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Yellow! The New Color of Love: Valentine's Day Credibility Discussion


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Valentine's Day Credibility Discussion

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Is it truly a time to celebrate love, being caring, showing people how much you really love them,

what they have done whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, children, just friends, people...




did it just turn into a day where businesses just cash up on the various merchandise they sell off due to the celebration,

just giving out chocolate, candy and flowers to someone special?

What do you think?


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I actually read up on the legend of Saint Valentine a few years ago. I don't remember a lot of the details, but waaaaay back when, before he was a Saint, Valentine was a priest or...some sort of clergyman. He would help people reach greater spirituality in Christianity and taught the power of prayer. He befriended a nobleman's daughter, I believe, who was blind. The girl was wracked with sadness over her blindness, and Valentine offered to pray with her to God so that her blindness would be cured. After an overnight vigil of prayers, she could see. At the end, the conclusion given was that Valentine's Day was originally about friendship. There was no mention of romantic involvement at all in this little story, which renewed my faith in Valentine's Day because I have never had a boyfriend/significant other/romantic venture of any sort throughout my life. I would usually wait to see if my friends or my parents would give me anything. After this story, however, I use this day to celebrate the two greatest friendships I ever had. My two best friends have become my sisters of the soul, so to speak. We're extremely close and I see no deterioration in our relationship. :)


According to wikipedia, the story of St. Valentine makes him out to be a Christian martyr where he was arrested in ancient Rome for marrying Christians and trying to convert the Emperor. He was sentenced to death. The story that I read may not be the official one, but it's the one that I refer to. It's better than moping about not being in a romantic relationship, certainly.


As far as how Valentine's Day is celebrated in the industry...it really depends on the individual situation. Friendship and romantic love are two differnt kinds of love, but it's about love all the same. And there's no shame in celebrating love.

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I am a married woman. My husband and I have been together 11 years, married 6. I start out with that so that the things I say after this dont' sound like I'm anti-Love.

I'm actually for love.

I don't even mind the commercialization of valentine's day.


While it is awesome to have a day of the year to celebrate couples and love, when it comes to a couple, they should find their own ways to celebrate one another. My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's day because the first 3 V-days we were together, we got in serious fights, unrelated to the holiday.

We choose to celebrate other days of importance. Our wedding day, for example. NOt as "married 6 years" but as 'together for 11 years."


On Feb. 14, I don't expect hearts and flowers and candies. Or even jewelry. I don't wear jewelry, candy makes me fat and flowers die.


He shows me love by doing the tasks he won't ordinarily do. Washes dishes, Vacuums, cleans the garage. And for him, I cook [he is usually our chef.] I do vehicle maintenance, I watch horror films, we go to the beach [he loves the Gulf].


He's very Missouri about love.


He Shows me.


While I appreciate the christian background of St. Valentine, that is not our faith. We choose instead to celebrate the birth of Aphrodite, or Venus. To celebrate love.

It should be done more than just February 14 and wedding anniversary [and we do show each other year round].

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I'm going to start off by saying I am not arguing with anyone who has posted or will post, this is just my opinion.


I've had V-Day's with and without romantic interests, and I honestly don't see it as a big deal, but I will buy chocolates for friends who don't have someone else who will do it, and try to make the day as happy as possible for those I know who put a lot of stock into the day.


However, I work at a Hallmark store, and see both sides of the spectrum here, some people love the day as it puts emphasis on love, I have several people every year looking for "Our Wedding Anniversary is on Valentine's Day" cards. I also get to hear the complaints about how people think you should just show your love on one day and Valentine's Day is wrong because companies just use people's love to make money (which, by the way, is a great way to stay in business, even if you don't agree with it).


My personal stance is, just like Mother's Day, or Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, it's just a day to recognize what you should be doing year-round.


Also, it's the public's fault if they want to buy into the commercialism of a holiday, and I find it funny that a lot of people who complain about the commercialism of it all are the ones spending the most money on the holiday.

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Its just a pain in the arse. If you need a special day to go on a date... something tells me things aren't working out great to begin with! Get it in gear.


And what is the worst? When you forget it is valentines day and you and your SO decide you want to go somewhere to get some food. Ooops... *has done that a few times*

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I think it depends on the person/couple.


Fiance and I personally think it's way overblown, and thus don't do much (except for last year when he proposed). We buy each other small gifts and say Happy Valentine's and we're good. But we don't just relegate it to that day, we buy each other small gifts throughout the year, so it's less about -that- day for us and more about another opportunity to show each other that we love the other. If you think about it like that, then sure, a celebration of love is great. I don't really get the over the top celebrations. But that's just me. I don't need it fancy and don't want it fancy.



Also, Narg, we've totally done that. Pulled up to one of our fave restaurants, saw the line out the door, debated on why, and then went to a Chinese buffet *laughs*.

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My husband and I met in 1991 (in Florida while he attended 1st class dive school), got engaged in 1992 (in Japan), and married in 1993 (again in Florida).


Any more, we don't "succumb" to the commercialization of most of the "big events". We don't typically buy each other anything for Valentine's Day (though he and the boys did buy me some silly, singing/dancing stuffed animal last year). We wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day, or Happy Birthday, or Happy Anniversary and that's typically it. We do try to have a nice dinner for birthdays and anniversaries but we don't get hurt feelings because there were no flowers/chocolates/gifts given in recognition of it. I'm one that would prefer not to spend the money on something so fleeting! LOL! Now if he wants to buy me a tractor implement or fix my horse trailer . . . ahhhhh, a gift after mine own heart! :laugh: We actually didn't even buy each other Christmas gifts this past Christmas. His best gift (according to him) was having me back home after being so sick (and nearly dying) in September/October and mine was in getting back home to him and my kids after being so sick.


We should be letting our loved ones, families and friends know every day of the year how we feel about them; not just one day a year. JMHO, of course! :biggrin:

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I'm so with you on that. Valentine's day is just a day. I think those who have a spouse/significant other, boyfriend or girlfriend can celebrate everyday which is worth something. I mean, getting something on Valentine's day is nice. It shouldnt be something that has to be done and out of the way to do. I try to see that everyday is special to me when i'm with my significant other.

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