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White Tower Monthly Report - March 2011


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White Tower March 2011 Report:

1) Membership numbers

(that would be Active + Inactive):
(2 up from 51, less 1 purged)

Allisia Sedai, Amadine, Amore, Arani Lepenque Aes Sedai, Arath Faringal, Chikara, Christine, craftyreader, DarthRand, Elgee, Eqwina, Grimm, Jagen Sedai, Kara_J, Kathleen, Kelitor, keyholder21, Lavinya, Leala Gymorraine, Liitha, Little Miss, lt.nolan0347, Marta Sedai, Maryam, Matalina, minisamus, Miya, Moseley, Muirenn, Myrenna, Myriam Finnash, Mystica, Nyanna al'Meara, Nynaeve, Pankhuri, perine, Phelix, poetstorm, Pookie, Raeyn, Rasheta Ardashir, SerenaMorrigan, Serick Kerani, Taei, Taren, Taymist, U4ea, Visar Falmaien, Wayward_fool, White Wolf, Wintrow

(that would be Active + Inactive):
(6 up from 75)


New Members:
(+ 1 returning member with only new character)

New Characters:

Returning Members:
(with a new character though, not an old one)

Returning Characters:

Active Members:
(1 up from 19, but that excludes the 1 just approved new member)

Active Characters:
(2 up from 28)


Inactive Members:
(1 up from from 31, but that includes 1 new member just approved)

Inactive Characters:
(5 up from 46)

Members purged:
(though there are more that need to be purged from the usergroup - have requested them all now)


2) News

Bios approved and re-approved: 2 new (2 new PCs) [plus 1 withdrawn again plus 1 NSW pending]


Talents approved: 0


Raised to the Shawl:

Raised to Accepted:

3) General News

  • Flames for the month are: I'm terribly sorry - I forgot :blush:
  • We are still busy entering the data into our shiny new database
  • Jagen resigned as Gray Head, not having actively taken up the job
  • One of our Steroid Babies, Phelix, has returned and has:
    • Written up our BoWs "newspaper article"
    • Been appointed as the new Gray Head

In Progress:

  • Revise Main Character names and Bios
  • Entering the data in the new relational database for WT record keeping
  • Purge MiA members
  • Working out the kinks of training our Dream Walkers with the Freelander's Aiel Dream Walkers
  • The Heads RP story

To Do:

  • Request all WT members give details of any Major Nobles mentioned in their Bios
  • Get the White Tower History up to date
  • Get ALL the Ajah Heads active

4) Role Plays:


Interdiv RPs



Saidin 101:
link broken
is continuing, though it is STILL stalled.

Basic Outline: Arath from the BT agrees to teach AS about the nature of Saidin and to link with a male chaneller.

Current Participants to date: Arath Faringal (Arath Faringal), Lillian Tremina (minisamus), Kathleen Vandiar (Kathleen), Saline Westrel (minisamus), Esther Tremaine (Elgee), Jagen Halin (Jagen Sedai), Miahna Telonne (KeyHolder21), Amadine al'Varine (Amadine).


A new RP between the Yellow Ajah, Blue Ajah and the Freelanders is being set up.

1st phase:
A Recipe for Disaster: link broken
has begun.

Basic Outline: The Blues have discovered that Yellow Eyes and Ears have been turning up dead. Regalia of the Blue approaches her old friend Amadine of the Yellow. The Yellow Ajah Head will order a party of AS to investigate which will lead them to Cairhein and a certain Freelander thief.

Participants to date: Regalia Frantelle (Wayward_Fool) and Amadine al'Varine (Amadine).

Planned Participants: Miahna Telonne (KeyHolder21), Camigwen Klatsang Marivin (Wayward_Fool), Carys Dermot (Keyholder21), Seheria Mori (Kathleen), Eltar Cordwyn (Arlow)


No matter what I do, the links "break" as soon as I try to copy my post (either by opening it for edit or hitting the reply with quote button)

I'm working on trying to sort this out before posting here then having to redo it umpteen times.

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