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The Lews Therin Voice Effect


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Well, let's think about this. In the last book we saw that the very fabric of reality is disintegrating: the dead walk, walls move, things are unstable. If times long past can affect the present, as it did with Matt and the caravan, then other temporal ambiguities are also possible--especially for two of the most ta'verin individuals the wheel has spun out: the Dragon and his successor.


There might be a connection between how LTT died and his being strongly ta'verin and Rand being strongly taverin and the presence of the taint. Maybe.


The last time this was brought up a few years ago, someone mentioned that the connection between LTT and Rand was in part due to LTT balefiring himself, creating a temporal riff. Effectively LTT inadvertently prohibited the whole of his soul being reincarnated with Rand. Part of LTT was cocooned (for lack of a better word) because of the riff resulting from the balefire.


What I think is an interesting thought is the reintegration of LTT and Rand. Here's how it goes. Death must be an extremely psychological significant event. Obviously. But LTT might not remember his death if he balefired himself. He might have taken himself out of the pattern before he killed himself. I imagine one good way to reintegrate Rand and LTT is to show LTT that he died. Once LTT accepts that he's dead, he might let go. The trick is for LTT to feel the death and die, but have Rand "in on the trick". Don't know this is to happen exactly. Just pondering.

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I dont remember any balefire? It has been awhile though. Yet your saying the pattern forced an imprint of his soul? Doesnt that defeat the destructful purpose of balefire??? Oh and sorry for my avatar ignorance. One time mistake.



"And my eyes are forever lowered"

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LTT did not balefire himself.


Correct. As i understand it, Lews Therin died from deliberately drawing too much saidin, which triggered a sort of lightning-like effect (on a VERY large scale) which apparently penetrated a pocket of magma and ignited a volcano (now affectionately known as Dragonmount). There was no balefire involved.

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