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Seeking the hall of knowledge


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Aslan looked at the wall, this was bloody stupid, it was not why he signed up to go with too the White Tower, he had hoped things would change, he would get a chance too learn more of his talent. He got up, she could think what she wanted but he was not going to continue this game, leaving his room he went into the travel room and opened a gate too the travel ground in the red quarters.


Steping through he instantly knew that though he had felt her being somewhere in the tower, she was not here, and the tower grounds were big. He moved towards her rooms, last time he been in there he left in frustration after feeling like he had banged his head in the wall for over an hour. He much preffered the inn, geting some distance too her, it helped him ignore her more easily, block the bond.


He didnt look into anyones eyes, he still wasnt comfortable with this agreement, and was not sure he could trust them all, but too much was invested, and he could but hope his leaders had it under controll, and the other side felt as locked down by things as he did. Entering the rooms he slid his coat with pins off, and hung it over a chair, he went over too the window and looked out. After a fourth of an hour without any hint of Jagen coming any closer he sighed and left the window. She had plenty of time to realise he was there, and he was not about to go play cat and mouse with her throughout a facility like this, he really had to talk to Arath about this, she was giving him a headache. He tried to get how it would been the other way around, but she just was infuriating inpractical, would be should be could be was all fine in his mind, but at the end of the day it didnt change things, and it was time to start moving forward.


Very well, if she wasnt going to help, then he would have to help himself, and he would deal with her later. He knew Arath thougth a class too some Aes Sedai, the deal was no longer a very strict thing too the red ajah, yet he himself hadnt met any others, he seen a green about but just from a distance at a couple ocations in here. The libary was inside this very tower, not that far off, the tower grounds themself were huge, but how lost could he get inside the building. He made up his mind, and left the room, heading for the exit of the red quarters, asumable since the rooms were higher up then he would chance the libary being somewhere downwards.


Leaving the red quarters he went seaching for a stair, found one and started down it.


ooc someone want to run into him and he most likely will end up asking where the libary is, he is not in his coat just a plain offwhite shirt and black pants. If not option two run into him in the libary, and begining of my next post will be him finding his way down there on his own or some such.

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