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Additional task for our RP Consultant, Arlow


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As part of his position as the FL RP Consultant, Arlow will from here on also act as the official FL Greeter on the Introduction boards up on top of the main boards. This will help put the FL and the Guilds on the map and in the mindset of the new DM members and bring us all a bit more in the spotlight through the welcoming interaction on those boards.


Anyone who is interested in helping out in this, please contact Arlow to see how to go about it for there are certain rules to follow on those boards. For one thing, it is not done to outright recruit people there. So in order to stay on the good side of the Intro Mods, get in touch with Arlow who will take good care of you.


I'd like to thank Arlow for taking on this added responsibility on behalf of the Freelanders Group and hope you'll all support him in this as much as you can.


Congrats and thanks, Arlow! :biggrin:

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