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YYH is pretty decent. Not one of my favorites, but solid quality.


I still remember when one of my friends was talking about how he started watching Bleach, and my friend Rob replied with 'I liked Bleach better when it was called Yu Yu Hashuko.'


I hardly ever watch anime anymore, though I do keep up with some manga. Mostly Hajime no Ippo

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Series like YYH, DBZ, Bleach, Berzerk, Soul Eater, they're like the 'action' movies of shounen manga/anime. Which is fine, everyone needs a good action movie now and then. But I generally tend more toward the introspective psychological aspect, things like 20th Century Boys, Monster, Ghost in the Shell, Akira. Different strokes for different folks. :smile:

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Non common known fact: In the Japanese version it was "Over 8000"


A lot of people know that, but since there was a mix-up in the translation, it has become such a popular Americanized saying that we all love it that way. Screw 8000 anyways. 9000 is so much better!

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