use him again. When she knew how to break him, she would know better how to set him up in future.


After waiting for a reply and watching the young man squirm in defience, Seheria's cold eyes burned into his. "Boy, I told you to explain what you were doing in this building, and why you ran when we arrived. I demand an answer, and it had better be a good one." She motioned to Carys and the warder standing just behind her, "We are short on patience, boy, and have very important things to deal with. Do not waste our time." She tightened the weaves of air until they were on the verge of cutting into his arms. She could feel Carys shifting slightly behind her. Perhaps she was being more rough than her sister would have been, but this was how Seheria did things, and she always got the job done.


Seheria Mori

Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

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Eltar just looked at the woman as she spoke. Why should I tell you, he thought, you have no need to know my true intentions. He gave her a small smile, and glanced at the other woman and the Warder before speaking. "I was sent here to bring this lady to my employer, but she wouldn't come, and so I drew my knife, and that's when you intervened," he said, and wondered, are you going to take that?

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The Yellow eyed the man and watched his motions as he spoke. Looking into his eyes was almost like looking into his mind. She could see him reeling with what to say. It didn't matter that she knew it wasn't all the truth, she had seen enough people telling half truths and full out lies to know he was. It wasn't often that she would catch a man in such a situation who would break down and spill all the information they had. But she didn't have much patience. She had to get the information out of him. The Eyes and Ears were dying, and someone was behind it. I question of this man after his behaviour today would not look as if she knew it before getting here.


When he spat out his short reply Seheria spoke. "You admit to having ill intentions, that is a good start. I'd hate to waste my time fighting to getting this information out of you. I know you have more information and we all know we will get this information before we go, so I appreciate you being so forth coming. So, you have an employer? I would like to know who it is, and what jobs this employer has you hired to do. I am also curious to know what your employer's intentions with this innocent lady are. I would also like to know what your intent was when you drew your blade. So many questions yet to answer, but I'm sure we'll get it all out of you. It will be a much more pleasant experience for if you offer up what you can. We will do all we can to keep you safe and unharmed if you are cooperative, but if you make trouble for us, we will make trouble for you."

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  • 3 weeks later...

Eltar glanced at the woman he had been told to kill. She was cringing away from him, half hiding behind the Warder, who was staring at him with one hand on his sword. The other Aes Sedai stood next to the Warder, looking at him as if examining a bug, while the second Aes Sedai stood in front of him, and as he met her gaze, he made the decision to tell her. "I was hired to murder certain people, my lady. The names are delivered to me where I stay, along with an antidote to a poison I drank," Eltar said, looking the Aes Sedai in the eyes. He shook his head, sweeping his hair from in front of his face, before continuing. " I did not see her face, as she wore a hooded cloak and never removed it during our brief meetings. I only wish to be free of this poison, and these murders. If that happens, I will gladly leave the city before too long, after a few issues have been sorted." Eltar hoped that the Aes Sedai didn't want any more information, as that was all he knew.

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Seheria watched the man's eyes dart to the others in the room. He paused for a long while on the woman who owned the shop and then he eyed the Aes Sedai and the warder. She could tell the man was wieghing his options. She wished she could be in his head, to know what he was thinking. But he clearly new he had no way out. The mans eyes locked to hers and Seheria could the confession about to burst through.


"I was hired to murder certain people, my lady. The names are delivered to me where I stay, along with an antidote to a poison I drank," Seheria's heart pounded as the man spoke. She knew he'd have to confess, but this is where it could all fall apart for her. Her future rested on what this man said and how she dealt with that. He paused to shift the hair from his face, and while Seheria stayed stone cold on the outside, inside her heart was racing.


