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Approved - AIEL - Wise One - Nephuria Sulron Riaden - No CC needed


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Full name: Nephuria Sulron Riaden

Age: 156

Clan: Dragonmount



Role: Wise One



Physical appearance:


Nephuria has the look of a woman just short of her thirty fifth naming day. Her hair is long, hanging to her mid back, and so blond that it appears white

in the sunlight. A small scar through her right eyebrow is a reminder of her days as a Maiden, and in itself seems to add more to rather than deminish the dignity that she wears like a second skin. Nephuria is tall and lean, taller than most men and able to look most Clan Chiefs in the eyes. Her light gray eyes have a deep intelligence to them that cannot be ignored, a knowing look that makes many wish to squirm before her direct stare.



Physical weakness:


-Weaker than the average woman

-Fears large bodies of water

-Her eyesight is only good at a distance when embracing Saidar



Physical strength:









Nephuria is a woman bound to her honor more tightly than any man. She has a firm hand and rock steady composure that would make a Queen envious. Her time as an Apprentice and Maiden saw an end to any weaknesses that would inhibit her to deal with the affairs of Wise Ones, and it is said she could make an adder run in fear when she is angry. A firm hand, and unforgiving for foolishness, there is an unavoidable warmth to the woman. She has the ability to seem an older first-sister to a younger sibling with the care and loving not familiar with someone who appears as young as she. The only thing to give away her real age is the deep intelligence of one long aged that makes itself prevalent in her speech and ways of thinking.



Personality weakness:


-Bull headed

-High self image

-Thinks she knows best


Personality strength:




-Level Headed


Special: Dreamwalker: Affinity - Bend Dream



OP Score: Strength 29 - Skill 35





Nephuria Sulron Riaden was born to a Maiden of the Spear and as a result was handed over to the Wise Ones to be placed in the home of a family who could not concieve there own child. Nephuria grew up knowing her mother was not the one to give birth to her, but that mattered little. This was the woman who taught her from the time before she could remember. The woman was her mother no matter who had given birth to her. The man she called father was Shae'en M'taal , a Stone Dog, and one of the greatest men she has ever had the privlage of knowing. He taught Nephuria the ways of ji'e'toh with the help of her mother and the rest of the Sept in which they lived. It took a village to raise a child, and no where was there an adult who would not stop to chastise or speak with children of the Sept.


From the time Nephuria was old enough to be away from her mother's apron strings she was facinated with the Far Dareis Mai, the Maidens of the Spear. She spent most of her free time with other young girls playing with dolls made of corn husks and paper dresses, before meeting the Maiden who would one day be like the mother she had never met. Suin was white haired with age and had more scars than most men to attest to her accomplishments as a veteran of battles but the warmth and friendship she gave to Nephuria was enough to look past all of the hard outter layers into the heart of the hard woman. Nephuria and Suin spent much time together as she came into her youthful girl body. As her breats began to develope and her cycles began to flow, Nephuria knew she would be a Maiden. In there free time Sulin taught Nephuria the ways of the Spear and Hand-to-Hand combat. Nephuria and Suin would travel out at first light with four other women of Nephuria's age and two more maidens. Out away from prying eyes in the middle of the hot landscape, they trained. Fightning and scrambling in the dirt, learning to hunt the lions that prowled int he Three Fold Land. By night before she returned home for sleep she received private lessons in maiden hand-talk from Suin. Nephuria did not think anything in life could be so great. She and her spear sisters alone, trotting through the endless desert to the fight ahead, she pictured it in her head and could think of no greater calling for her life.


Initiation into the Maidens was a thing of which no man ever knows. For part of it, Nephuira and nearly a half dozen other women trotted out of the safety of there Sept, alone for the first time. They ran with a measured stride that would carry them far and fast. Ground eating pace or no, it took several days for them to reach the Blight. Once there the only thing that kept Nephuria from being scared to her boots after one of the women who would have been like a Sister to her was gutted through with a large sythe like blade wielded by a goat faced trolloc, was anger and the knowledge that we must all wake from the dream eventually. It was the first death she had ever seen, and the Light knew it was not the last. Days they spent out in the Blight with just themselves for protections. One more of there party was killed violently after drinking from a water hole two days out of the blight, apparently the water near the Blight was as deadly as the water in it. Nephuria and the other girls traveled back without a drop to drink, burring the body standing straight in the ground to face the sunrise each morning.


A Maiden of the Spear, Nephuria could not have been in a more euphoric state. At the age of 17 she was a Maiden. When she saw Suin that night, well away

from eyes and people, she folded herself into a ball in the other woman's arms and cried. It was shameing to be seen so weak, but Suin refused to acknowledge the toh Nephuria had, refused to see the disgrace. By the look on her face she all to well remembered the first death she had seen of a Spear Sister. Some how that night Nephuria found herself drunk for the first time as she and Suin drank from a small cup and talked like old friends. It was strange how being a Maiden suddenly brought a family around you tighter than any Nephuria had known before.


