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Dos Locos (Lafayette, GA)


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Name: Dos Locos


Location: Lafayette, GA


Category: Tex Mex


Price: $$





This is, without a doubt, the absolute worst Mexican food I have ever had the misfortune of tasting. The first bite tasted of stale cigarettes, and the rest got no better. Apart from being the worst Mexican, it also ranks among the top five worst restaurants I've ever eaten at. There is absolutely nothing to recommend this restaurant besides their choice of thick, half tortilla chips and their endless dip (which can be found for free at most Mexican restaurants). The menu was unimaginative and sparse. I ordered a mixer plate with a Chile Relleno, a beef burrito, and a taco. The taco shell was soggy and the meat unspiced, the burrito was plain with only unseasoned beef and no cheese, and the "Chile Relleno" was literally the size of a quarter. I don't know if any of you have ever ordered a Chile Relleno, but it should be a green bell pepper, usually three inches by two, and stuffed with meat and cheese. What I got instead was what appeared to be a quarter-size piece of a green pepper with no meat and this weird cheese gravy scattered around it. AND it tasted like poop.


The restaurant was a ghost town; I think I saw three customers while we were there. It was gaudily decorated and was not appealing to the eye. The staff was subdued - neither happy nor sad, nor angry, just bleh.


Overall Verdict:


I will never again return to this restaurant. I think I would rather eat at McDonald's (which I hate) and I think the food there might be healthier for you.



Each category is out of 5



Food: -*

Service: *

Value for Money: -*

Overall: -*

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This resturant makes my heart sad. I hate to see a resturant fail so terribly because at some point this was someone's dream. Were they perhaps more bar focused and not used to people atually eating the food? I know we have a few places that are great Bars but you don;t eat the food. they'll tell you themselves. They only keep a menue to satisfy the law.

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