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Alright folks, we have had our tournament on hold for a bit, but I'm happy to announce that on June 10th it will begin.


You still have plenty of time to sign up, and all ranks can do this!

The signup thread is HERE.


If you are a Civilian and therefore have not yet chosen Light or Dark for a Faction, you need to declare who you will be competing for during the tournament.


Now although, obviously, Light is awesomer, the Shadow is a bit outnumbered at the moment, so I would appreciate it if some Civies that sign up would fight for the Shadow to even it out.


As always points are awarded for participants.


***NOTE: If you would like to learn how to One Power fight before the tournament, please sign up as soon as possible to learn how to do it: HERE. If you do it soon, there should be plenty of time to go through the 'lesson' before the tournament begins.

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