WT/Warders 101 - all please read, especially New & Returning Members

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Image by our own Cross
Welcome to the White Tower and Warders Social Group!


A bit about us:



The term "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All" in the Old Tongue. The White Tower and Warders Social Group has used the philosophy of Servants of All to create a social setting based on the hierarchy, purpose and set-up of the White Tower and Warders in the WoT series. This inspires the way in which we interact and some of the activities which we organize, although we are a social community and not a role playing group.

We offer people of varying common interests - related to the books or otherwise - a chance to find their niche with like minded people in one of the Ajahs or the Warders guild. Whether you become a Warder or an Aes Sedai (here males can be Aes Sedai and females can be Warders), at the White Tower and Warders Social Group, you can live out that philosophy and have fun doing it!





You will start your journey at the White Tower and Warders as an Initiate. After completing a class (see more later) you may pick your path, ie either Warder Path or Aes Sedai Path.

In the Warder's Guild, you will start as an Algai, then progress to Manshima and finally to Der'Manshima. As a member of the Warder's Guild, you can choose to join one of three disciplines of like-minded brothers and sisters in battle.

You may instead choose the path of Aes Sedai. You will start as Novice, then progress to Accepted and finally to Aes Sedai.

When you have reached the rank of Accepted/Manshima, you may state your intent to join the Ajah or Discipline of your choice. Please be aware, however, that MOST of the Ajahs/Disciplines have an application process and must ACCEPT you as an Aspirant before you can declare yourself. Familiarize yourself with these processes in advance and you'll help yourself out a ton. :)

How will YOU choose to serve?





If you are a new member:

To join the WT&Warders,

1) Read all of the information contained in this thread 

2) fill out This Simple Form

3) post here saying that you have:

a) Read and Understood and Agree to Abide by all the rules and

b) Filled out the form.


Your information will be added to our spreadsheets, from which the Mistress of Novices (Kaylee / Chaelca) or the Mistress at Arms (Aiel Heart) will email the Admins to add you to our usergroup. They will also send you an email containing more useful information.

They attempt to do this as speedily as possible, but please be patient for a few days as this is not an instant process. If it has been more than a week, please post here again - sometimes slips happen.

Once you have been added to our main usergroup, you will be able to see a whole new set of boards. One of them will be the Aspirant Common Room and sub-forums. Please head over there first thing, and read all the pinned topics you can find. This will be your home until you one day join an Ajah or the Warders.



If you are a returning member:

Please post the following here:

  • Your full and correct Handle (DM Display Name).
  • Remember that you must use the Handle (DM Display Name) you were known as when you were last here, unless you have received permission to change it. Read more about this HERE.
  • Your path (Warder or Aes Sedai)
  • Your rank (novice, algai, Accepted, Manshima, Aes Sedai, Der'Manshima)
  • Your affiliation (ie member of the Ren'Shai Discipline or of the White Ajah, etc)





People join DM in general and the White Tower & Warders in particular to relax and have fun. Different people have different ways of relaxing and having fun, though. Here are a few simple rules to ensure that the majority of our members can do that - please read and adhere to them:


Staff Structure: HERE (post #7)


WT Org Info:

  • Official Email : dmwtorg@gmail.com

  • New Member Sign-up Form: HERE

  • Returning Member Sign-up Form: Forthcoming

  • Anonymous Suggestion Form: HERE

Do not spam this thread.

Spam will be deleted with no explanation or warning. Spam is anyone who doesn't have a legitimate reason to post in this thread.

Edited by Elgee

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You must be 13 years or older to join Dragonmount!


A Rough Guide to PG13

In general DM tries to use the MPAA Film Ratings as a guide to how to handle the PG 13 rule:


A PG-13 rating is a sterner warning by the Rating Board to parents to determine whether their children under age 13 should view the motion picture, as some material might not be suited for them. A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category. The theme of the motion picture by itself will not result in a rating greater than PG-13, although depictions of activities related to a mature theme may result in a restricted rating for the motion picture. Any drug use will initially require at least a PG-13 rating. More than brief nudity will require at least a PG-13 rating, but such nudity in a PG-13 rated motion picture generally will not be sexually oriented. There may be depictions of violence in a PG-13 movie, but generally not both realistic and extreme or persistent violence. A motion picture’s single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words, though only as an expletive, initially requires at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive requires an R rating, as must even one of those words used in a sexual context. The Rating Board nevertheless may rate such a motion picture PG-13 if, based on a special vote by a two-thirds majority, the Raters feel that most American parents would believe that a PG-13 rating is appropriate because of the context or manner in which the words are used or because the use of those words in the motion picture is inconspicuous.


