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Returning BT Bio - Ragnar No CC

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Rags

Contact Info: Vandar30@gmail.com

Character Count: This is the only one


Character Name: Ragnar

Nationality: Andoran

Age:by now...mid 20's

Physical Characteristic: 5'8" 170 lbs Brown Hair Brown eyes.


Physical Description: Lean and toned. He has had sword training and it shows in both his attitude and movements.


Personal History: Ragnar's father was a guardsman in Andor who died during the Aiel war. His mother soon followed. He was sent to live with his uncle who told him nothing of his parents. Can't currently recall the town, but I'll Rp it in when I find my old info. His father had earned the Heron. His Grandfather is a Warder and Grandmother his Green Aes Sedai. (Previously approved, up to you if you want to OK it.) He discovered his ability to channel when the head Guard of his Uncles estate was killed for teaching him the sword. He called fire, killing his uncle and the ensuing out of control fire burned down the house and surrounding trees. He wandered until he began hearing rumors of a gathering of channelers. Arriving at the Tower he trained and was at last recollection an Asha'man. After his training Ragnar discovered he was capable of working metal with the One Power and began producing common swords and other weapons with Saidin. During this time he met a woman who came to the tower and he fell for her. He learned to work metals more delicately, creating several pieces including a lifelike rose of Gold and silver that he carries with him. The woman betrayed him, and it crushed him. He attempted to destroy himself, but was stopped by Feran and others. He also was involved with meeting the Aes Sedai when the original treaty was being established. After time spent brooding, Ragnar left the black Tower, supposedly to recruit others like himself but more to escape the memories. He has come back to the Tower now because he feels he may be needed in the coming days. He's a harder man than the one who left the Tower.

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His grandmother is a Green? Would this Green be a PC? Would make for an awesome PC, I must say. I can just imagine the following scene:


Some Asha'man come to visit the Tower. Aes Sedai stand around with frozen expressions, cursing the Reds for their hand in this. The next minute, one Asha'man's face lights up and he yells:




Asha'man runs to hug his granny.

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