"I did not see her face, as she wore a hooded cloak and never removed it during our brief meetings. I only wish to be free of this poison, and these murders. If that happens, I will gladly leave the city before too long, after a few issues have been sorted." Relief flooded through her but she held her stern gaze. He had said a lot. Enough to lead them somewhere, somewhere that could lead back to her, but it was enough that it didn't outright point to her and not so much that she couldn't make sure it never did get back to her. Anyone could be the hooded woman who spoke to him for the right price. This boy said enough to get out of trouble and give them somewhere to go. He hadn't fought long, but being tied down with invisible rope in a room with two Aes Sedai, a warder and the woman you just tried to kill could be enough pressure to make the strongest person break. He took the easy way, but that was to be expected of any thief.


Seheria looked disbelievingly at the boy as she spoke. "Quite a story. But easily checked. You say were poisoned, luckily, we can find out if that is true for you. I warn you boy, if it is a lie, you will be sorry." She looked him over. Yes he had done his job well. She knew he would have been caught sooner or later, at least he had a good number of successful kills before he did. It was time to put him out of his misery.


"I can tell from the way you look at me that you do not trust me, boy. And given the chase we just had, I don't blame you." Seheria gazed at the Yellow behind her and called over, "Carys, come check if this boy is telling the truth. If he is poisoned hopefully we can do something to help him."

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Time seemed to slow after Seheria returned with the murderer. Dust motes seemed to settle in the air, breathing felt shallow and deep at the same time. Her heart though, that was beating like rapidly, like the wings of hummingbird. Carys took as deep a breath as she could manage without appearing to be upset and felt the world rush to return to its normal pace. Sound and color rushed in toward her and she blinked rapidly, tilting her head down so as to have a blonde curtain to hide behind.


Seheria took the lead questioning the witness, her gaze hard and her tone harder. The Altaran observed the change in the older Yellow's body language and felt admiration. She would never be that tough – forced to remain aloof with most people because she could not do 'hard' when it was required. Luckily for her, many people considered the two to be the same. Removing her hand from Elessar's arm, Carys crossed her arms beneath her breasts and stared at the murderer. Child, really. In the light of the shop, his youthful features were obvious, perhaps more so do to the defiance in his eyes. If he thinks a little bit of defiance will make us go away then he does not understand the situation he's in.


As the questioning continued, Carys found herself less admiring and more nervous toward Seheria's behavior. She was using the Power to trap him in the chair, something that could be argued as useful, but she was deadly close to actually injuring him. Tucking a strand of golden hair behind her ear, the younger Yellow shifted on her feet. Finding him inside the shop with a knife is fairly damaging. Running from us is more so, but we still cannot full prove that it was him that did the killings. She moved her gaze from the boy to Seheria, looking for signs of Oath Rod pressure. If she was that close to breaking the Third Oath, the older woman must be feeling something. She only looked calm and collected – and a bit frightening – however.


Finally, just as she was about to interrupt, the boy confessed. Albeit his confession told an interesting tale involving poison and antidotes, deals and shadowy brokers. Knitting her brow, Carys shared a look with her Warder. Despite the odd story, she felt inclined to believe him, a feeling in her gut that said he was merely mixed up in the wrong thing. Seheria looked as disbelieving as ever, but surprisingly called Carys over. “Come check if this boy is telling the truth. If he is poisoned hopefully we can do something to help him." She felt Elessar tense again next to her. Whether at Seheria's direct command or her tone, she wasn't sure. Stifling a sigh, the younger Aes Sedai stepped forward. She'd already been holding the Source and poured from her in a sweet release as she mixed elements to Delve the criminal.


The Delve set in and Carys delicately poked through the boy's system, searching for signs of poison. After a moment, she released the weave and looked at the expectant faces. “I did not find any poison, nor any traces of poison in your system.” Seheria looked positively exultant, and creepy as she grinned and looked back at the boy. The boy looked amazed and shocked – a difficult con to pull off if it's a lie.

“I did, however, find plenty of drugs in your system. I believe that whoever was supplying you with the 'antidote' was doping you with something that caused all the symptoms of your 'poison.'”

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It was a waste of time. The despicable little weasel would never talk. Or so Elessar had thought.