Now. I say GUIDE, because PG13 is completely left up to the viewer to determine at DM. So what flies on Shayol Ghul might not fly here, in other words. I know this seems unfair and arbitrary, which is why I'm trying to give you some guidelines here as to what I will accept, since my word is the final one here at the WT.


1. Notice the strikethrough about cursing up there? This means that anywhere at DM, you cannot say the f-word. Using an * in the middle of the word to substitute a letter is not acceptable either.


2. Here at the WT, I'll probably let a single use of shit, damn, ass, goddamnit, hell, etc pass. To be clear... while some people consider "Oh My God" or any use of "God" a curse word, this is a secular site and nobody will get in trouble for using the word God in that manner. If a curse word is used repeatedly or to attack another person...you have crossed the line. If there's a word you're wondering about cause I haven't listed it here:

A. You have too much time on your hands

B. PM me to be sure before using it.


3. Nudity - "Brief and of a non-sexual nature" means this to me: Streaking-- OK so long as you have permission of the Ajah/Disc you are subjecting to it. *Mother slowly undresses, letting her clothes fall to a puddle on the bank of the moat* -- NOT OK. This type of nekkidness is happening too frequently with the flirting recently. WTH happened to holding hands, people?


4. Body parts and Bodily functions TMI-- We don't need to know how perfectly round your loveapples are, ok? We also don't need to know what a massive dump you just took. Kthx.


5. Violence-- Pictures of violence, blood, gore, etc. Just don't post them. If there is some acceptable reason you have to post them (say in response to a serious discussion about the after-effects of war), LINK them instead of posting them inline in the thread. Like this:


Link to picture of dead people (Viewer discretion advised)


6. "Naughty" pictures-- Ok. I know how you guys like to post pictures in your best chest and best belly contests. That's cool. I also know how sometimes you like to post pics off the internet of chicks wearing leather, or use them in sigs, etc. What I don't want to see in these pics: Sexual gestures or mimicry (a dude thrusting his pelvis into the camera would be a good example of this) and ANY NAUGHTY BITS or hairy areas surrounding naughty bits. Seriously.


I also want you to follow the "LINK" rule I mentioned above for pics like this. Some people read DM at work guys, and we don't need to see Bettie Page pics on our screen when the boss is hovering behind us.


7. For Aspies-- Anything a full-rank member objects to that I haven't covered on this list. So if a Green sister asks you not to do something and it's not on this list, don't do "nyah nyah, Mother didn't cover that". Just stop doing it. If you disagree with them, send ME a message about it explaining the situation-- don't argue in thread about it. My word is the final one on this stuff.


8. Point 7 applies right up the line. Replace "a full ranking member" with "anyone of higher rank".



I *think* that about covers it. Again, if something is not covered, use your brains and/or accept whatever a higher ranking member tells you.


As written up by Claire, Amyrlin Emeritus

Fully endorsed by Elgee, Amyrlin

Edited by Mirshann Uuranor

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BONDING Rules and Guidelines

Through the years, things have evolved at the White Tower & Warders of Dragonmount to the point where we wish to formalise exactly what Bonding means here now, and who can do what to or with whom. We do not wish to "take away the fun", but the less drama due to miss-understandings, the better. Below you will find some rules which are in effect now, and some guidelines.


