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CONTEST: What best describes the Taint?


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That's right a contest with points as a prize, so be creative.

We all know about the Taint, and most of us cherish it, but what describes the Taint? What picture best represents it? What do you think of when you think of the Taint? What makes you think of the Taint?

Once again, creativity, and how much the responses amuse me will have an effect on points, but there will also be voting after this contest ends, to decide the winner.



Just to encourage you, I'll announce points for winners.

Winner: 25 points

Runner Up: 10 points

Third: 5 points

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I always liked to picture it like an Oil spill at sea. The oil is the taint, on the surface of the water, which would be the Power. Though the two will never mix harmoniously, you cannot get to the water beneath, without tar-like crude oil getting on you.


This also fits in with the idea that the taint is dark, and not life friendly,for lack of better terminology. Water is life, and life giving, but how to get to one without the other, requires large scale clean up :)

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This music video and lyrics pretty much sum it up to me. (Also one of my fav songs of his)






It's dark and gritty and totally insane. Also not normal, which kind of goes in with the chorus: We are the nobodies, Wanna be somebodies, We're dead, they'll know just who we are


People with the taint were hunted down and stilled/killed. Or if they lived with it they were insane and saw crazy things and thought they were alone. They figured the would be alone and crazy when they died. That's one of the reasons I love the theory of the Black Tower from the books. It gives all these people a place to come together and know that they aren't the only ones out there.

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For me this two part story in the form of music videos by As I Lay Dying describes it for me.




lyrics: Nothing Left




lyrics: The Sound of Truth


Song made a very good point, but there is more to it than that. Hypocrisy plays a leading role in the persecution of those with the taint. In the music videos, (if you've not watched them yet, please do before you read further) there is an infection amongst the population, and those who are found to have it are heavily persecuted. The society seems to be one ruled by martial law, and there is of course a figure head, one who is encouraging the people to report those who are infected. Then in the second video, those who are infected, and those who sympathize with them, overthrow the figure head. They sentence him to death for what he has done, only to find out that the ENTIRE time, he was one of the infected as well.


As for the parallel to the world of the WoT, The Aes Sedai are like the figure heads, and those with the taint are like the infected. The Aes Sedai are to busy hunting those with the taint, which is publicly known, that they can't even admit that they are just as tainted in other ways. Forsaken being in the WT, as well as the Black Ajah, who constantly stirs the pot in the world. They are to busy thinking they are superior, so they do not even realize that deep down, channelers are ALL the same. They each have that potential for the craving of power, which eventually drives them insane. Whether by the Taint, or by way of the Dark One himself, it is all the same when you pull back the skin.


So to me, the Taint is about community. Being safe and comfortable in the fact that they are not only surrounded by others, but that even their enemies who are channelers share their pain in one way or another. I think that over the course of the 12 books, this has become more apparent, as the taint can be "cured", and the Aes Sedai and Asha'man are working together. Because in the end, they have a common enemy that MUST be destroyed if there is any hope of the taint ending.

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Ah the competition is heating up!

I won't set a deadline yet for submissions, but rather wait and see if there are regular submissions, and if it slows down, I'll set a deadline.


I like that there is a wide variety of submissions, and encourage you to keep going. There is no limit on submissions, and no kind is better than another. I'll pick a winner based on who I think does the best job describing the Taint, regardless of how they do it. Creativity will help your chances.

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*giggles at Song*


On the WoT side: that Taint is like a blight you get on roses, The roses still look beautiful, but if you look closely something is slowly eating away at it and eventually it will totally consume the rose, leaving something that looks wilted, until it dies.


On the DM side: It's like having an excuse to be a little (or a lot mad) it's like a friend in the dark, when no one else is around and you can play with them on here and you blame The taint. If you do something wrong, he loves to take the blame and is always there, like a true friend and is someone to talk to, to sing with, to air guitar with, to skip down the lane with and to attack Ed with!

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Ok, I'd already thought about this and gone through all the submissions a few times, and this is what I came up with (I want to comment that it was very close with a lot of people):

*oh the anticipation*


In First Place...




In Second Place...




In Third Place...


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