The trapped Darkfriend - the Warder was certain that this creature was one, despite his young age - had acted arrogantly from the beginning, shrugging off threats and meeting everyone’s eye with defiance and contempt. He had kept his silence. When he had met Elessar’s eyes the boy had grinned impertinently at him and the Warder had almost been tempted to teach him a lesson.


Seheria Sedai had continued with the ‘questioning’. Elessar and Carys had watched in silence as the Darkfriend had given flippant responses and cool disdainful looks to his captors. The way the boy acted Elessar had been unsurprised when the woman the Darkfriend had been sent to kill had cringed away from her would-be assassin, half hiding behind the Warder. Elessar had met the boy’s eyes with his own hard stare and almost without being aware had had one hand on his sword. Some uneasiness had come through the Bond from Carys, or at least so it had seemed to Elessar. The boy had looked at them all, in turn. Eyes unflinching.


And then suddenly, the boy confessed. Albeit his confession told an interesting tale involving poison and antidotes, deals and shadowy brokers. Still, it was a confession - and Elessar had to admit that he was surprised. He shared a look with his bondholder. The criminal’s story was plausible perhaps, but something in Elessar’s gut made him sceptical.. it was somehow too smooth, he thought. Why did the boy suddenly decide to spill his guts after all the contempt and self-confidence he had shown before? Had he broken at last, understanding that he had no way out of this? Something did not quite add up, he thought, though the Warder could not deduce what it was.


He sensed some hesitancy in Carys through the Bond, but right then Seheria Sedai called his bondholder over and asked that she check if the boy was telling the truth about the poison. Elessar tensed, disliking Seheria Sedai’s tone. It had lacked the respect he believed his bondholder deserved, be the other Aes Sedai Carys’ superior or no. Carys walked over to their prisoner and used the Power on him. Elessar recalled that his previous Yellow Sedai Carrain had told him that the term used was “delving”. A few moments later Carys looked at the expectant faces and said she had not found any poison, nor any traces of poison in his system. Seheria Sedai’s face almost looked exultant as she grinned and look back at their prisoner. The boy looked amazed and shocked, while the Warder’s eyes retained their hard edge. Carys then added that she had, however, found plenty of drugs in his system and she believed that whoever had been supplying him with the ‘antidote’ had been doping him with something that had caused all the symptoms of his ‘poison’.

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Eltar sat, shocked, as he was told he hadn't been poisoned, rather, he had been drugged. It was strange, at least in his mind. Why would someone merely drug him and get him to kill people, rather than actually poisoning him? They were cold enough to want him to kill people, so why didn't they just poison him? That means that I didn't need to kill those people, it wasn't necessary for my survival. The shock faded to confusion, but when Eltar looked at the Aes Sedai, he knew that they weren't very likely to help with his problems at the moment. They were only interested in finding the murderer, which was him, and he didn't have a way out.


As it was, he was the only one that could be held accountable, and without a solution within the next few minutes, he was probably going to trial for murder, and would be facing the executioner not long after. As he was pondering this, the Aes Sedai that had interrogated him snapped her fingers in front of his face, and he looked up. "From your reaction to the diagonsis, I believe that you truly did think you were being posioned and would die if you did not commit these crimes. You say that the antidote to this false posion was delivered to you with the names of who you were to target. And you say that you did not see who left it. How did they come to you?" she asked of him. Eltar saw that she was offering a way out, but he was wary of what the catch was. "The person drops it off after I provide them proof of the target being dead, by leaving it in barrels behind various inns that are mentioned in the letter left with the antidote," Eltar replied. "You wish to be free of these murders do you? Perhaps that can be arranged. You seem to be just a tool in someone else's hand. We want the one responsible, not just the puppet who did the deed. Are you willing to help us find the one who is giving you these orders? Lead us to the one who supplies your list of targets and when we have them, we will be done with you."


He wasn't too sure if it would as easy as that, but there wasn't any other choice. "I need to take proof of the lady being killed, and drop it off. The antidote should be delivered the next day, early in the morning. That would be the only chance to catch the person, and I usually take hair as proof, but I assume they have other ways of checking that the job is done," Eltar told them.


