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Approved TTPC - Victor von Umbra - No CC required


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Name: Victor von Umbra




Gender: male




Role: Captain of the city guard, and top darkfriend in the city.




Age: mid-thirties.




Location: an undisclosed major city




Appearance: Victor is tall and whip-thin, with a pale complexion, jet black hair and matching eyes. He sports a small and sharp goatee that only covers his chin, and his face is very gaunt. He has two main facial expression; a scowl which he wears most of the time, and a contemptuous sneer reserved for when he deigns to communicate with his fellow humans. His hair is short and always slicked-back, leaving his forehead bare.




Backstory: Victor is something of an enigma to the people of this city. He has no friends, family or relationships. He arrived several years ago and enlisted with the City Guard after impressing the then-captain with his sword skills. Victor shot through the ranks of the Guard, as he had a brilliant tactical mind as well as being a natural born swordsman. Several unfortunate ‘accidents’ involving the deaths of his predecessors allowed him to almost waltz into the position of Guard Sergeant, Guard Sergeant-Major and eventually Guard Captain. Unknown to all, however, is that Victor is actually the head of the local darkfriend circle! By securing a position of judicial influence, it is easier for his darkfriend allies to get away with their many crimes, and he has slowly brought in more and more of his allies into the ranks of the Guard. When it is time for the Great Lord to return, he will be ready….

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