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What are countries around the world known for?

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Not always the best thing for me to do because then I go and question things and that is never good...sometimes. But if Elgee Sedai doesn't mind I'd like to start a discussion, if that is okay.


Now, at the WT the Ajah's and the Discipline's are known across Randland for what they do and the countries are known for certain things as well. I was thinking what are Canadians known for? I first think of peacekeeping. We are all live in different parts of the world, so we all have a different outlook on things.


Now if you would like to participate go ahead and give your opinion on your own counrty or others. All I ask is no spamming or insulting/mocking of other peoples countries/homes.


I'll start off: when I think of Canada I think of peacekeeping. What does anyone else think of?

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I'll be honest i have absolutely no idea why you would say peacekeeping, and I'm from Britain, so maybe you're only known for that closer to home...


When I think of Canada I think of two Canadian girls I spent an awesome weekend with a while back...and snow, and wolves, and mounties.


I believe this to be a true "world wide" representation of canada :D

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Ok yeah I could add what Elgee said to the list too, that would still be a fair representation of Canada :D


Lessa, which part are you questioning? Wether other countries bring to mind memories of girls too? Cos probably. Or the snow and wolves and mounties part? Cos actually i dont think about those things with other countries as much as with Canada. (well maybe snow). I dont know why.


Oh, and grass that isnt green. Cos those girls kept goin nuts over the grass haha, they kept saying "oh, wow!! The grass is so greeeen!" XD

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Actually, there's an anime that's come out recently, centered around this topic. It's called Axis Powers Hetalia. ('Hetalia' basically means 'Useless Italy') Anyway, the characters in this anime are characterizations of different nations around the world. The plot is centered around WWI and WWII, but it's mostly a comedy.



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canada and alaska thinking of wilderness, game and particulary moose, and i believe fishing for those interested in that, oh and the ones being smart about sliding under the radar in most big media blow ups about whale and seal hunting


germany...tourists with campingwagons that you cant get by and that is driving oh so slow, very nice people though they always bring as much as they can food wise so they dont have too shop


japan kendo and technology


england friends i met and hope too meet in the future, royalty of the royalty and all the pomp that come with it

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When I think of Canada i think of this one girl, this one girl who brought light into my life. You know who you are :biggrin:


When I think of Ireland i think of...corrupt politicians, Guinness, The IRA (unfortunately)and countless other things Irish :biggrin:


Japan makes me think...Zelda, Mario, Gackt, Final Fantasy.

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When I think of various countries around the world, certain images/smells/sounds stir in my mind.


Alot of my images/impressions are colored by my being a History student.


Okay- Japan I think of Shinto. I love the artwork of Japanese gods!

Italy-I think of Roman Ruins. And fascism.

Greece- I see the Parthenon.

Germany- I think of precision, bicycles, anger, and Kebabs [i lived in Germany for a couple of years].

Canada- I think of some of the nicest people I've ever met!

Ireland- I think of Beer and potatoes.

New Zealand- I see the color Green.

Austrailia- I hear the Australian accent. [which I think is amazing]

France- Sadly, with France, my only mental image is the guillotine. But I've studied the Frenc h Revolution at some depth.

Great Britain- Henry VIII. See the above comment.

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Japan- kimono, samurai, katana(samurai sword), cherry blossoms

Italy- Colosseum

Greece-Parthenon and many Greek myths

Germany- I haven't thought much of it but some time ago I joined a memory class and Germany was associated with germ-many

Canada- Maple leaf, I got that from the flag and well Katleen since she was one of my first friends at DM and she is in Canada I think

Ireland- green fields and a tree monster(I saw that in a cartoon)

New Zealand- My aunt(well my aunt's friend but still she would be my aunt)

Austrailia- Autralian cricket team, I brother is a cricket fan but i hate that game. Still he has talked a lot about Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist

France- Eiffel Tower, catacombs

Great Britain- Scenes of "I didn't know that", Big Ben

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