Eltar Cordwyn

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Seheria had spent the time that the boy used to decide if he would cooperate at all to think up what she would say when he finally agreed to it. Not only was he comepletely useless to the mission Camigwen had sent them on, but Seheria had promised this boy months ago that she would see him safely out of this when he was done, if he did a good job. He had done a good job of his task, and Seheria would keep her promise.


She could tell it was all Carsy could do not to step in and stop her, but Seheria knew the woman would not. She may curse Seheria up and down from the moment they get back on the road, but as long the interrogation was going short of physically harming the boy, Carys would hold her tongue. It was the Aes Sedai way. Seheria wasn't so sure about the other aes sedai's friend, but he seemed to hold his tongue. Besides, this boy really couldn't help them stop any more of the killings even if he was strung up by the feet in the Hall of the Tower. But by making this deal they could find the ones who have more control. The ones who have the master lists of who is going to die. Not that it will ever go further than finding the girl who gave this boy his list. Seheria had already taken every precaution she could in ensuring her supplier would never sell her out and she would be there to see that should this girl try to say too much she could be there to stop her. It was all going to work out for her after all.


When the boy explained how he got his targets Seheria quickly turned and walked away from him. She hadn't said a word to him, but he kept silent as she approached Carys. "So, now that we've got him on board to give up his contact, how are we going to go about this. He needs to give his contact proof that the last murder," she intentionally let her stone face shake, showing a very convincing flash of disdain, "was successful, but by now word will have traveled through the city about our little ambush here. Surely his contact will have heard about the Aes Sedai who stopped the boy from killing the shop-keep." Seheria paused for a moment and looked at woman who had pulled herself together on the outside but her eyes still shifted and showed the apprehension she must have still felt. "The boy says his contact won't give him a new target until he can prove he was finished with the last. How do we make it look as though he escapes us and actually killed this lady? How can we make it seem like it isn't a set up?"


Seheria left her thought hanging there. She was a healer, not mastermind at traps. Not yet. Perhaps someday, but as it was it, she had focused all of her life on healing and she had never had to trick someone into breaking an arm so she could heal it. As hard as it was for Seheria to let someone else come up with strategy that would bring the praise for ending this mission, she knew she had to do it. It went against every urge in her body, it went against her whole life's belief, but it was necessary. She couldn't look like she had done it all, not this time. Not when so much of this was going exactly to her plan. It couldn't look like the planned cover up it was. Carys need the credit for catching the one with the list of eyes and ears. She would be the Yellow's hero. The only thing that kept the sick feeling in Seheria's stomach from becoming uncontrollable was knowing that while Carys would be the Yellow's hero, Seheria would be the Black's hero for this act, and that would hold so much more honour than she could ever have dreamed in the Yellow Ajah.


Seheria Mori

Aes Sedai

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The little shop felt stuffy as the Warder and younger Yellow Sister looked onto the interrogation. Carys couldn’t think of another time that she was uncomfortable in an herb shop and she was disturbed that Seheria had caused her to feel so. Herbal shops were supposed to be warm, friendly, and inviting. They were home. Instead, the Altaran felt like turning her head away and heading out the door onto the busy street. She didn’t, of course, her feet remaining firmly planted on the wooden floorboards. She looked down for a moment, catching Elessar shifting his weight. A floorboard creaked under his movement and she smiled inwardly. Finding comfort in the Bond already, she thought slightly amused. Her eyes flickered back to the interrogation, however, as something caught her ear.


“You seem to be just a tool in someone else's hand. We want the one responsible, not just the puppet who did the deed. Are you willing to help us find the one who is giving you these orders? Lead us to the one who supplies your list of targets and when we have them, we will be done with you." Carys gritted her teeth behind the serene mask as the elder Yellow made that promise. Obviously they had to let him go now – keeping him would betray the Oaths. Seheria had no right, however, granting the boy’s freedom. He might have been drugged and in severe emotional distress, but it was not her call. They should have taken him back to sit before the Hall. He had been killing Eyes and Ears. It was a personal matter for all Aes Sedai – not just the two here. Crossing her arms beneath her breasts, she affixed the woman with a hard glare as the Sister walked back over to her. She could feel the tension radiating off Elessar as his eyes followed Seheria as well.


