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Approved BT Bio for Delrian Nastean - CC'd by Freelanders

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Delrian

Contact Info: luciddragonofthestars[at]hotmail[dot]com

Character Count: 1st

Character Name: Delrian Nastean

Nationality: Cairhienin

Age: 24


Physical Characteristic: black hair, green eyes, 5'6", 160 lbs.


Physical Description: Delrian has short black hair, cropped close to his head. He has dark green eyes under a strong brow that seem to perpetually have dark circles underneath, which make him always look as if he hasn't had enough rest, or is perhaps haunted by something. It also gives him a somewhat imposing stare for a man his size, and is easily his most notable feature.. He has the smooth, pale skin common to Cairhienin and a strong, square chin. He has a series of scars on his lower right ribs which he keeps hidden. He might beconsidered handsome by some, although his stare somewhat ruins the effect, but otherwise is a airly unremarkable looking Cairhienin.


Profile: Delrian is a stoic young man. Cairhienin to the core despite his humble origins, he is skilled in the art of observation and in controlling his emotions, enough that some believe he has hardly any emotion at all. He can be stubborn and determined, and yet can feign humility and deferentiality with ease. He is not especially zaelous of any cause, Delrian is a pragmatist, and will often change his position if he thinks there is some advantage to do so.


Personal History: The Nasteans were a modest family living in the city of Cairhien. His father Alric was a pikeman in Cairhien's army who was killed during the Aiel War, as was his uncle who ran a small inn in the Foregate called the Rosewood. The inn was badly damaged in a fire during the sacking of Cairhien and Delrian's uncle and three cousins were killed.

His mother Theodora sold their house to pay for repairs to the modest two-story inn, and they along with his older brother Rudric moved in there to manage it.


As soon as he was old enough, Delrian began performing many tasks around the inn; currying horses, cooking meals, turning down rooms, even donning the white apron, though usually it was his older brother who performed that task, the rare times when their mother was not availiable.


Rudric also did most of the dealing with merchants, purchasing food and drink. He often joked that Delrian's face would frighten them away, but he began teaching his brother the art of barter, as well as the Cairhienin way of clearing on'es mind, hiding one's emotions, and observing even minor details. Rudric often said Daes Dae'mar was life's blood for Cairhienin. Knowledge is power, he said, and since one couldn't know what was useful and what was not, the key was to absorb everything and give away nothing.


Delrian didn't have a difficult upbringing, but there was always a somberness, a darkness to him. He rarely smiled, though showed cordiality and pleasantness quite easily. Even as a boy, he had his characteristic dark circles under his eyes that no amount of rest could dispel. He always worked hard, never complaining.


Living in the Foregate seemed to make him try all the harder to become a proper Cairhienin, as did of course his natural demeanor. Listening to tales, gathering information, bartering it grudgingly for even more information, more knowledge. He learned how to glance across a crowded common room and be able to recite what each patron wore, where they came from, sometimes even what they were doing there.


He had no real formal weapons training, though Rudric taught him how to defend himself with knife and quaterstaff, even if he was clumsy at best with either. Delrian did however become quite adept at wrestling, a neccessity as his brother was known by friends of theirs as the 'half-Aiel', based on his extraodinary height for a Cairhienin, as well as his adeptness with his fists.


Delrain had debated joining the Royal Army for years, as five generations of his family had before him, but he always hesitated at an army life, especially serving an army that may have to face black-veiled Aiel. However, events over the past few years began to change his opinion. The Dragon Reborn leading the Aiel across the Dragonwall, armies swearing in his name, battles raging across the land. However what convinced Delrian to leave his home was much more mundane. When the Shaido crossed the Dragonwall, they razed the Foregate, and while Delrian's mother and brother fled unharmed, the Rosewood was again burned to the ground, their livelihood ruined.


So while Rudric and Theodora found work in the city, saving their coin to once again rebuild, Delrian sold his father's armor, bought a scraggly horse, a shortsword and some supplies, and set out for Tear, to join the armies of the Dragon Reborn.


He had made good time, avoiding towns as often as possible except to buy supplies; to spare himself the temptation of wasting his coin at inns. He slept on a bedroll in copses and under hedges, and through the journey was unplesant, he was nearing his destination.


A few hours' ride outside Tear itself, he came across a merchant's wagon with a handful of guards. Right then, the wagon was stopped as a small host of brigands materialized out of the woods around the road. They slaughtered the merchant guards with crossbows and pulled Delrian off his horse before plundering the wagon.


The brigands worked quickly, obviously conscious of their proximity to the city. The merchants were spared, as was Delrian who obviously was not considered a threat, especially after he had been cudgelled and stripped of his sword and horse. Still, a man kept a crossbow trained on him and Delrian felt shame that he had not fought, had not resisted somehow, when that small patch of road erupted into chaos.


Fire blossomed all around, the ground erupted, winds began to whip. Half a dozen of the brigands fell right there. The man watching Delrian burst into flame, and his crossbow loosed, sending a bolt deep into Delrian's side.


Even as his legs gave way, his periphrial vision dimmed as though he was suddenly in a tunnel or at the bottom of a well. Is this how it all ends? he wondered, as the well was covered and darkness became all.


Ice water rushed over and through him, saturating his consciousness and stabbing into the darkness. He heard sounds, voices, indistinct but gradually coming into focus. His side was a sea of fire, fire which was rapidly extinguished by the cold. The sounds became more distinct.


'...and that one, Dedicated?'


'He lives, barely. Healing was never my Talent, and he did lose a lot of blood.'


Delrian opened his eyes, slowly. His vision swam and he saw double, but gradually things came into focus. A sun-haired man in a black coat, a pin at his collar in the shape of a sword. And those eyes! Delrain had been told he had am imposing stare, but Light, this man's eyes unnerved him. Like being nose to nose with a hawk.


The man scowled faintly at something. He held Delrian's head between his hands. He realised he was laying on the ground. He moved as if to stand, but his arms and legs felt like jelly. His stomach growled as if he hadn't eaten in days.


'Indeed, he lives. Seems to be some fight left in him, yet. Get him back to the city. Make sure he's fed and find him a bed. He'll need plenty of food and rest.'


'Yes, Dedicated.'


Another man in a black coat, a Tairen with nothing on his collar, saluted fist to chest from a few feet away, and strode over to help support Delrian. Behind the man, Delrian saw a... a hole, inside the hole were buildings and people, yet all around the hole was road and woods.


The man called Dedicated made as if to rise, but hesitated, staring deep into Delrian's eyes into his soul.


'And, once he's recovered... have him tested.' The man smiled darkly. 'If he is willing, of course.'


'Yes, Dedicated.'


His smile deeped, like a wolf eyeing a hen. 'Welcome to Tear, boy.'

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