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Like the above poster just said, Blind Guardian. These guys are such passionate musicians and do the fantasy genre so well, they make other power metal bands sound almost hollow. They did the WoT so much justice in their recent album, with some of the tracks of the album dedicated to the series. They're super epic, fantastical songs that really capture the essence of WoT, and for long time readers it's really something special.



In fact here's a link to one of those songs My link

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As far as Power Metal goes, they are far from the best IMO.


Nocturnal Rites, Firewind, Toby Sammet, Hammerfall, etc.


Just my opinion.

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Metal!!!! \m/




Metallica(only black album & earlier)






Judas Priest

Dream Theater & LTE

Demons & Wizards(Blind Guardian & Iced Earth)

Sepultura...i could literally be here for days typing so ill stop there...

I didnt know Blind Guardian Did an album with WOT stuff!!!!!!! I gotta check that out Demons & Wizards has members from BG & Iced Earth they did an album called Touched by the Crimson King all about Stephen Kings Dark Tower series and it is an amazing album even if you are not a fan of that series!


Here is my fav song from that album

coincidentally its the only song on the album NOT about the books, its about Oscar Wildes novel Dorian Grey also from that album check out beneath these waves, the gunslinger(amazing drums in this one for all you fellows drummers), terror train and touched by the crimson king

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I second all those who said blind guardian, pain of salvation, clutch, growls and blast beats, deicide, king diamond / MF, demons and wizards, falconer, gwar, cannibal corpse, nevermore, kamelot, the gathering, within temptation, sepultura (just saw them finally a month or so back and was really impressed), and also the guy who said hitting the "shuffle all" on the WoT audiobooks rules.


and I guess I'd have to add stratovarius, after forever, epica, edenbridge, marduk, misery index, dim mak, broken hope, immolation, incantation, elvenking, dark at dawn, ayreon, beyond twilight, emperor (early), disgorge (ca), queefing jagged shards, ditheist, can't believe no one's said napalm death or carcass, crowbar, soundgarden, misfits (I've bestowed them 'honorary metal status'. don't argue) queen (early), sentenced (later), type o negative and lastly the proverbial 'there's far too many to name' this is just my top 1%. basically the 90s is where its at for me (cuz thats when I was at that magic age)


one of the best shows I've ever seen was mercyful fate with nevermore at our (chicago) house of blues in october '99......that makes me feel old

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Definitely a fan of some of the metal genre, particularly symphonic and power stuff. Nothing too incredibly dark or heavy such as Dimmu Borgir (however that's spelled). Basically, it's gotta have some vocals free of growling, vocals that I can actually understand. That said, a band that breaks the mold is Battlelore. They're heavier than I normally go for, but their entire discography is Tolkien-inspired, and as a Tolkien nerd, I couldn't avoid that.


Most of my other favorite bands have been mentioned, such as Nightwish, Falconer, and Kamelot.

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Here! Among my favorites are

In Flames

Metallica [More along the lines of their older stuff]





I'm more into indie now, but on a day where I just want to set the world on fire, these are my comforts. :happy:

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Here I am!!!!


Lets see...


My favourites are Blind Guardian, DragonForce and Ensiferum, but I also like Sabaton, Rhapsody of Fire, Fairyland, Equilibrium, and Dream Theather. Overall I mostly like Powermetal, just behind it progressive metal, and then Folk metal and melodic Death metal.


O, and my third favorite of all songs is Blind Guardian's Wheel of Time.

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I'm a Metalhead! Some of my favorites are Nightwish, Metallica, Hammerfall, Alestorm, and I would add Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but I don't know if they would really be called heavy metal or not, though they do get pretty heavy sometimes.

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Blind Guardian (they have at least two awesome songs about WoT. Basically my main criterion for what fantasy to read is whether or not it's inspired a Blind Guardian song.)


Same here. If it wasnt for that band i wouldnt have been reading the Silmarillion or WOT lol.


btw i am a huge metalhead here are some of my favorite bands :smile:


(my most favorite band of all time :biggrin: )

Iced Earth

Amon Amarth



and many more...lol


i also linked up every band with a song :smile:

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