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3rd age weaving of the BT?


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i was thinking about the BL and kinda how it plays into the WOT(not the series but the wheel itsself). . . i don't claim to know much about the WOT (series)and i've listened to the books from purely of story lovers perspective. but if the story takes place in the 3rd age and the wheel turns repeating ages and ages then do you thnk this is the first time a BT came into the wieve? or did the dark one always taint the OP when imprisoned thus always giving place for there to be a BT? i don't think so, i think this is the first time but as i said i don't really know too much and haven't thought along these lines before so i thought i'd see what my fellow black jackets think on the subject.i've yet to read the ToM so if it explains it better in this book please forgive me. what do you think?

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Very good question BJ. From my understanding the wheel weaves the ages and the outcome changes each time, so maybe it has existed before and sometimes maybe it hasn't. The only thing is that if it hasn't this would change all the other ages. If it has, then made there is a fixed kinda of pattern to them which would suggest outcome at the end of each age is similar. I have myself confused now...

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yeah i agree with you on that, sorry i didnt word that quite right. . . i guess what brought on this thread was the question to myself of, what would the BT resemble today? i hate to think we would be the "wizards" or something of the day but mabee thats in a past age and we've just died out, idk. .

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