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Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - The Grand Final (Saturday 14th May 2011)


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With just about 20 minutes to go, it is time to get ready for the Grand Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, which this year is coming from Düsseldorf, Germany. So it is time to settle in and see which one of 25 countries is going to be victorious. Will it be one of the Big 5, Jedward (*shudder*) or somewhere from Eastern Europe or Scandinavia?


After what I felt were two mediocre (even poor) semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday, 20 qualifiers join the Big 5 - Germany (last year's winners), France, the UK, Spain and Italy, who return this year after a lengthy break. I didn't feel there was much to shout about from the two shows, so we shall see if things step up for the final. My own opinion is that one of the Big 5 will walk away with the title this year. Either that, or Jedward will somehow secure it for Ireland.


France and the UK (two of the Big 5) are a firm favourites, along with Hungary, Azerbaijan and Estonia. I think I am backing Azerbaijan at the moment, but I will have to see what the Grand Final is like. But I think the UK have done something very good - send a group popular in Europe. So maybe, just maybe...


Like last year, a 50:50 split between juries and public telephone voting will determine each country's points. Like during the semi-finals, Europe can vote all the way through the contest up to 15 minutes after all the songs have been performed.


I believe the hosts are the same as the semi-finals. They weren't too bad, and an improvement on previous years.


On a final note, DM and the Band will be able to vote for their favourite in the same format as Eurovision once Eurovision upload the performance videos onto YouTube.


That is enough yapping! So let's get comfortable and let the fun begin!

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Good evening Europe!


I´m here, well for a while at least. I don´t know if I can hold my eyes open the whole competition. :biggrin:


I haven´t heard much of the big five but from the little I have heard I thought the UK sounded good. My favourites are Hungary, Azerbadjan and Denmark. Eric Saade can´t sing and the song is not the best either but I cross my fingers for Sweden anyway.

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My own favourites are France and Germany. Unfortunatly for them, ESC rarely rewards opera-trained vocalists like the one representing France. And Germanys song is not really suited for a big stage, I think much of it will be lost on stage.


So, who do I think will win it? Tough one this year. Hungary is still dangerous, if she can just get the vocals to work live. Azerbaijan has a strong song, even if I miss some chemistry between the two singers. Moldova and Ireland has that kind oif energetic craziness that works some years. England has a well known band, and they are decent vocalists, even if the song does not impress. Finland is a sneaky little bastard, looks harmless at first, but sneaks upon you. Iceland, while the song is not remarkable it is very well performed, and it has the kind of backstory ESC just loves. Russia, very professional performance, but perhaps a bit too much 90s.

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1. Finland - Da Da Dam performed by Paradise Oskar

- sounds much better now we have proper sound!

- a nice little song

- definitely one to sway to

- I think Maj's description is a good one - "a sneaky little bastard, looks harmless at first, but sneaks upon you"

- he does need to find a better shirt though

- crowd loved it!

- a great start!



2. Bosnia and Herzegovina - Love in Rewind performed by Dino Merlin

- is he wearing a terrible 1970s curtain for his jacket?

- and is wearing a tambourine on the arm a new fashion accessory? Or just something that happens in Bosnia?

- I think Dino had better stick to the fact he wrote Bosnia's national anthem

- at least it has a happy, feel good factor about it

- unlike to win!



3. Denmark - New Tomorrow performed by A Friend In London

- ah, yes, the challenger to Jedward's quiffs!

- yet again, I am tapping along to the song...

- ...so that probably means I like it...

- a nice and gentle "soft rock" song...

- a pointless run, but he is enjoying himself!



4. Lithuania - C'est ma vie performed by Evelina Sašenko

- will I spot the sign language this time?

- lovely song...

- ...but doubt it will win

- and she is probably better off on the musical stage!

- ah, there it is!

- and the sign language does fit into the song nicely

- très bien!



5. Hungary - What About My Dreams? performed by Kati Wolf

- time to move from ballads etc to pop music...

- better vocals...but can see maintain it all the way through?

- the middle section is pointless...kind of ruins the song as it isn't strong enough

- her vocals on the chorus are good...but I am not convinced about the verses

- a good song...but I feel something is missing...

- crowd seem to like it!

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Maybe, but you didn't have to put up with them for week after week on the X-Factor a few years back, whether you did or didn't watch the show. Though after this, Jedward may just go viral in Europe...

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Maybe, but you didn't have to put up with them for week after week on the X-Factor a few years back, whether you did or didn't watch the show. Though after this, Jedward may just go viral in Europe...


A few years back - were they like nine then?


But I feel your pain!

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