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F Horn of Valere

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Is something on your mind that you have been dying to get off your chest? Do you have a suggestion to make, or a kudos to give? This is your chance! I want to know your thoughts! What is going well? What is not going well? If you have an issue, I want to know about, even if you do not have a solution.


For the sake of keeping everything civil, here some ground rules:

1. Keep criticism constructive. “You suck” is not appropriate, however “I wish you would do this better” is much better. I will be moderating this thread with that in mind.

2. No issues pertaining to how your Regiment is run, unless it has already been discussed within your Regiment first, or unless it is just asking some honest advice. If there is a problem that you need addressed that violates this rule, you can bring up your issue with me via Personal Message.

3. No personal attacks. “Wow, Horn really SUCKS at his Recruit thing” is not ok, but “I wish Horn would do better at _____ and _____” is actually encouraged.

4. If you perceive something to be a personal attack, send me a Personal Message and do not reply.


So with those in mind, please, if you have an issue/gripe/critique/suggestion, fire away!

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“Wow, Horn really SUCKS at his Recruit thing”



Wow you said it! JK :tongue:



In truth I think that the Band as a whole has become too disjointed. Go here for this go there for that. While I get the dogma here I don't see the gain. To me it appears in an effort to simplify we have in all earnest made it too complex.


Perhaps we should make a portal thread that says.


Hey I want to join the Band *Click Here*

Hey I want to play the game *Click Here*

Hey I think Canis is a stud *Click Here*

(on second thought best no do the last one don't want to crash DM)


Cheers :biggrin:

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That was on the drawing board for a while, and has been a concern of mine as well. Do you think we need to scale down on more boards, or just have a directory?


I think we should start with a directory and go from there see if that doesn't help get thing more active. It sorta be like a Band of the Red Hand Interstate. But It needs to be set up so that it is easy to navagate a well. Perhaps in an outline format.

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Ok I saw this and I don't know I think even that is just too much info. What you have done is great and should be kept but when I mean quick and simple I mean just the bear bones. Think of it like a phone book. A supper condinsed(sp) break down of where to go for everything.



Roll Calls

  • Band Roll call *Here*
  • Cav Roll call *Here*
  • Infantry Roll Call *Here*
  • Archers Roll Call *Really? Why*


Now I really don;t think Roll call would be important but just to get the idea across and to make a joke.

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So, what Canis is trying to say is have a thread for newbies to look into that says something like


To Join *go here*

If you want to know more about the Band *click here*

The Band's goal *click here*

Join a brawl (haha if we want I suppose)

Vote in Original vs Cover *go here*


Anything I might be missing?

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Why? I don't see the support to running two separate ones it almost goes against the idea.


I see that as less a new recruit tool and more a tool for everyone to do things that they may not even know How to get to. Just a quick hit no real explanation.


Reviews, write, read or respond - Here


  • Restaurant Reviews - Here
  • Music Album/CD Reviews - Here
  • Holiday and Travel Reviews - Here
  • Gig/Show Reviews - Here

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You are helping! Can you also look at this? Tell me your thoughts please!


Draft 1. All items in directory will be links once an outline is approved. Only exception are bold items which are only headers for the sections.


Aesthetically, one change I am considering is color coding the difference between sub-boards and threads below, as opposed to using italics, as well as adding lists.


Also, note that the info threads in the Mess will likely be consolidated further in the near future.


Thread Title: The Band’s Road Map

Thread Sub-Title: A Directory of Links and Directions


Welcome to the Band’s Road Map! Click on anything below to reach your desired destination. Underlined links take you to a board, normal links take you to a sub-board, and italicized links will take you to a specific thread.


For New or Potential Members and visitors:

Join the Band of the Red Hand

Information Thread for New Members

Jak o’the Shadows

Recruit Board (only visible after joining)


For Current Members:


Jak o’ the Shadows


Recruit Board

Recruit Graduations (Passing Out Parade)


Members-Only Board (The Campfires)

The Archery Range

The Infantry Barracks

The Cavalry Stables

The Courtroom (home of the Redarms)


Music and Travel Reviews Board (The Travels of Jain Farstrider)

Album Reviews

Gig Reviews

Holiday and Travel Reviews

Restaurant Reviews


The Band’s Game (The Arena)

General Discussion

Training Room

Shopping Arcade (upgrade your gear)


The Matrims (Annual Awards for Band Members)


General Information (The Mess)

Points and Promotions

How to Apply for Captain-General

The Band’s Ranks

Promotion Points

How to Earn Points

Awards and Decorations

Avatars for the Band Ranks

Edited by F Horn of Valere
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Yeah looks like a good plan the italizing was a smart move with closed and open boards. We may also want to set up some sort of method for updating the outline. Such as allowing for a post that has a link that needs to be added but no comments. Comments should be directed to (make another quick hit list link to the PM of each current leader.)


But yes you are doing a great JOB! :biggrin:

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