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June Shockwave Comp


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This is the online Shockwave Competition!


Just go find a shockwave or flash game on the internet you think if fun and interesting and PM with the following information:


The Name of the game

A Link to the game

A brief description of the game


You will get 5 Points for submitting a game. Each person can only submit one game.


The deadline for submitting games will be June 24th or so.


At that time, I will update this thread with your game submissions and open up the thread to voting. Each person can vote for one game and will earn 3 Points for voting. (An easy 8 Points for submitting a game and then voting)


At the end of the month, I will add up the points and Points will be given out for the:


1st place game: 20 Points


2nd place game: 10 Points.


You can PM me with any questions.


Thank you and have a nice day. :)

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Epic Battle Fantasy 3


This is a turn-based fighter game where you are given three players all filling a specific place (melee fighter, renged attacker, healer). The game includes rewards, leveling up, bosses ans enemies galore not to mention an accompaniment "game" as a walkthrough The campaign for this is very long so look forward to a couple of days full of flash gaming!

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Just remember for future reference.


Anyway, voting may commence now. Here are the rest of the submissions:



Upgrade Complete 2




In upgrade complete 2 you have to upgrade, well, everything! Earn points buy playing a space invaders type game, and make your game the best it can be!





Name: Shopping Street


Link: http://www.flonga.co...ping-street.htm


Description: Start your own retail businesses; earn money by operating your shops. Upgrade the shops and manage customer traffic to increase your cash flow.



My vote goes to Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

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