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theicewitch - Welcome to the Band of the Red Hand!


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Firstly, welcome to the Band of the Red Hand, the best Social Group at DM!


You have definitely joined at a great time since the Band is finding its glory days again! Feel free to jump into our many activities, which will help you earn some points to get promoted in the Band.


I have asked you to be added to our usergroup, so you should shortly see a lot more boards. Then Horn will get you all set up in the Raw Recruit Scheme. So in the meantime, just enjoy yourself and meet all those that come to welcome you.

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Corki-you started a welcome thread? I'm impressed! :biggrin:


Anyways, welcome to the Band Icey! We're glad to have you here! I'm Jea, second in command, and in charge of counting your points (at some point in the near foreseeable future).


Like Corki said, jump in wherever you would like! I promise we won't bite....too hard :wink:

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Welcome to the Band!!! I'm Kaylen, the recruit liason officer for the Infantry... Pretty much that's a nice title for the person from a regiment that tries extra hard to bribe you to join us :wink: unfortunately I'm about to leave right now and go to work for 12 hours so my bribing will have to continue tomorrow... But I'd like to invite you to come visit the infantry whenever DM gets your permissions set up... We're about to start some fun new activities and discussions and we would love to have your input and participation :biggrin: I look forward to getting to know you!

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