  • Bonding is a word used exclusively by those who can Channel.
  • No other association or relationship can be called a Bond.
  • Only Accepted (with AS supervision) and Aes Sedai may Channel at the White Tower, therefore only Accepted and Aes Sedai can Bond anyone at the White Tower.
  • Only Guild members may be Bonded as Warders, and then only from the rank of Manshima upwards..
  • To make it clear: Initiates, Novices, and Algai may not Bond or be Bonded, or even THINK of "promising" to Bond or be Bonded. You need to be an active member (ie have access to the private boards) to Bond and/or be Bonded.
  • There are only 2 official forms of Bonding at the White Tower & Warders, ie


  • The Warder Bond
  • The Souvra Bond (Sister + Sister, Sister + Brother or Brother + Brother)



  • Guild members can become Sword Brothers from the rank of Manshima upwards. There is no Channeling involved in these, therefore they are not classified as Bonds (ie they would call themselves "Sword Brother/Sister to Bill", not "Bonded to Bill").


1. The Warder Bond:This is exactly as in the Books, and the exact nature of the relationship is strictly a matter between those involved, also exactly as in the Books.
The only deviations from the Books are that:

a) Reds may also Bond Warders;
b) All Aes Sedai may Bond more than 1 Warder;
c) All Warders may be Bonded to more than 1 Aes Sedai.

2) The Souvra Bond:
This is based on the Aiel "First Sister" bond, as adapted by Elayne, an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. We are NOT the Aiel, however, so in order to form a Souvra Bond, the participants themselves must be able to channel *.

* There are 2 slight exceptions to this that may be allowed. Do not abuse this privilege, or the matter will be revisited.

  • Warders who are Bonded to the same Aes Sedai can become Bonded Sword Brothers/Sisters. The Bonding Weave has to be done by their Aes Sedai.
  • Guild members can also be Bonded as a Souvra (Brother/Sister) by an Aes Sedai.



  • Get to know someone very well before even thinking of Bonding them.
  • Traditionally, it is expected that those who are already Bonded should seek the permission or approval of their Bondeds before entering into another one.
  • Not everyone sees the Bond in the same way. Some take it more seriously than others. Some are more open to multiple Bonds than others. We would advise that all parties concerned discuss what they expect from the Bond and their Bondees/Bonders before entering into one, and that they also discuss it with their Bondees/Bonders before entering into another Warder/Aes Sedai Bond or Souvra Bond.
  • Some Aes Sedai or Warders don't mind at all if you "play around" with their Bondeds in any way or if others want to Bond their Bondeds; others will want to rip your face off if you do. It's THEIR Bond, so find out before you charge in where angels fear to tread, and respect whatever their boundaries are.
  • Please remember that this is NOT the Role Playing side of DM - a LITTLE light RPing in a Bonding ceremony is fun, but don't
    cross the line into full-blown, lengthy RPing. See the Purpose and Rules of the Hall of the Tower thread, particularly post 5, for more information.

Please note: Anyone who Bonded as a Novice or an Algai prior to March 2011 (even if they are still currently at this level) will still be Bonded. If you are unsure as to your Bonding status, please send me a PM.

Edited by Elgee

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Changing Ajahs/Disciplines, Paths, Handles & Making New Accounts

Changing Ajahs/Disciplines or Paths

Since the inception of the White Tower Social group there have been instances in which Ajah or Path switches occurred, or people have left the WT altogether. While this has hardly been a common occurrence, these situations do occur and we would like you to be aware of how to handle this with the courtesy expected and to know that this matter is not to be taken lightly.

Do NOT announce this in public. Doing so is considered the height of rudeness and extremely inconsiderate towards the previous Ajah/Discipline/Group. It's just not done. Bear in mind that Ajahs/Disciplines/Groups have the right to refuse your application to join, so how you handle this situation will impact on your acceptance into another Ajah/Group or your re-acceptance.

The protocol for Ajah Switching is as follows:

  • Contact your Ajah Head to let her know and CC the Keeper and Amyrlin (and MoN if you are not yet a full ranking member).
  • Your request will be processed. Try to have an open mind if mediation is attempted to resolve the problem (assuming that’s a possibility).
  • Once your request has been granted, your Ajah Head will let the Ajah know of the switch via their private boards, as well as the other Ajah Heads via the WT Staff board. You are requested not to make any public announcements to avoid any unpleasantness.
  • At this point you are welcome to explore the different Ajahs and try to find your new home. If you are an Aes Sedai, you still retain that rank for 3 months as you search for acceptance to a new Ajah.
  • Once you have been accepted by a new Ajah, you will have to do the following minimum requirement before your acceptance is announced: Participate in an event sponsored by your Ajah/Guild. Please note that the Ajahs might require that you fulfil some further Ajah specific requirements - they will inform you of such. Your new Ajah Head will give you a set time in which to do all of the above, at her discretion.
  • Should you not be accepted by a new Ajah within 3 months of leaving your previous Ajah, you will be demoted to the rank of an Accepted. You will be able to regain the rank of an Aes Sedai by re-doing the following requirement: Participate in an event sponsored by your Ajah/Guild (this would obviously necessitate you petitioning to and being accepted by an Ajah and fulfilling any other requirements they specify).