Closing her eyes momentarily, Carys walked through novice exercises to calm her mind. It would do no good to start an argument with the other Sister in public. Those discussions were meant for a much more private area. Away from the boy and away from her Warder. She settled for the glare and hoped Seheria knew that she’d crossed a line with that promise. Camigwen would not be happy over the circumstances – whether they caught the supposed girl behind the dealings or not. Despite all that, however, Carys found herself glad – underneath- that the boy would go free. He didn’t deserve the grilling that he would have received in front of the Tower. Killing was wrong, but love blurred the line.


The words out of Seheria’s mouth when she stepped back over to the pair of them, however, shocked the anger out of Carys. The elder Sister was asking her what to do? She had all but stated that this was her show – ordering Carys around as if she were a servant, verbally assaulting the boy, grinning her creepy grin. Besides, this wasn’t the Altaran’s forte. This was the first time she’d left the Tower in fifty years. And while scheming and plotting was potentially more prevalent in the Tower than in the real world, she had never taken part; Carys preferred to be holed up in the Infirmary. Seheria’s eyes scanned hers and the younger Yellow felt the suspicion that had zapped through her start to ebb. Perhaps Seheria was as lost as she.


Steeling herself, Carys thought furiously about how they could trick the masterminds behind the various deaths. A White would be better at this – thinking through the problem logically and coming to a brilliant solution…but a White isn’t here. You are. Tapping a finger against her lips, Carys looked around the room, her blue eyes locking on a tin with the dark scrawl ‘foxtail’ across the front. Grinning despite the circumstances, she snapped her eyes back to Seheria and related the idea that was now pulsing through her head.


“We trick them, as they tricked the boy. “ With a glance and nod toward Elessar, she wove a Ward around herself and the other Aes Sedai. Her Gaidin stepped forward to guard the boy as she spoke rapidly to the woman. “With her permission, of course, we give the shopkeeper a tea with a heavy dose of foxtail and marisin. A strong dose should put her into a deep sleep, slowing her organs, allowing for her to barely need to breath, for her heart to barely beat. It should be enough to fool anyone who is not well acquainted with herbs. We’ll leave her here, but I’ll put a weave on her that will alert me should anyone touch the body. That way we’ll know that they’ve been here to confirm the boy’s kill. Then, in the morning, we’ll return to lay in wait for the antidote deliverer. If we feel it necessary, an Illusion weave could be used to hide who are – to make us look like a random person on the street. Elessar will be with us, of course, should anything happen. We should also notify the other Sisters.”

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Seheria waited with as much patience as she could muster while the younger yellow scanned the room. She only hoped the woman would come up with a plan that would be convincing enough to fool the rest of the Tower. No matter what was suggested Seheria would see that the girl showed up and was caught. She knew if given one hour alone she could have the girl walk in and declare she did it all. The true trick wasn't to fool the girl, it was to fool the rest of the Tower into thinking they had fooled the girl.


What ever the other yellow suggested it would be her plan, and so, if anyone thought the plan was a set up it would be Carys getting the blame for setting it up. Seheria almost let her smile show at that thought, but her mouth didn't so much as twitch. Suddenly Carys' eyes were back on hers and the girl seemed to beam behind her aes sedai mask as she threw up the ward against eaves dropping and explained her quickly made plan to catch the new target.


It was quite well thought for being on the spot. It seemed plausible enough really, if the store clerk would go along with it. She had no reason not to trust them, really. After all, if it weren't for the Aes Sedai she would be laying a pool of her own blood right this very minute. If saving her life wasn't enough reason to trust them, Seheria couldn't think of what would be.


