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Approved FL TTPC character - Alina Sylan - No CC required


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name character: Alina Sylan

Guild: Freebooters

gender: female

age: 25

location: Andor

role: Servant to Eleanor Morewin


short background: Alina has been the personal servant of Eleanor, a minor noble in Andor, for the last 5 years. She had been a servant in the manor all her life as her mother was a servant for the family. Alina had been working at cleaning the rooms in the house when Eleanor took it on a whim to make the girl her personal full time servant. She wasn't sure if it was just because Eleanor saw Alina most often, or if Alina had particularly impressed the woman, or if she just happened to be there when Eleanor had decided she needed a personal servant, but Alina knew better than to question it. For five years Alina followed Eleanor around trying to be sure that everything fell into place for the woman as it should, and trying to fix whatever she could before Eleanor found out there was a problem in the first place. She always tried to look the proper part even though she often felt out of her element, of course a little bit of poise and knowing when to be present, and when to be invisible, when to speak up and when to just listen has been instilled in her since child hood. One afternoon Alina had sensed that it was a good time to be invisible as the lady Eleanor was in conference with her husband. Alina had seen and heard enough to know that something was coming and there was no stopping it. Eleanor left the manner and Alina had found a way to stay behind. She tried to prepare for the lady's return, but she didn't know she should be preparing for. When Eleanor returned Alina was shocked at the decision the woman had come to. She was going to try to talk Eleanor out of if it, but she knew that the woman's mind was set so she simply set off to get the staff packing what they could as quickly as they could and trying to get her mind around the fact that she would be moving, and that they were leaving that day.

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