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Barberitos (Athens, GA)


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Name: Barberitos

Location: South Lumpkin, Athens, GA

Contact Details: On website


Website: http://www.barberitos.com


Category: Burritos


Price for a meal: $




Barberitos is a pretty straight-forward type of place. If you've ever been to Moe's or Willy's, then you already know exactly what Barbs is. Barberitos is local to Georgia and uses farm fresh ingredients to make a delicious array of burritos, tacos, salads, and nachos (think fast-food Tex Mex but without a drive through and more up-scale). I usually get their wheat burrito with chicken, beans, rice, guac, lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. It's delicious and pretty healthy. The only downside is that their salsa is pretty bad (I consider myself a salsa connoisseur). The upside is that you get free chip refills with which to dunk in the salsa. They offer sit-down or take out (no delivery) but the sit-down is all booths and small tables. I usually get it to go and eat it at home which watching tv or something (unless I'm with a group). I would definitely recommend it over Willy's, but I think Moe's may taste a little better (although Barbs tastes fresher).


Overall Verdict


It's good enough that I keep going back to it, although it's usually a choice when I'm by myself and don't feel like cooking. I don't ever get a group of friends together to go there, it's not really that kind of place. However, I like it, and it's definitely worth a stop if you're in from out of town.



Each category is out of 5


Ambience: ***

Food: ****

Service: ***

Value for Money: ****


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I am assuming that these are the "Big Burrito's?" I actually opened one like this in Knoxville TN Called Tortilla Mac's. I love these kinds of places. I still make the stuff we served at home for friends. (We shut down after about two years. This is why I went back to school to get my accounting degree actually.) What is wrong with the salsa?

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Guac is probably my favorite dip (or at least on par with salsa). I prefer homemade because the taste of the avocado really comes through (as opposed to industrial made guac) and there usually aren't too many other ingredients added to detract from the earthy and delicious taste of avocado.


As for salsa, I have never met a type I haven't liked. I generally tend to enjoy red salsa more, as it is usually more robust and I really like tomatoes. I tend to be a minimalist, no super chunky salsa for me - I like tomatoes (generally sauce as opposed to big tomato chunks), onions, peppers, cilantro, garlic, and sometimes black beans and corn. My mom makes a really good variation on the traditional salsa with tomatoes, onions, black beans, corn, and avocado without the traditional tomato sauce base. It's amazingly good; definitely one of my top 3 favorite salsas. I also absolutely love pico de gallo.


And yeah, I can dig fruited salsas with mango or peach (I prefer mango), but usually only in the summer or if I'm in a weird mood. I tend to stick with the basic (and mass-produced) Pace Salsa, as I tend it has the best taste for the price.

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That’s the best I hate it when you have to pick one "Style." Especially when they have everything right there and could just make a bean and chicken but some snot nosed kid can't process the fact that it's not on the menu so you can’t possible want something that is not clearly spelled out for me to hit the special key that has a picture right here and is way too busy to even pay you any attention because they are too busy trying to text to their buddy working at the McD’s across the street the some dude just walked in and is trying to order something off the menu and how much this job sucks because people can’t understand how hard little snot nose has it having to stand there and possible deal with a customer, much less have to attempt to satisfy them with something as god awful removing items from the “Big Dan” because the menu clearly says the Big Dan has cheese so it has to come with cheese and it would just be a world killer to have to make the two steps to the right to tell snot nose number 2 (that is currently deeply tied to a spot on the wall) so no you have to have it the way the menu says……


*Breaths heavy* yeah I like it when it’s easy to just point and get what I want….




So how does the inside look? I really like the ones that take the time to make it look nice. We did mosaics on all the tables. Looked great (bitzh to clean).

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It looks pretty good. Spanish style wood (stained) in heavy blocks so it looks older than it is. tiled walls in a neutral color and mosaic countertops and such. Low lighting (which is nice) and a cozy space. It's definitely not annoying to be/eat there.


lol nice rant.

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