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Welcome Smiley73 to the BT


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lets see intro, this will be pretty much the same as what you may/may not have read in the original intro thread (the one to the whole dragonmount, who would be mad not to join the BT(I see a catchphrase))

lets see my name in Real Life is Ismail Rawoot, I live in South Africa, I am 15 years and have been reading WOT books for the last two years,so I basically started after Brandon had taken over the series and had only to wait a couple of weeks for tGS (which was epic), i have been listening to the 4th age podcasts for a while now, in AMoL i'm really looking forward to the Great Stump (I'm a debater at school plus I just like listening to Loial speak).

I look forward to the Madness

Brownies for all!!!

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That should definitely be an interesting scene. I've been known to be a pretty good debater as well.

As far as starting, just relax, and post around a bit. You can find out most information you need in the Tainted Times.

There are plenty of activities going on around here as well.

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Yes, debates with the taint would be, well... mad. I just hope that there is we go some time back in the past since I rate we're around 12 hours away from the LB arriving. (Caemlyn doesn't count that attack must have been in the Ways for weeks)

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1. For this, you find the post, then click reply on the post, not add reply, but just reply, then when the add reply page loads, you just copy the text, and paste it into your signature in your personal account settings.


2. For this, you spend your points at THIS thread. You can calculate the cost of leveling up elements HERE. And if you would like to see the requirements for promotion to the next rank, you can see that HERE towards the bottom of the page.

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