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Demetres: Duncan SC US

Canis Rufus

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Food- Three out of Five ***

Atmosphere- Four out of Five

Style- Americana and Greek Food


Location- Duncan, South Carolina, US



Hello all my fellow Banders, I would like to regal, inform and recommend a local little ‘greasy spoon’ that I love, Demetres. First

off this is not a five star food restaurant. Their idea of garnishment is a side of crackers. Do not let that sway you I only felt the need to explain my deep love verses my average food score. Demetres is a ‘we’ve been together for a while’ date. It’s the type of place where, the servers all know their tables and call them by name or nickname. They’ll sit down and chat with you while telling some other old patron to ‘hold on can’t you see I’ll telling him something?” You don’t come here to be in a hurry but to slow down and enjoy life. These are not hurry people. Hurry is rude and unwelcoming. You wait and sip your tea while picking up on the latest local gossip. Truck drivers stop here, as it’s just off the interstate, and they haw and jaw with each other rubbing elbows with local lawyers and councilmen.


The food is what you would expect it to be, burgers slathered with cheese placed on crusty sesame buns, Spaghetti that is made in daily

with a recipe so old they can’t fire the cook or it’s gone, Soups that take advantage of current seasons and the likes. Rumor is that it was once a Greek restaurant and vestiges of these by gone days still linger on the menu like badges of honor. Souvlaki rises up from the list of stander fair as though to say “Back up youngus I was here first.” Other choices that you can only assume have found their way on the list due to the request of some regular that every one called ‘hun,’ or ‘sweetheart.’ A Rubin that made me peek to see if my mom was in the back comes piled so high with corn beef that I finished it with a fork. An appetizer of calamari that I had to be talked into trying by a stranger at the Bar, is now a staple that is put on my order before they pour my tea or talk to me.


The carpet is a bit worn but clean. The tables are a throwback to an era that saw large hair women and bare-chested men with medallions. It’s

old not dirty but it fits. It’s home to more than a memory how things where this is still how things are here. You will be a, “honey,” until you earn some other name of import like ‘Red, Bubba,” or a menagerie of other strange euphemisms that mean nothing outside these Hollowed doors of service, “T-bone, Bigbird, Hot-rod, Capt’.” The Chairs are clean if tobacco stained from a time when Lung Cancer was crazy talk. The pictures on the wall will likely be valuable soon as the artist must be dead long enough now to be famous. No friend do not come here and be unwilling to roll up your sleeves and toss your tie over your shoulder. You may be Mr. Big outside but in here you’re just ‘Sugar.’


So if you happen to be going down highway 85south heading to or from Greenville SC slow down around Highway 290 and get off. Head away from

the new Arby’s and keep your eyes open It’ll be on the right, right after the Holiday Inn but before you get the Old Kmart parking lot. The parking lot’s not too big but you can park in the hotel parking lot, (They won’t mind Brenda gives them free lunch for rooms when she needs them.) Walk in and leave your ego at the door. Just pretend your home mind your manners and don’t cus… well don’t use the F word most everything else will fly as long as you say it with a smile. Order anything you like and leave a good tip, (they all talk about you if you don’t.) You’ll be glad you did what the road side restaurant used to be Demetres still is.

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Is this like one of the Diners we see in American films?


As if you had to be talked into trying Calamari. They have to be one of the best starters you can get anywhere...(For anyone else read they are battered squid if you don't know)


What would you say is your normal choice in there apart from Calamari??

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To be sure I love Calamari and eat it often, but there are some places you order calamari and others you have to be talked into ordering Calamari. Suffice to say and to answer your question this little appetizer is snuggled between selections like 'smothered Fries,' Fries, Nachos, Potato Skins and the general 'I can buy this at the Fair' food. So when you are studying this selection and see Calamari among it, well I would bet that you too would have to be talked in to trying 'their' Calamari for a lack of trust in the ability to be a quality product.

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