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Current worst song?


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I saw an article on the BBC about the song called Friday by Rebecca Black, a 13 year old American. Below is the music video.




Now the BBC article.


A song by a 13-year-old American teenager has gone viral on the internet after being widely described as the worst one ever recorded.


Rebecca Black's pop song called Friday has been viewed on YouTube more than 16 million times.


It has trended on Twitter and been the subject of huge online comment and discussion.


Mainly because it's been derided by millions of people for what they say are its awful lyrics.


Ones like "yesterday was Thursday Thursday, today it is Friday Friday", "gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta get my bus, i see my friends" and and "we we we so excited, we so excited".


People have been quick to criticise the song for more than just its words.


The teenager's heavily auto tuned singing and video have also been labelled as terrible.


Future stars


The song was produced by Los Angeles based Ark Music Factory which describes itself as an Independent Record Label.


On its website it says its main objective is to discover future #1 artists and produce the next outstanding star.


Rebecca's profile page on the site describes her as "a fun loving, 13-year-old.


"She loves to sing, dance and act, and she is always looking to try something new.


"She landed the lead role in her school musical, Oklahoma!"


There are many parents willing to pay whatever it takes to make their children become the next Justin Bieber.


The now internationally recognised number one star was discovered on YouTube and later signed by Usher.


In this case though despite the criticism Rebecca may have the last laugh.


Tweeting on 15 March she said "My song Friday is now available on iTunes !!! Thank you all for your support. xoxo <3 :)".


It's now entered the iTunes chart and is currently at number 54.


Views have risen from 16m to over 26m since the article was published on Friday 18th March 2011.


It is pretty awful - it's just so monotone. I don't know how I managed to somehow get through the whole song!

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It is pretty bad and the people they have in the video are very very very bad. And there are more artists on the "label". I am just scared to see where songs are going. Bring back lyrics from the Doors or Metallica or Black Flag or Rollins Band. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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