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Mistborn Mafia


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The Lord Ruler is dead. In the wake of his death, multiple factions compete for power in Luthadel as chaos spreads across The Final Empire. The Skaa seem to have the advantage due to sheer numbers but the Noblemen aren't going down without a fight, making up for quantity with quality. And from the shadows, the decimated forces of the Steel Ministry lurk, waiting for there chance to seize power once more.


The Skaa have assumed power and set up Headquarters in Kredik Shaw. They, however, are proclaiming a system of equality over the cries of Noblemen subservience. Twenty-one people make up the core of leadership and all things are finally looking up. However, on the first night you hear a scream and rush to find one of the members lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, suspicions began to rise. In a quick flash of anger, several Skaa grabbed the well-known Nobleman leader and killed him before they could be stopped. If they could have looked into his heart, they would have seen a pure and honorable man. As it was, however, the remaining Noblemen were quick to hide their lineage and masquerade as Skaa. The next night, another Skaa dies and governing goes on halt until the killers are found out. Ash falls from the sky...




  1. No quoting anything said by the Mod to you off thread.
  2. No editing posts.
  3. No talking about the game off thread unless otherwise specified by Mod.
  4. No posting after death besides one 'bah' post.
  5. You must make a game-relevant post AT LEAST once each game phase, unless you have notified me of a short LoA. If I deem you too inactive, or RL comes up and you can't continue, you will be replaced or mod-killed.
  6. All votes and unvotes must be either red and bolded or glowed in red. If you vote, you must unvote before you can vote again.


Game Notes:

  1. Each Day will last about 72 hours and each Night 48 hours with the exception of Day 1.
  2. Weekends will count as 1/2 of a day (12 hours).
  3. PM me if you're not using your Night Action as Night will end before deadline if all Night Actions are submitted.
  4. Failure to reach a lynch consensus by the end of the Day will result in a random mod-kill. This is not a hammer game.
  5. Deadlines will be in GMT-6 time. Also known as Central Time within the United States. Most deadlines will be about 5:00 PM (GMT-6)
  6. Roles were generated by random.org. (Okay, that's actually a partial lie...The first few roles were generated by the result of three dice until I realized that was a faulty system and started rolling 4 dice and then subtracting 5 from the result....Random.org, you are far better than dice)
  7. PM any questions to me.





1)Song of Ice and Fire Vambram 2.0: UnSnapped Nobleman Mistborn - Night Killed Night 4

2)mmeeshal: Kandra (Godfather) - Lynched Day Three


3)Phelix: Skaa Malatium Misting - Night Killed Night Two


4)WWWwombat: Nobleman Mistborn (Steel, Bronze, Chromium) - Lynched Day Two


5)MCS0083 Blackhoof

6)Talya: Nobleman Coinshot (Bomb) - Night Killed Night Five


7)dapianoplay3r: Nobleman Brass Soother - Night Killed Night Three (One Time Lynch Survival)

8)Ellianora, Skaa Tin Tineye, Observer/Tracker - Night Killed Night One




10)Talmanes: Skaa Traitor, Informant/Soulsearcher - Night Killed Night Four


11)Vambram: Skaa Un-Snapped Bronze Seeker; Rolefinder - Random mod-killed Day One



13)leelou: Obligator Pawn, Noblemen PR Giver - Night Killed Night One

14)Alanna: Steel Inquisitor (Recruiter/NKer) - Lynched Day Five


15)Aust: Skaa UnSnapped Thug - Lynched Day Four

16)blackjacket Key: Nobleman Pulser (end Day/Night) converted Tineye - Lynched Day Six




18)Mav: Nobleman Slider - Mod-Killed Night Four


Day 1 Vote Count:


MCS (2): Meesh; Song

Tina (1): Phelix

Song (5): MCS; Wombat; Griefy; Talya; Tinker

Griefy (1): Elli

Day 2 Vote Count:

Tinker (1) - Phelix;

Wombat (8): MCS; Griefy; Vambram; Tinker; Player; Talya; Tina; Meesh

Griefy (1) - Wombat

Day 3 Vote Count:

Meesh (7) - Tinker; Key; Talmanes; Talya; Tina; Alanna; Griefy

Tina (1) - Alanna

Mav (2) - Griefy; Meesh

Day 4 Vote Count:

Vote Count:

Aust (6) - Tinker; Griefy; Tina; Talya; Vambram; Alanna

Day 5 Vote Count:

Alanna (4): Talya, Tinker, Blackhoof, Griefy

Talya (3): Alanna, Tina, Key

Day 6 Vote Count

Key (3) - Blackhoof; Griefy; Tina

Blackhoof (1) - Tina

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Seeing as I won't be here Friday, and I don't want to split up the weekend, deadline will be:


Sunday 5:00 PM.


Which reminds me, all deadlines will be in GMT-6. Also known as Central Time in the United States.

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Awesome is what this shall be. The mention of the Steel Ministry is intriguing - could be a third faction or serial killer type role.


I should point out that it should be 'Lord Ruler' in the first post, not 'Lord Rules'. Don't talk about him in the present tense! :ohmy:

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this looks good, I will use my random computer to generate a name...oh Darn, I'm at work and said computer (daughter) is at home. So I will vote then....you'll have to wait...





and wait.....






and wait....





I'll go home soon, stop being impatient! :biggrin:

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I just can't trust my computer it throw out number 6... >.> I have adjusted it as I don't fancy doing the old suicide this early in the game, I usually wait until after an argument etc...blush.gif


So the computer (my daughter) came up with 7...so original after 6 rolleyes.gif



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I should point out that it should be 'Lord Ruler' in the first post, not 'Lord Rules'. Don't talk about him in the present tense! :ohmy:

Oh, right, of course, that wasn't a Freudian slip at all, hehe...


Vote Count:


MCS (1): Meesh

Aust (1): Tina

Tina (1): Phelix

Player (1): Talya

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