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So, where do you like to spend money?


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Alcohol...I tend to buy a lot of beer (the good beer mind, not Budweiser, Natty Lite, or any of that crap). Usually a six pack or two a week (generally $8-10 a pack)


Concerts. The town/college I attend tends to draw a lot of awesome concerts. Upcoming Events? The Wailers, Wilderness of Manitoba, Avett Brothers, Iron & Wine, Dubconscious, Mac Miller, e altri.


Books for sure (although my Kindle helps me save money!)


Music. I'm always looking for new music (which gives me an idea)

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Books for sure (although my Kindle helps me save money!)


Call me old fashioned, but I love a good book that has paper and a cover- something I can cuddle up in the tub with. I don't see myself bringing an e-book reader into the tub.

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I don't see myself bringing an e-book reader into the tub.


You mean besides the fact that it costs almost $200 and dropping it in the tub would be worse than, say, a $7 paperback?


I know exactly what you mean though, and that romantic ideal of a book is what kept me from buying an e-reader...until traveling the world made it impractical to carry around more than a few books. I still prefer to read books made from paper, but the ease of my Kindle is undeniable: 3G access basically anywhere, I can get thousands of books in 5-10 seconds from the comfort of my couch (and without wasting my gas tank), and it sure as hell helps cut down on all the paper waste that comes from books.

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And there's the problem. Dropping things.


I am a lot of things: Smart, gorgeous, witty, charming.

But the one thing I am not is Graceful.


I drop things, kick them, trip over them, spill them, and generally make a mess of good things.

The more expensive it is, the more likely I am to break it.

[i broke 3 very nice wireless keyboards last year, and now had decided to only use cheap-wired ones].


Thus, I cannot justify spending $200 on something that will probably get drenched/dropped/broken/whatever just for ease of book reading.

I don't buy a laptop for the same reason.


It's also why I don't have a cellphone.



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I am a lot of things: Smart, gorgeous, witty, charming.


You forgot modest =P

PFF. Modest? Nah. Not in my nature.


It's also why I don't have a cellphone.


What? Like I'm some kind of monster for not owning a cell phone, DeBieber?


Let me tell you a short tale from 6 years ago. . .


I used to own a cell phone. Several, since they kept getting lost/broken/dropped/thrown at ninjas in my self defense.

But, once I got out of the Army and moved in with my fiance [now husband] I never used it.

It mostly sat on its charger and collected dust, occasionally leaving with me to go to school, or the store, or when we would travel out of town to see family.

I went through a period of time where I had no money coming in (wasn't working) and tried to cancel it.

I had one of those monster contracts on it that would not let me cancel it without paying a $200 fine.

Which I didn't have.

So, I transferred to a $10 a month/50 minute maximum/emergency use only plan that would allow me to cancel without the fee in another 12 months.

And then my cellphone disappeared.

I thought it was dead and in the couch or car or something. I didn't care, because I never used it.

Then, I opened my bill {after not lookng at it for about 5 months} to discover I had a $700 phone bill. WIth calls to Nebraska and Utah and places I've still never been.

Someone stole my phone.

When I called my provider, they insisted I should have called and let them know about the lost phone immediately, so they could have replaced it.

But, I was responsible for the bill, since I didn't. I refuse.

It's actually in my will that they cannot be paid, nor anyone they sell the account to. No money comes out of me for those calls.

Anyway, 6 years later, still no phone, still don't see a need for one.

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I can't read in the tub. I'm too afraid I'll drop the book in the water, and books are sacred things to me. I have a lot of weird phobias like that. I, too, must have paper and a cover, preferably paperback.


Surprisingly, despite my lack of grace/clumsiness, I rarely drop books in the tub. It's because I don't pay as much for them as I would an e-reader. If I pay more than $30 on a book, it doesn't even go in the bathroom.


I love hardcover books, but I take the jacket off when I read them.

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I'd say I want to spend all my money on my wife, but she's not gonna read this, so why not just be honest, right? hehe


Hockey. I play a ton of hockey, and I spend a LOT of money on it each year for icetime, league fees, equipment (my stick is worth $200 USD and my skates are worth $400 USD).


Speaking of which, I need new skates. The wifey ain't gonna be happy when she hears that!



Oh, and my kid. I spend money on him, too. Thought I should mention that, lol.

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I just got really bored working on a report the other day and decided to go online shopping for a new swim suit for my upcoming vacation in may... several hundred dollars later, I can now safely say that I have a swim suit for every occasion! Perhaps if you get me drunk enough I'll post a swimsuit edition in the SG blog lol.


And don't even get me started on my car... lol!

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