The protocol for Discipline Switching is as follows:

  • Contact your Discipline Leader to let him know and CC the Sword Captain and Amyrlin (and MaA if you are not yet a full ranking member).
  • (2-6) Exactly as above, substituting the appropriate titles and names.

Note: Any returnees who no longer feel at home in their old Ajah / Discipline will have the choice of either following the above procedure, or to start anew as one level down (for instance Aes Sedai to Accepted).


The protocol for switching paths is as follows:

  • Contact your Ajah Head / Discipline Leader and CC the Sword Captain, Keeper and Amyrlin (and MoN/MaA if you are not yet a full ranking member).
  • Your request will be processed. Try to have an open mind if mediation is attempted to resolve the problem (assuming that’s a possibility).
  • Once your request has been granted, the relevant staff will announce this at the relevant private boards, as well as at the WT Staff board. You are requested not to make any public announcements to avoid any unpleasantness.
  • At this point you are welcome to explore the group you have changed to, in order to find your new home. If you were a full ranking member (Aes Sedai or Der'Manshima), you will be demoted to one level down (Accepted or Manshima). In order to gain full rank in your new group you will have to re-do the following requirement: Participate in an event sponsored by your Ajah/Guild (this would obviously necessitate you petitioning to and being accepted by an Ajah/Discipline and fulfilling any other requirements they specify).


Changing your Handle (DM Display name) or making a completely new account

The protocol for changing your DM Handle is as follows according to the CoC (this applies to making a new account too):


7. Name changes. Members who wish to have their display names changed should PM the Admins with the request and an explanation of why they want their name changed. Members who do not abuse the process by seeking to repeatedly change their display name will typically be given permission to change their display name, so long as they either use "Formerly [Prior Name]" as their personal text or include it prominently in their signature for a 90 day period following the change.

1. After you have received permission from the Admins, please inform:
  • your immediate leader(s) (MoN / MaA at wtmonmaa@gmail.com and/or Ajah Head / Discipline Leader) and CC
  • the Amyrlin at dmwtorg@gmail.com.

This is purely so that our records can be updated with your new details.


The protocol for starting a completely new account without advertising the fact as above, is as follows (this might change, but an announcement will be made if so):

If you were previously a member of the White Tower or Warders, or you are a current member, and wish to start afresh with a new account or name without advertising the fact as per clause 7 of the CoC, you must seek special permission from the Admins to do so. After gaining Admin permission, you must inform the Amyrlin of this, giving any and all old usernames and affiliations (Ajah/Disc). This will be disclosed only to the Ajah Heads and Warder Guild upper staff, unless you wish to publish the fact yourself.

If it is later found that you changed your name or made a new account and failed to follow the above procedure, you will be removed from the White Tower and Warders usergroup permanently.

Please also note that old accounts must be deleted, as you are only allowed to have one account at DM.

Edited by Elgee

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Spam, Thread-Hijacking, Off Topic


Often confused with each other, but not to be confused with "having fun" or "light-hearted posting"

The WT/Warders is a social group, which per definition means a place to have fun. Not everyone has the same idea of what constitutes fun, though. If you take a look at the Ajahs and Warder Disciplines here, you will see a different type of interaction on almost each one. All groups have fun, as THEY define it.


Some of us love to flirt, to banter back and forth, to take a topic in various and divergent tangents. That's fine - it's what some of us are all about. Some people prefer to have only serious discussions, concentrating on the matter at hand. Some like to do both. It all depends on where you are, and what those who's "home" that is, prefer. This goes a long way towards explaining why sometimes you'll be told to "stop spamming this thread" whilst the exact same thing will be quite acceptable somewhere else. Please read individual board pinned topics, get a feel for a board or even ask what their policy is before you start participating. Above all, please read the title and the first few posts in a thread - that will usually define what is acceptable and what not in that thread.


