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It's okay.... you can post here!

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Yes, I know many of you reading this are not sure if you're "allowed" to post yet.


Go on. Go wild. if you're here... you're here. Welcome to DM 7.0, even if things are not quite done yet.



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Time to celebrate in true Band fashion!


*passes Battle Brews around to everyone*


Welcome DM 7.0!!!

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YAY! Great job, everyone! It looks AWESOME!


*showers in confetti and hands Jason a bottle of cheap wine for the Christening*

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Like the new look, a definite improvement from before, eventhough it reminds me of the broken boards to no end.



The banner for commercials looks crowded in though, can't you limit it to vertical ones to put on the right side instead of on top?

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oy, I know, tis what happens when you end up in china for half a year, most of my online time was limited to sg and bt only *nods*

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