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question on WOT re-reads


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  1. 1. How many times have you re-read WOT?

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I'm new to WoT (2009) so I had time for only 1 reread (book 1 to 12), and I think it'll be my last. It takes way too much time (8-9 months) and I want to read something else, just to prevent my brain from burning out because of WoT. But it's the only time ever that I did a complete reread.

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I don't know if I've hit 20 times yet, but I've definitely read it more than 10 times.


I started reading the series in 1992, and did a reread before each new book starting with book 6, I believe. I started my pre-KoD and TGS rereads too late, so most of it was done AFTER I read the new one. I didn't do a reread before ToM, since I just finished the prior reread in april, though I did reread TGS right beforehand.


I averaged a reread about every year and a half in the gap between KoD and TGS, and plan on starting my pre aMoL one this summer, maybe July or August. I already know after aMoL I'm going to want to do a massive and complete reread, NS to aMoL.....how odd to finally be able to read the whole story in one go.

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