"If you can convince the woman to go along with it, I believe that plan may work. I told the boy he'd be free to go when we had his supplier in our grasp, but I don't intend to leave him on his own before that moment." She carried on before Carys could speak up, that was not meant as an invitation to start calling her out for being so forward, though she would allow the woman her chance when they could find a private moment, "I will see to keeping an eye on the boy if you can handle the woman, I think we've made our connections with them respectively and it would be best to carry on as we left it off. She'll trust you more than she'll trust me, and he'll fear me more than he'll fear you. We can't risk him thinking he can take a chance to run and lose the chance to get the one behind this mess."


Seheria Mori

Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

*having way too much fun*

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Elessar was not well pleased.


The way the elder Yellow Sister acted toward his bondholder set his teeth on edge. Carys deserved more respect. His hard eyes fixed on Seheria Sedai but he kept his silence, as decorum demanded, though he was sure that Carys would feel his tension through the Bond. He shifted his weight, a floorboard creaking under his movement. Then, as the elder Yellow Sedai spoke on Elessar’s tension grew.


It seemed to Elessar, from her words, that the Darkfriend - this despicable young killer - was to be set free so long as he led them to the person who supplied him with his list of targets. He felt tension though the bond from Carys now though her face was Aes Sedai serene. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts and gave the elder Sister a hard glare - mirroring Elessar’s - as Seheria Sedai walked back to her.


The Warder listened to what was said. He looked at Carys from the corner of his eye, waited for her reaction. Then his bondholder looked around the room and finally said: “We trick them, as they tricked the boy.“ She shared a look with Elessar and gave him a nod. He understood. He stepped forward to guard the young Darkfriend as she spoke to the elder Sedai behind a ward.


Drugged or no, pawn or serious player, the Gaidin did not believe this young killer should be set free no matter what he said or did to help them catch the person he was working for. It was neither morally right, legally right, nor justice as he saw it. Nevertheless he was bound by his pledge as a bonded Gaidin to protect and serve his Sedai and the White Tower. It was not his place to go against his Sedai or the will of the Tower. No matter how much he might disagree.


Giving the young Darkfriend a hard look, Elessar gritted his teeth but said nothing.

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  • 2 months later...

Night had settled upon the city rapidly, the darkening sky painting the streets black. Lanterns blossomed in the windows of houses and taverns, creating a sea of dancing shadows on the cobblestones. Shops that had been open and inviting a few hours sat silent and dark – abandoned until the next morning when merchants would yet again attempt to hawk their wares.


In the midst of the empty shops, the small herbal place blazed. Nearly every window on the ground floor was occupied by a burning lantern. Carys scrubbed a hand over her face, blinking to refocus her attention on the woman lying on the couch. The remainder of the afternoon had been spent attempting to convince the herbal woman to “die” so that they might uncover who was behind the killings. Moving away from the critical, and unnerving stare of Seheria, the younger Yellow had guided the herbal woman to a plushy velvet chair in the waiting room and gently suggested the plan. The woman had been easier to convince than anyone in the shop had expected, the show of her backbone leaving the ghost of a smile on Aes Sedai’s lips. Following her acceptance, Carys conferred with Seheria and together they planned the “murder” for this evening.


Where is he? Filled with the Power, now, and watching the back door, the Altaran felt …dread. The herbal woman lay sleeping, her breath so shallow one would never know she was awake. Her body had already cooled some, as well, the sleep lowering her body temperature. Carys placed a hand on her stomach and stole a glance at Elessar – across the shop. He looked at calm as ever, though she noted the predatory gleam in his eyes as they scanned the quiet streets. His steadiness steadied her and she stamped the rogue feeling down, reaffirming her belief in the plan. He gave a quick glance, as if he knew she’d been watching. He nodded at her silently and then returned to watching the windows. Elsewhere, Seheria would be waiting, watching for the thief to make his exit before she followed him to the drop spot he’d described to them earlier.


