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Delrian - welcome to the Band of the Red Hand!


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We seem to have been a bit slow in setting this thread up!


So, welcome to the Band of the Red Hand, the best Social Group at DM!


You have most definitely joined the Band at a great time since we are marching on to our glory days of past! So feel free to jump into our many activities, which will help you earn some points to get promoted in the Band.


I have requested that you be added to our usergroup, so you will shortly see a whole lot of new boards very soon. Horn will be along shortly to get you all set up in the Raw Recruit Scheme. So in the meantime, just enjoy yourself and meet all those that come to welcome you. And feel free to ask us any questions!

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I'm Volke of the Infantry! and I bring you! Food! and BOOZE!!!

*hands Del a bottle of Guinfantry and a bowl of chicken wings*

"Enjoy! and stop by the Pink Loin-Clothe when you get a chance I'll get you some more food, and my friends/ coworkers will set you up with some drinks"

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I guess we were kinda slow huh...I've been out and about traveling the world, no big deal, ya know?


Anyways, I'm Jea, second in command under the crazy I mean perfectly sane leader of ours...Corki, and I get to count this wonderful little things called points so do lots and you'll get lots of points!


Until then, do enjoy browsing around and figuring out which reg to join and what not! *sits and eats the brownies she usually gives the newbies, watches as the plate refills, and then hands it to Delrian with a flask of her favorite Brew Tea* Sorry...I was hungry :biggrin:

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