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*pokes head in*


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Hello y'all!


I'm sure most of you guys have no clue who I am as I haven't really visited DM for a couple of years at least... (I joined in 2000 or 2001 and was then quite active for a few years).


But for some reason I was bored today and suddenly got the urge to have a peek at what DM is up to these days. And since I saw a couple of usernames I recognised from the days of olde I decided to say hello :laugh:


For those ho are interested I recently imported an Englishman to Norway and am corrently trying to get a permanent job and settle in properly. :happy:


So how're things?

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Hello welcome back! I have to say I like your avatar. :)


Things are going well around here. I'm the ADL for Aes Sedai and Elgee, our lovely DL, second in command or maybe third. *laughs* The Mistress of Novices, Elgee and I are kind of the scary trio.....*looks at the amused faces* Or not geez.


Just stop in to say hi or were thinking of sticking around?

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It must be telepathy Raeyn :wink:



Unfortunately I'm not able to commit to roleplaying as I have other hobbies that take up a lot of my time (crafty stuff like sewing and crochet and also computer games).


I might try to hang on here socially a bit, though.


Oh, and the avatar is Yuko from the manga xxxHolic :) (in case you'd like to know Rasheta).


Nice to meet you guys :D

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