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how Perrin saves Rand again


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I've been looking at mythilogical figures and their relations to our heros and I think I've found something.


we all know Rand = Tyr. now Tyr looses a hand to Fenris in an attempt to capture fenris (he is a wolf who bites off Tyr's hand). Odin's son kills Fenris in the last battle in revenge for Fenris slaying Odin. Odin carries a hammer, is associated with the wild hunt etc.

So perrin = Odin, Rand = Tyr, Semmy = Fenris

now Fenris is slain by Odin's son, I would be more inclined to believe that at some stage, Semmy will be a threat to Rand, and Perrin will be needing to come storming in to save the day.


that will be all.

Comments welcome

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It's not quite as simple as that. RJ draws on mythology in creating padding for the series. Depth and background, but he does not obey it to the enth degree. This is not an adaption of norse mythology. There are too many other mythologies drawn in to... Rand's nature as an enbodyment of the boddhisatva concpet, for instance, implies that Perrin should aid him by hitting him with a two-by-four... doesn't mean he will.


It is simply not strong enough to draw a causal link.

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Odin carries a black staff not a hammer. The person who carries a hammer is Thor, and Perrin is based off Thor.

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Though as Luckers alluded too... time and time again RJ has said his characters are an amalgam of various mythological characters, as well as part his own inspiration.


What he is trying to get at, is that our myths, even in the real world get twisted and warped beyond recognition, and sometimes what may have been one mythological character was actually based on several, and several mythological characters may have been based on one.


Besides, it would suck if WoT were one big regurgitated Norse myth.

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