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Please Read: Brown Ajah Information and Guidelines

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Welcome to the Brown Ajah!


This thread consists of three parts, as outlined below. Please take the time to read the whole thread!


1. Posting Rules and Guidelines

2. About the Brown Ajah

3. How to Aspire to the Brown Ajah


Posting Rules and Guidelines

  • First and foremost - show respect to all other posters. Remember the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy you agreed to when you registered your account, as well as the Dragonmount Code of Conduct and the WT/Warders 101. All of those rules and guidelines apply to this board as well.
  • We discuss a wide range of topics in the Brown Ajah and sometimes the topics can be controversial. The Brown Ajah believes that sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. We encourage everyone to share their opinions, but please do so respectfully.
  • With the above paragraph in mind, if a member of the Brown Ajah requests that you desist in an action or a particular chain of thought in your posts - stop it. Even if you disagree, you should still stop immediately.
  • We do not mind spam, in moderation, especially in clearly silly or spammy threads.
  • When you visit our Ajah, feel free to start your own "Ajah appropriate" or introduction thread so that we can get to know you!
  • Anyone is welcome to post in any of the threads in the Brown Ajah, and also to start new threads. If you want to post in the Brown Ajah but don't feel like posting in any of the existing threads or creating your own, stop by the Brown Ajah Library where you can talk about anything and everything! It's a good place to get to know the members of the Ajah. Also check out the Brown Library Annex in the Aspirant Common Room!
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About the Brown Ajah

In the books, the Brown Ajah is devoted to the study and collection of knowledge. Brown Sisters can often be found in the Great Library of the White Tower, which they administer, searching for new knowledge and subjects to study. Many of our own Brown Sisters and Brothers freely admit their addictions to books, books, and more books. There's a good probability that any given thread will at least mention books currently being read at some point, and several threads will be devoted entirely to books that are loved, coveted, and shared.

While abroad, Browns in the books frequently carry note and sketchbooks in which they document nearly everything they come across. Likewise, within our forums you will sometimes see talk of trips complete with lots of pictures documenting anything and everything – from the cool people they got to see, to the beautiful scenery, to this neat bug that they happened to notice sitting on a branch.

Browns may tend to wander the paths of random and specific learning and knowledge, science and art, and to research from topic to topic. No subject is immune from a curious Brown's delving. To get an idea of just some of the wide range of things we are interested in here at the Brown Ajah, have a look at this amazing Special Collections thread - feel free to get lost in some of the links there and to add your own!

Browns are often seen as losing touch with the rest of the world, leading some to believe that they are somewhat distanced and naïve. Do not be fooled. We pay closer attention than you might suspect. Part of the search for knowledge is maintaining a knowledge of the world around you, and Browns are not strangers to any of the Ajahs in the White Tower Social Group.

Active Members of the Brown Ajah

Ajah Staff

Head of Ajah: Blank

Sitters: Mrs. Cindy Gill


Aes Sedai

Basel Gill
Mrs. Cindy Gill
Wren Sedai
The Bard Babe

What makes a Brown, Brown? Why did you choose the Brown Ajah?




As Verin says somewhere in the books, most of the book Ajahs are interested about protecting today whereas the Browns are about preserving tomorrow and the best way to do that is to be armed with knowledge. For me at least, the Browns here at DM are similar and it is about how all these things are interconnected - that's why we even get some book Brown Ajah related comments from other Ajahs as a ribbing because we do match closer than most DM Ajahs but for me that brings it all back to how interconnected things are - it is easy to start talking about one topic, mention something slightly relevant and then begin to discuss that at length as it is important to the original point but that tends to branch off into yet another related discussion and thus give the air of distraction but the all of it is still relevant to the original point if only we can get back to finishing the original point before branching off into those tangents.

One of the reason for tangents though is to anticipate questions.

Quisalas Selene:


The Browns have a myriad of interests - each of us are individuals as well as being part of a pretty close-knit group. Some of the loves we share in common are books, chocolate, and learning. That love of learning is a big one, I don't think you could be a Brown without having a deep and genuine love of knowledge and gaining knowledge. A lot of our members are from abroad and many of us have a love of travel and languages... Some of us are mothers, some of us are single, someone of us never intend to have children. There's a lot of diversity among us for so small an Ajah, but we all have a deep respect for each other regardless of individual differences.


We do have our silly side. It doesn't come out constantly, but it's always there lurking beneath the surface ready to giggle at funny cat pictures of cake wrecks or a particularly silly fart joke.

We're people, just like everyone else here. We're bound together by our enjoyment of each others' company and the best way to find out if your home is in a given Ajah is to strike up conversation and see if you get interested and find yourself coming back to see if there's more to talk about.