Eltar slid into the shop from the back door, his black form stalking across the kitchen. He reached the stairs and crept up them quietly – almost as if he were actually planning on killing someone. At the top of the stairs, his eyes met hers and he swallowed nervously. Carys nodded and the thief proceeded across the floorboards to gather his proof. Now comes the difficult part, she thought to herself as he slipped back down the stairs and left. Drawing a deep breath, the Yellow wailed loudly and moved down the steps to the kitchen. Her Warder remained upstairs, hidden in the darkness, but close by should she come to any harm.


Two hours later, Carys had spoken to four people about the “death” of the herbalist. The agelessness of her features caused each person to instantly believe her when the Aes Sedai gently explained that the herbalist would be unable to help them because she was indisposed…indefinitely. With the correct body language, it was easy to use those words to convey a death – without breaking her Oaths. I’ve never felt so dirty before. “We’re saving lives,” she said to herself, aloud but softly. If ever there was a time for an Aes Sedai to be cryptic it was now. Elessar quirked an eyebrow at her as he descended the stairs. She resisted the random urge to stick her tongue out at him. Instead, she walked toward the door whilst donning her cloak. It was now time to meet Seheria and the thief. Time to see who was behind these terrible crimes.

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Darkness spread across the city, like a blanket covering the streets and houses beneath. Pieces of light blossomed from lanterns in house- and tavern windows, however, bringing treasured light into the surrounding blackness.


In the midst of empty shops and houses, the small herbal place blazed. Nearly every window on the ground floor was occupied by a burning lantern.


It had been a long day.


Elessar stood calmly and steadily across the room from Carys, his eyes scanning the quiet streets outside. His vision was focused and his stare hard. He felt his Sedai’s eyes on him for a moment and gave her a quick glance. There was some tension coming through the Bond, but it quickly disappeared. He nodded at her silently, smiling inside, and then returned to watching the windows..


Events transpired pretty much as planned.


At one point Carys wailed loudly and moved down the steps to the kitchen. Elessar remained upstairs, hidden in the darkness, but close by should she come to any harm.


The Aes Sedai then spoke to several people and explained what had ‘happened’. Elessar stood silently in the background, keeping watch.


Later, while descending the stairs, a comment made by his Bondholder made Elessar quirk an eyebrow at her. The look she returned gave the impression that she was not amused and the Warder let it pass. He followed her to the door. His Sedai donned her cloak and then Elessar stepped outside, his gaze penetrating the darkness, as Carys joined him.


Soon they left the shop behind.

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  • 2 months later...

Seheria took the boy from the shop and made sure he had his proof. When they were alone Seheria went over the plan with the boy one more time. "Now, I will be leaving you for a few hours, to make it seem you have time to do the deed. It will be too obvious if I stand over your shoulder. Do not take this as a chance to run, boy, you will not get far. I will mark you with a tracker, and I will be able to find you anywhere you go. Stick to the plan, or I will hall you into the Tower for this crime myself." She told the boy to stay still as she channeled and placed the tracker on him. "You know how you are supposed to spend this afternoon. Go make it seem you killed the woman then go back to you rooms as you should. I will come collect you when it is time to drop off the proof."


With that she left the boy to his plot and headed out on her own. The one they were truly after would know the boy was found out. Seheria had only a few hours to convince her to go on with the mission, though her original orders would have her giving up on that. Luckily Seheria knew where the woman would be headed. She returned to her rooms at the inn and found the dark hooded cloak in her bag. She put it on, hoping that if any of her sisters saw her they would assume that she was trying to disguise herself to follow the boy with out being noticed. When she was well out of sight of where her sisters would be she weaved together a mask she had used when she hired the woman.


She entered the familiar tavern where she had first hired the woman and gave her the first supply of the drug months before. She found the woman waiting alone at the same table they had met at. If ever you find trouble around one of the deaths, come here. Wait until night fall. If I do not come, leave the city and do not return. Seheria remembered the order she gave, and was pleased to see that the woman did too.


