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When was Morgese discovered?

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I was listening to The Gathering Storm, and when rand meets up with Tam, tam says morgese is with Perrin. But i thought Perrin didn't discover morgese was maragin until later in TOM? (sorry for the horrible spelling).


What am i missing? is the part with Perrin in TOM a flashback?





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Because of the splitting of AMoL into three books Sanderson takes the bulk of Perrin's plot and puts it in ToM. This ends up meaning that all of Perrin's story in ToM occurs after his last chapter in TGS, up until the scene where Perrin sees Rand on top of Dragonmount in the Wolf Dream. Only at that point does Perrin's plot line catch up to the end of TGS. You can track where Perrin is in the timeline through his swirling color visions of Rand, and Rand's visions of Perrin.


So in ToM Perrin's story starts out at the same time that Rand is shaking his fist at the Dark One after the death of Ardin in Chapter 11. Everything Perrin then does in ToM is between Chapter 11 and the end of TGS until he sees Rand on Dragonmount. After that his story has finally caught up to Rand's events in ToM.


So when Tam comes and tells Rand that Morgase is with them, that's because Tam is coming to Rand after Chapter 29 "A Terrible Feeling" in ToM. At which point they've known who Morgase is for three chapters.

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