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Please all Welcome our new Bio Checker: Keyholder21!


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It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you all, the Freelander's new Bio Checker






Also known as Em. :happy:


Now, a Freelanders Bio Checker is a bit more than what you might be used to from other RP Groups.

Not only do they handle all incoming bio submissions and work with the character owners to assure their characters have the best possible start in the PSW environment, but they also manage all nobles within the PSW environment from both the Freelanders Group and all other Groups.


The Bio Checker will be working closely together with our FL RP Consultant in setting up the character's record threads on the Training Ground.


As a member of the main FL Staff, Em will be an essential part of our team and help ensure that your experience here in the Freelanders is a good one.



So please join me in congratulating her and welcome her to our family! :biggrin:

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Thank you everybody! *curtsies properly and then runs hobbles around hugging everyone*



Oooooo BROWNIES! *takes one and sneaks one for later* Thanks Tynaal!



*laughs* You haven't even rped with me yet Sieve :tongue::smile:.

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