The love of learning doesn't have to include every topic. I didn't learn how to play the Yu Gi Oh card game just so that I had that knowledge - I've actually pointedly avoided learning about it because I think the whole concept is silly, but my 8 year old plays it. But we do tend to be bookwormy and a bit on the nerdy side of things, but even 'nerd' comes in many different flavors. One of my particular loves is Math, but there are probably other Browns who detest Math and never cared to learn past what the minimum requirements for their given graduation was. You don't have to have a desire to learn everything, just an enjoyment of learning and having that knowledge.

A lot of us will go out of our way to learn something, or to research our ideas before we talk about them - or use someone's post as an excuse to go learn about it...

I'm doing a lot of speaking "for" the Browns, but we really are so varied, there could be complete contradictions to how I view the Browns in someone else and we could still both be completely right about what it is to "be" a Brown because we don't always see the same things as the key issues. Usually, when you find your Ajah you will know it, though.





To be honest, I don't think there's any one thing that makes us Brown...except for the constant giving of brownies and chocolates and the like. As Quis said, its hard to narrow us all down to out interests because people's interests are so varied!

We are obviously a smaller ajah, which can allow us to be closer as a group and oftentimes we feel like we are each others family. I know that I can be on LOA anywhere from a day to a year and I will be welcomed back with wide open arms.





I was Brown before my raising, and I want to reiterate what Quisalas said, and more! The best thing about being Brown for me was the ability to explore different interests without feeling like it didn't "fit" with the rest of the Ajah. They are truly very supportive of whatever you decide to take on, because it all is a part of self-improvement and learning, which is what being a Brown all about! I wouldn't say that any of them fit the "absentminded" and "ignorant of the world" stereotypes of the books, they all tend to be very aware of the world around them and like to discuss what's going on! In short, I think being Brown is anything you wanted to define it as, as long as you learn something and emerge a better person at the end of the day.





I chose Brown because this is where I feel at home. I like all our members and I can interact with each of them comfortably and happily. It helps that we're all generally of the same mind-set in terms of tolerance. I like that we can have discussions/debates, maintain our opposing views and remain friends through it all.

Mrs. Cindy Gill:


The love of learning of anything and everything, and the ability to get happily lost in that learning, and to sometimes become trapped in the inner circle of thought.

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Aspiring to the Brown Ajah

First, as you all already know, you must complete all the requirements for raising to the point where you are eligible to petition for membership in an Ajah.

Choosing an Ajah is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. It's not wise to choose an Ajah just because you like this Ajah in the books or because someone you know in RL is in that Ajah. Keep in mind that some of the Ajahs in the WT Social Group are quite different from what you might expect them to be after you read the books. And it's entirely possible to be friends with people of different Ajahs no matter which Ajah you choose yourself. So before petitioning the Browns (or any other Ajah for that matter) make sure that you

a) have given all the Ajahs a fair chance before deciding to become a Brown,

b) have decided that our Ajah is the place that fits your personality best, that you really want to become a member of our Ajah,

c) have given our members a good chance to get to know you which means participating in the activities on our boards.

Once you've considered the Ajahs properly and made sure that the Brown Ajah suits you best you need to PM the Head of the Ajah, Blank.

Your PM should include the following things:

1. A little bit about your DM life. There really are no rules as to what you need to tell here. It can be anything you feel like telling. Like, what projects did you participate in? Did you win anything in any WT competitions? Are you a member of any other social groups at DM? Did you consider any other Ajahs before deciding to become a Brown? Did you ever get in any trouble as a novice? Maybe none of the above, but something else that you feel like telling us. Anything that you want us to know/think we need to know/absolutely have to know about you.

2. What made you choose the Brown Ajah?

3. Your preferred contact information.

4. A little bit about yourself in real life. Just like with the first question, there really is no rule as to what you need to tell us. Anything that you want us to know to get a personal “feel” of you.

Once you send your PM you will receive a reply to let you know your petition is under consideration.

Your petition will be posted on the private Brown Ajah board so that the full ranking members of the Ajah can give their opinions.

Usually, by the time you petition, the answer will be yes. However, if we if feel that you might be choosing an Ajah without giving your choice enough thought and/or you haven't let us get to know you enough then We might ask you to take some more time to consider your petition, and get to know us, and yourself, better before giving you a definite answer. Mind, it does not mean “no”. We simply want both you and the rest of the Brown Ajah to be sure that you are making the right choice. While people have been known to change their Ajahs after being raised, it's really not something that makes anyone excited and as the Browns are a tight-knit group it can be quite distressing for the Aes Sedai.

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