Hopefully the general definitions given below will give you some pointers.


Off Topic: self-explanatory - going off the theme of a topic.


Spam: depends on where you are, but most commonly means "a large volume of inane posts in a thread/area where such is not wanted". There are almost no true spam thread at the WT/Warders, apart from the Moat thread.

Thread-Hijacking: where 2 or 3 people monopolize a thread for more than just a few posts, usually going off-topic. This is not to be confused with a discussion topic where only a few people happen to be participating, or a Bonding thread where obviously only the Bonding pair are initially going to be posting. We're talking about having a "private" conversation where no-one else can really join in, and/or ignoring everyone else who also have a right to post in that thread at that time. If you've done more than a page of this, likely you're hijacking a thread. (Moat thread excluded)

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General rules of behaviour for all members of the White Tower and Warders


This is the number one rule at the White Tower Social Group, without exception. We are all from different parts of the world and our differences should be celebrated. I will not accept any slander or flaming, ever.

Respect those of the Warder path as equal ranking members to those of the Aes Sedai path. They are not pieces of meat.

Respect all members of a higher rank and every level of staff, even if they are not in the same path as you.

Respect the rules for each section of the WT/Warders. As stated above, different people have different ideas about relaxing and having fun. What works for one Ajah might not for another Ajah or the Warders. Their boards are their homes, and everyone is expected to respect that and adhere to what they want. One of those places will one day become YOUR home.

Initiates, novices, algai, Accepted & Der'Manshima: please bear in mind that the Aspirant Quarters is YOUR home. That is the place where you can go crazy (within limits). You are encouraged and very welcome to visit the various Ajah and Warder boards, but always bear in mind that you are a visitor there and behave appropriately.


Only Aes Sedai and Accepted will ever be channeling. Aes Sedai may channel at their whim as long as they are not abusing another member.

No "channeling" from Initiates/Novices/Warders. Period. If you're an Accepted, you can channel as long as you have a full ranking babysitter. Without an Aes Sedai giving you permission, channeling is not allowed.

Algai, Manshima & Der'Manshima, deal with it. This is the White Tower, you can't channel.

God-moding induces eye-rolling :rolleyes:tongue.gif


This is a SOCIAL GROUP - the Role Playing side is separate, and is called the PSW. If you wish to role play, you're welcome to go sign up there too. Please keep your RPing anywhere here at the WT/W Social Group to a minimum.

Lastly, but not least

We're the White Tower and Warders. Though this is not the role playing section, we ARE still loosely based on the WT/Warders in the books. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us, but you do not have a Creator Given Right to act exactly as you want. We are what we are, and if you don't like the way we are set up, there are quite a few other Social Groups that might be more to your liking. Being an Aes Sedai or Warder is fun, but it's also a privilege.

Do we expect you to be perfect? Hell no! We ALL slip up. We ALL cross the line at some stage. What matters is how you handle it when that happens. Made an oopsy? Got a slap on the wrist or a penance? Grin and bear it. You'll probably become a member of staff one day tongue.gif





Edited by Elgee
BT/WT game

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Staff Structure

Amyrlin Seat / Group Leader : Elgee
Handle: Elgee
Staff Email: dmwtorg@gmail.com
Personal Email: lg_curepipe @ yahoo.com
Most-Used Messenger: lg_curepipe @ hotmail.com (you must send me a PM here to give your details, and I will add you)

Keeper of the Chronicles / Assistant Group Leader: Daruya
Handle: Daruya
Personal Email: daruyasedai@gmail.com
Most-Used Messenger: Facebook (https://www.facebook...tina.baxter.311) or Google hangouts (daruyasedai@gmail.com)

Sword Captain of the Warder's Guild / Assistant Group Leader: Eddie
Handle: ed2funy
Staff Email: dmwtorg@gmail.com
Personal Email: ed2funy@gmail.com
Most-Used Messenger: skype (pena_edward)

