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Mis Aventuras en España


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Here is a link to my photobucket sight which as an album for Madrid and one for Granada. i will continue adding and updating it as I visit more places (and I'm still up to suggestions for places to visit!)


You should be able to get to the Granada album from the Madrid album, but let me know if it doesn't work! Also, none of the pics are tagged on photobucket so if you have questions, just ask :)

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Great pictures!


Spain isn't a country I have been to much. Do you plan to go to the north of the country? I hear (from my parents) that it is very different to the south. I am pondering going this year with Northie to do some of the walk of The Way of St. James, ending up in Santiago de Compostela.

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Wolf-Yes, I am here to learn Spanish, and so far, this place is absolutely amazing!


Corki-I am hoping to head to Barcelona and maybe another city up north. The architecture and landscape are a lot different from the north to the south of spain. Most of southern spain has architecture inspired by the mixture of three different peoples: the jews, the christians, and the muslims (or muslomans as they in spanish...it's a funny word, I have to keep myself from laughing every time they say it!). The city that shows this the most though, is Toledo, the original capital of Spain. I absolutely loved Toledo and would highly recommend a visit there (as in, stay there instead of Madrid...it'd be better!)


I'm honestly not sure where Santiago de Compestela is....northern part right? I'm sure anywhere in Spain is worth seeing though :) You could always come down to Granada (not that I'm biased on that at all). But it is the perfectly situated city...mountains thirty minutes north, beaches thirty minutes south--can't get much better than that, right? And the Alhambra? Oh my word, most gorgeous place ever!

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