Nephuria ran with the Maidens for nearly three years to the day before she was summoned to Rhuidean, upon the slopes that overlook the city shrouded in fog. The only city, if half built still surely a city by shier size, in all of the Three Fold Land. Nephuria did not know she was to become an Apprentice until one day a Wise One approached her and summoned her to Rhuidean, she was given only enough time to grab water skins and leave. She traveled alone, none would approach her aggressively, although she would have enjoyed the fight, and probably provoked rather than tell anyone she was to be an Apprentice.


It was a long trip, and inside her heart of hearts, Nephuria felt pain; and at night asleep in her tent alone, she wept on her pillow. For the better part of her life in this dream, she had trained to be a Maiden. She adopted their laws as if they were words from the Creator. She repeated them in her head every time she had to dance the spears with an opponent. She found herself saying them in anger now, for no longer were they her rules, her way of life. "You may belong to no man, nor may any man belong to you, nor any child. The spear is your lover, your child, and your life." It was her life. Light, she had never wanted to be a Wise One.


Before she knew it, she was there. She submitted herself to three Wise One's who appeared t have been awaiting her arrival, and was stripped of clothes and spears and buckler. Clad in the Light she ran to Rhuidean, a city unseen for time unknown. Once in the ter'angreal Nephuria saw what could be of her life, different out comes. There was one that made her nearly forget everything, to live in this new dream, a Maiden, white haired and still strong, hunting lion's in the Three-fold Land, she wept for that one for as long as it took for her to become someone else.


On her first arrival from Rhuidean, Nephuria was met with warm smiles and hugs form the Wise Ones, but her lost Spear Sisters were prevelant in her mind, she was lost to them forever. Somehow that no longer hurt, not after what she knew now. There was a hidden history deep enough to rock the Aiel people to their core, but in her heart Nephuria knew hey could never known, they had to be protected. Perhaps that feeling helped her survive a trip that some did not.


Over the next decade Nephuria was an Apprentice Wise One. She took teachings in the One Power, and Dreamwalking. It was found after only six months

as an Apprentice that Nephuria was a Dreamwalker, that she could enter the World of Dreams in a way few other women and no men that she knew of could. The teachings of the Dreamwalkers were in there own way harsher than any training Nephuria had recieved so far. In the World of Dreams, ignorance could kill as quick as a spear to the ribs. Nephuria was taught every trick of the Dreamwalking trade over the next two handfuls of years.


Once the Wise One's decided Nephuria was ready, she was brought back to Rhuidean, for her second and final trip. The trip went by in long days, early rises and late camps. It still took some time, but not enough in Nephuria's mind. To soon she stood bared naked, three Wise One's stood place as she turned and ran a guarter mile into the fogs of Rhuidean. Once inside the massive city she went to where she knew she must, and stepped into the large archway. It seemed she stepped forward, and suddenly was somewhere else, someone else. her name was Amyra, Wise One of the Reyn Aiel. She was young still and unknowledgeble enough to have to sit quietly as much as not. Still she heard. The thirteenth clan she did not name even in her head were errecting a city! In the waste of all places! The others thought it ludacris, but what could you expect with them though?


It was through her ancestor's eyes that Nephuria was brought through the ter'angreal. She was revealed the secret known only to clan Chief's and Wise Ones.



Upon her return the Wise One's welcomed a new one among them. It was still four years more training before Nephuria was given the Cold Rocks Hold to serve as Wise One and Dreamwalker. She set out then and there for her Clan, and once there was welcomed with open arms. The past years have brought much but Nephuria sets as a bolder in the river, unmoving and unchanging, always she seems to know what to do, and sets her path to better the people of the Dragon.


Time passed, as it always does, non-ending and unyielding, and on its winds the inevitable changes. The coming of the Car'a'carn has recently rocked the

Aiel nation, sending the Shaido running, abandoning everything. Aiel left Clan and Sept, Spear and family to wander, Lost to the Bleakness. Over the Dragonwall Nephuria decided she must go, where her knowledge could be best used. She set out from Cold Rocks Hold in the middle of the night, headed for the Wetlands far to the south. She did not see it as abandoning her people, her Sept. She had to go where the trouble was to fix it, not sit and wait. She would travel to the other Wise One's of the Septs dreams tomorrow night and tell them where she had gone. With a heavy heart and full head Nephuria set out to see what she could do, no longer a member of the clan she'd come to love, she was the Dragon's now, and it would never be the same.

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