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As this time, Quick Ben has a very comfortable lead over Vin for the Championship Match.


Here are the vote totals:


Quick Ben with 4,702 or 56.64% of the votes.


Vin with 3,600 or 43.36% of the votes.





Perrin has a Commanding lead over Jon Snow for the Consolation Match.


Perrin with 1,949 or 68.15% of the votes.


Jon Snow with 911 or 31.85% of the votes.




If you have not voted already, the voting ends on Sunday, April 10th at 5pm ET.

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We now have the final results for this year's Suvudu Cage Match.


In the Championship Round, the winner is Quick Ben defeating Vin.


Quick Ben had 4,899 or 55.6% of the votes.


Vin had only 3,912 or 44.4% of the votes.





In the Consolation Match, the winner is Perrin defeating Jon Snow.


Perrin had 2,055 or 67.58% of the votes.


Jon Snow had only 986 or 32.42% of the votes.



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  • 7 months later...

It's Cage Match time again. Go Moiraine!


• Anasûrimbor Kellhus — R. Scott Bakker

• Anomander Rake — Steven Erikson

• Atticus O'Sullivan — Kevin Hearne

• Aurest — Paula Brandon

• Babcock — Justin Cronin

• Bast — Patrick Rothfuss

• Bram — Lia Habel

• Caine — Matthew Stover

• Carnival — Alan Campbel

• Chess Putnam — Stacia Kane

• Claire Haskell — David J. Williams

• The Dagda Mor — Terry Brooks

• Darian Frey — Chris Wooding

• Esmerelda "Esme" Weatherwax (Granny Weatherwax) — Terry Pratchett

• Evangeline Stone — Kelly Meding

• Erevis Cale — Paul S. Kemp

• The Escapist — Michael Chabon

• Felix — Ted Kosmatka

• Ferro Maljinn — Joe Abercrombie

• The Fool — Robin Hobb

• Gale Hawthorne — Suzanne Collins

• Gimli — J.R.R. Tolkien

• Gray Mouser — Fritz Lieber

• Greg Mandel — Peter F. Hamilton

• Harry Potter — J.K. Rowling

• Havemercy — Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett

• The Horned King — Lloyd Alexander

• Iorek Byrnison — Philip Pullman

• Jardir — Peter Brett

• Jean Tannen — Scott Lynch

• Jonathan Strange — Susanna Clarke

• Juan "Johnny" Rico — Robert Heinlein

• Julia — Lev Grossman

• Kelsier — Brandon Sanderson

• Kull — Robert E. Howard

• Kylar Stern — Brent Weeks

• Lady Jessica — Frank Herbert

• Mellorin Rebaine — Ari Marmell

• Moiraine Damodred — Robert Jordan

• Morrolan e'Drien — Steven Brust

• Mr. Wednesday — Neil Gaiman

• Napoleon (on a dragon) — Naomi Novik

• Paksenarrion — Elizabeth Moon

• Peter Grant — Ben Aaronovitch

• Rachel Morgan — Kim Harrison

• Randur Estevu — Mark Charan Newton

• Ray Lilly – Harry Connolly

• Raylene Pendle — Cherie Priest

• Revan — Drew Karpyshyn

• Richard Rahl — Terry Goodkind

• Ringil Eskiath — Richard K. Morgan

• Saphira — Chris Paolini

• Seregil — Lynn Flewelling

• Sparhawk — David Eddings

• Stony Mayhall — Daryl Gregory

• Susan Delgado (or Susannah Dean) — Stephen King

• Tarzan — Edgar Rice Burroughs

• Tattoo — China Miéville

• Tomas — Raymond Feist

• Tyrion Lannister — George R.R. Martin

• Waylander — David Gemmell

• The Wicked Witch — Frank Baum

• Y.T. — Neal Stephenson

• Zaphod Beeblebrox — Douglas Adams

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Too bad this isn't Fantasy Fantasy Cage Match!


I want to see Zaphod Beeblebrox vs Richard Rahl. And then I want to see Harry Potter vs Granny Weatherwax.

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Anomander Rake vs Harry Potter. Anomander Rake vs Harry Potter.


If I repeat it enough times, surely this dream will come true.

Edited by Jon Paul
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I'd go with Anomander Rake to win it, this time.