She slipped into the chair across from woman and spoke softly, "Continue as planned. There will be proof and you will deliver the vial. You're payment will come tonight, but only if you do." She could see the girl understood that she was being set up but Seheria had made clear that if this was to fall apart it would fall apart on her. The girl knew that from the start. She knew that even if she was caught her family would get the money and the help she was trying to get them as long as she took the fall. She would help her brother if she got away with it or not, as long as she followed the orders to the end.


When Seheria was sure the woman understood that, and what the consequences of not showing up tonight would mean, she left the tavern and went back to find the boy. She dropped the mask and lowered the hood, and went to the rooms that Eltar was staying in. Hopefully the fool boy would be there. If he wanted his freedom he could have it, provided he was was there, and the woman did show up. After their meeting Seheria was certain the woman wouldn't let her family down. She would be there. Now for the boy.


He was no fool, and Seheria was relieved to find him waiting there. Se gave him a chance to do what he must before they left and then she had the boy lead her to the location where he was to drop the proof off. She kept her distance and stayed clear from sight as the boy moved silently and descreately to place his evidance. If she hadn't been watching for it the whole thing could have been missed. He really was very good at his trade. The boy left the area, but never the sight of the Aes Sedai, as he made his way back to her.


They weren't waiting there long before Carys and her warder met them. They slipped in so silently that she was sure the boy almost jumped at their presence. Seherai gave a questioning glance at Carys to be sure things went well on her end. The woman gave a slight nod and Seheria turned away from her again. They stood silently watching the back off the building for someone to approach the barrel that held the mocked proof of the death of the woman from the shop. The night pulled on and Seheria was beginning to wonder if the woman had chosen to take her chances running when she saw the dark shape of a petite person stop in front of the barrel.


Seheria Mori

Bumblebee Sedai


OOC: Because Arlow is being a lazy, I skipped him. Lets finish this off!

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  • 9 months later...

Elessar and Carys moved like shadows in the darkness, connected through the Bond in spirit and in purpose, focused on the task at hand. It was time to see who was behind these terrible crimes.


Soon they met up with Seheria Sedai and the young thief. Carys and Elessar slipped in without a sound, two shadows moving as one. The two Sisters shared a quick glance and an almost imperceptible nod, while the Gaidin gave the thief a hard look before turning his attention to the dark ally. For a long time they stood silently watching the back of the building for someone to approach the barrel that held the mocked proof of the death of the woman from the shop.


Elessar waited patiently, calmly focused in the Flame and the Void. He was ready to spring in the blink of an eye, a weapon ready to be unfurled.


Finally, after how long he could not really tell,  there was the sound of movement - and they saw a dark shape of a petite person stop in front of the barrel. The figure stopped uncertainly, looked carefully around, then waited for a few more seconds before lowering its arm into the barrel to take something out.


At that moment Elessar pounced! In a heartbeat he was beside the figure - a young woman as it turned out - and pushed her to the ground, his knees across her back. She gave a startled cry - and then the Sedais stood beside them. Carys nodded to her Warder who moved away from the darkfriend. Seheria Sedai restrained the woman and then the two Sisters interrogated her. Elessar felt some uneasiness coming through the Bond from Carys, something which he found understandable knowing her personality, but she did what needed to be done.


It was not long before the whimpering young woman had confessed to the crime.


To Elessar she seemed a far cry from your typical darkfriend, but then again the Shadow grew in many hearts these days and a pretty face did not mean you did not have a dark soul. Even so, he would likely have thought the thief the main culprit rather than this sobbing woman. He put the matter out of his mind, however, as the Sedais took her in hand.


Just then, as their attention was focused on the darkfriend woman, the young thief kicked the barrel at Elessar and jumped to the side, making a run for it. The Warder acted instinctively, sweeping around the barrel, but at a quick shout from the Sedai he stopped in his tracks and declined to pursue the boy who disappeared into the darkness.


The thief had gotten away, but what was important was that they had finally captured the person, the darkfriend villain, behind the terrible crimes.


The Hunt was at an end.



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