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WT/DM World Class Sign-Ups


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So, who would like to be in the next round of WT/DM Class? It is a 4 week class, unless the students all complete their homework faster, and EVERYONE has to take this class. You will NOT be grandfathered into this Req if you are a Novice or Algai who has not taken this class, it is required of everyone. If you want to know more about the class, please read the stickies on this board.


If you want to sign up please post here and let me know what your rank is (Novice, Algai, or Initiate)




Ithillian (Initiate)

Northwind (Algai)

Volke (Algai)

Reverie (Initiate)

Pam (Novice)

Visar Falmaien (Algai)

Ishmael Forsaken (Initiate)

akealon (Initiate)

Basel Gill (Initiate)

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Hi Adella,


Woo hoooo *very excited* I can't wait to get started. There are three new guys that have only just joined the WT so haven't got access to sign up to the class yet. Would you like me to PM them to see if they want to take the class this time. They'll be waiting a while otherwise and I know what that's like ;-)


Ithi x

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Thanks Ty, yes Basel you're in, everyone is in that has posted and I'm closing this now. Sorry for being late on this! Work is very busy for me, but expect this class to go up soon! I will split you guys into two classes, so make sure you participate in the right one.

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