He captured all the dead, through time, in his sword. And afterwards only lost because said sword turned against him. He also has a mountain that floats in the air, and can turn into a dragon.



That said, Steven Erikson does have a tendency to overpower his characters, it's just he has so many overpowered people it all works, when taken together. Perhaps it's more interesting if someone else would win. And Tomas, from Feist, is of course known as a controller of dragons. So he'd make a fine champion to beat Rake.

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*cough* that isn't exactly what happened to Rake, avernite, close, but you missed a crucial detail.


In Erikson's world though Rake wasn't overpowered, in fact the whole series was about how the vastly powerful Gods could be brought to bear by a few mortals, meaning that vast power was not nearly as much of an advantage as one would initially assume. Ohh, and one of these days they have to include Icarium, simply because that would be scary.

Edited by Torn Shadow
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I hope nobody else I like goes up against Granny Weatherwax, because I'm absolutely voting for her over anybody else. Headology. It works.

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Granny Weatherwax vs Moiraine... Headology vs Aes Sadai word play... Talk about a match to do your brain in, my heads hurting all ready :wacko: .

Others I'd like to see get through the opening rounds would be: Iorek Byrnison, Gimli, Tyrion Lannister, The Wicked Witch and Tomas.



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I didn't think about that... I think the crowd will rush the field in an attempt to save their sanity, they will fail, of course, but still. I wonder who would win that contest, because Moiraine would probably take everything Granny Weatherwax said and spin it, then shoot it right back in an endless battle of words.


Make sure someone annoying starts against Rake, since his opponents have a habit of becoming trapped for the rest of time and all that.

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Honestly I don't even know half the characters in this years cage match so I'm gonna be very biased


Thomas From feist to win :biggrin: just because that was the fantasy series that got me started and I believe he can actually do it power wise

He has his own kinda magic, he can sword fight with the best of them and as said before he can control dragons but respects them too much to do that.

And in his world I doubt any dragons would put up with that anyway.


So just my 2cents, but as with last few cage matches this will give alot of new reading material and to me that counts more

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I didn't think about that... I think the crowd will rush the field in an attempt to save their sanity, they will fail, of course, but still. I wonder who would win that contest, because Moiraine would probably take everything Granny Weatherwax said and spin it, then shoot it right back in an endless battle of words.


Actually, Nanny Ogg will induce Pewsey Olver to run across the circle around the combatants so that Granny W has to get him out of danger. This selfless act will give Granny the match.




........What? You mean you haven't read 'Lords and Ladies'?? :wink::tongue:

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In all likelihood, Granny would win any match against someone with magical powers with the "knock my hat off" kind of logic. Convince them to get into a magical duel and then just punch them.

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Wow, some of my favourite characters of all time in here: Moiraine, the Fool (awww I LOVE that character in the Tawny Man series), Tyrion, Granny Weatherwax (my favourite Discworld charcter bar Commander Vimes), the Wicked Witch of the West, Jean Tannen (pity it isn't Locke Lamora though), Richard Rahl... I wish Nynaeve would get a turn though :P Wait - isn't Granny Weatherwax just Nynaeve, but old?


Realistically, my money's on Granny, though I think Moiraine will go far.

Edited by Elusive Athena
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Well, actually Diskworld fan base worldwide is much larger than WoT fan base. Yet, these cage matches are popular mostly among WOT, Malazan and ASOIAF . Pratchett's fans will not see the point of voting for such "cage matches" and they are not aware with the previous editions of the tournament. It gives Moiraine some advantage. And yet, I'm voting for Granny, all the way!

There's just one person in the galaxy who can never become a victim of Granny's headology: Zaphod - the best President ever! :biggrin:

But still i'm voting for Granny - if the headology fails a punch in the stomach will not.

P.S. I would like to see Cohen the Barbarian in the next cage match edition ;)

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A character in Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' sequence. Also known as Aaoograha hoa ("She Who Must Be Avoided") by trolls, and K'ez'rek d'b'duz ("Go Around the Other Side of the Mountain") by the dwarves.




With Nanny Ogg and Magrat she forms a typical mythic female maiden / mother / crone triplet. No prizes for guessing which one she represents....

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Man I hope Granny Weatherwax and Moiraine dont meet up. I hate voting against WOT characters. But I am going Granny Weatherwax all the way. I think she could take Anomander Rake, and he is the only real power in the field IMO.

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