Mistress of Novices: Chaelca
Handle: Chaelca
Staff Email: wtmonmaa@gmail.com
Personal Email: egwene_alvere@hotmail.com
Most-Used Messenger: Skype (egwene_alvere@hotmail.com) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.../sophieweitjes)

Mistress at Arms: Aiel Heart
Handle: Aiel Heart
Staff Email: wtmonmaa@gmail.com
Personal Email: aielheart@yahoo.com
Most-Used Messenger: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mikabatt) or Private Message on DM

Me'Arearth Sword Commander: --
Personal Email:
Most-Used Messenger:

Cuen'd'eren Sword Commander: WolfbrotherKronos
Handle: WolfbrotherKronos
Staff Email: cuenderen@live.com
Personal Email:
Most-Used Messenger: Private Message on DM

Ren'Shai Sword Commander: ReleaseTheEvil
Handle: ReleaseTheEvil
Personal Email: michaeldalili@gmail.com

Most-Used Messenger: Facebook: https://www.facebook.../michael.dalili

Blue Ajah Head: Adella
Handle: Adella
Personal Email: m.panian09@gmail.com
Most-Used Messenger: Skype (m.panian09@gmail.com)

Brown Ajah Head: blank
Handle: blank
Personal Email:

Most Used messenger: Private Message on DM


Gray Ajah Head: Elaevia
Handle: Elaevia
Personal Email: tammy84842@hotmail.com

Most-Used Messenger: facebook or Skype (tammy84842@hotmail.com)

Green Ajah Head: Ryrin
Handle: Ryrin
Personal Email: carlajepstein@gmail.com

Most-Used Messenger: Skype: Boyzmomee

Red Ajah Head: Mystica
Handle: Mystica
Personal Email: mysticasedai@gmail.com
Most-Used Messenger: facebook: mystica ari'yena

White Ajah Head: Rhea
Handle: Rhea
Email: weapingsparrow@gmail.com
Most-Used Messenger: facebook messenger https://www.facebook.com/mariamn

Yellow Ajah Head: Hallia
Handle: Hallia
Personal Email:

Most-Used Messenger:

Mistress of Daes Dae'mar (MoDD): blank
Handle: blank
Staff Email: modd @ dragonmount.com
Personal Email: adele.moore17@gmail.com (please only put this up on staff boards)

Most Used messenger: Private Message on DM




Here is your MoN, Keeper, Amyrlin, Sword Captain and MaA: (must be updated)



Your Blue, Brown, Gray & Green Ajah Heads: (must be updated)



And your Red, White and Yellow Ajah Heads: (must be updated)


Edited by Elgee

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This new Mega Sticky replaces several others that have been floating around. We hope you find this helpful and less confusing.


Nobody needs to CC this - It's here, it's pinned, therefore it will be assumed that you have read it.


Only post here if you are a New Member, a Returning Member, or if you have questions regarding any of the matters mentioned in this pinned topic.

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Welcome aboard :biggrin:


Please just remember this part of the first post:


You will start your journey at the White Tower and Warders as an Initiate. After completing a class (see more later) you may pick your path, ie either Warder Path or Aes Sedai Path.

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Hey Hunter! Yes you will, and there's one running currently - ask the MoN (Adella) if she'll squeeze you in. Otherwise, the next one should go up soon.

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Welcome aboard, Cid!


What test is that?


Oh and you'll see a few more boards as soon as your form is processed (the Admins need to add you to the usergroups that give you access). This might take a few days, so feel free to hang out and post at the 2 boards you should be able to see now, while you wait.

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sorry didnt mention im choosing the warder path and i think i meant class not test.

Edited by CidV630

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You can't choose a path yet, hon - please make sure to read the first post fully, especially this part:


You will start your journey at the White Tower and Warders as an Initiate. After completing a class (see more later) you may pick your path, ie either Warder Path or Aes Sedai Path.



Once you've been added to the usergroups, you will see a sub-board called the Lecture Hall. Keep an eye on that, as the MoN/MaA will post there when a new class will start. It will be some time during this month.

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*waves hand* I've filled out the form. Looking forward to being a part of this group. :D

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Lol ... would you be the one who put your Dragonmount Handle as "uncertain"? Your Dragonmount Handle is Tamara - let me know if that was you and I'll change it on the doc for you.

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