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Approved FL TTPC - Eleanor Morewin - No CC requried


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handle: Little Miss

name character: Eleanor Morewin

Guild:Freebooters TPC

gender: Female

age: 31

location: Andor

role: Minor Noble

short background: Eleanor Morewin was a bit on the short side, a bit on the curvy side, and a bit on the temperamental side. She was a minor noble, from the some what far country area of Andor in the west. She hadn't had the most exciting, or fulfilling life, or even a some what accomplished life. Marrying the local, and most renowned noble around at the ripe age of bare 17, had meant nothing to her other then he had more goats and chickens than the rest of her neighbors. Having been once considered the pride of the small town, for she was a beauty with long blonde hair that shimmered in the sun, and bright fierce blue and gray eyes that where almost always a flame with some strong emotion. Now that she had been married for 14 years, everything about her looks had faded as time had gone on, despite others her own age ripening in their older age. The only feature that hadn't lost luster was her eyes, and when you saw her eyes a flame, you knew it was time to either hide, or do exactly as she said.


Now it was one such afternoon, when her very normal, and completely uneventful life decided it had had enough. Her husband, who was a very average, with gentle soul and a gentle personality, happened to be a little slow on the up take when his fiery wife commented for the thousandth time how slow this town was and that it needed something to liven it up. He merely nodded his head and replied, "Yes, Blossom," and kept looking over his papers. At this point his wife had had it, and with out saying a word, stormed out of the room and feld to the stables for a quick ride through the country.


While out in the fields and on the main dirt road leading into the town, she happened to spot something that sparked her interest. It appeared as if a merchant train was coming to town, one that held house hold furniture, and other basic goods for running a house, like pots and pans. Just as it rounded the closed corner, Eleanor had a sudden vision of a large train filled with her things, and her in the seat next to a faceless driver.Without another word, she had come to a conclusion as to where she was taking her life.


Taking her horse back to the large 3 story house, she found that her husband had been called away suddenly to a near by town in the opposite direction for a serious meeting. Not taking any time to think she left him a note, gathered the servants and was on the road shortly after lunch time.


"Dear Beloved Gregory,


I have loved you and followed your decisions for the last 14 years, however it is time to make something of ourselves, and of our noble name. I have taken the household staff, all of our essential belongings, and am current en-route to Caemlyn to purchase a town house. Please send funds when you return from your meeting. I will send someone back with the address after I have found our new home.





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