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And the newest Darkfriend is...


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im so happy! im finally a proper member of the fabric of Shayol Ghul! :baalzamon: I would like to thank my mother, for paying for the internet i've used to get here today! also i would like to thank all those Shayol Ghulers who have given me points and contributed to my promoton! thank you all so much! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

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thanks for the knife and the welcomes, guys! i shall use it to stab you all!


*stabs Adella, LilyElizabeth, Ahmoondah Sedai, Aust, dapianoplay3r, ed2funy, moghedian and anyone else i missed!*


i love you all! :wub:


Well I'm so pleased you've finally learned how to do a proper *stab* !!! :D

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