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Now taking applications......


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For Dreadlord faction leader. It's a sad sad day indeed in Shayol Ghul. Our beloved Moggy is stepping down. She wants to do some weird thing called college or something. -shrugs-


I'm putting this in the main boards and not just in the Dreadies faction because sweet little Mogs gave me a whopping 13 days notice.... so that means it is open to anyone who is a member.. all the way down to lightful.


Do not take this opportunity lightly. Mogs has THE single most hard job in the entire social group.... keeping up with the pointses and the wiki page.


Things I'll be looking for in the applications:


Dragonmount name

Why you want the position

What ideas do you have for the Dreadlords to help keep them awesome

How much time are you willing to devote? (like I said... keeping up with the points)

any other tidbits you'd like to add are welcome.


Deadline to get the apps in is February 13th. Sorry for the short notice but I was just told about this myself and I'd like to get it taken care of before Mogs starts school.


Email your applications to renaerue@gmail.com

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