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Tune or No Tune - Post Break-Up Sex by The Vaccines


Is "Post Break Up Sex" a Tune??  

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  1. 1. Is "Post Break Up Sex" a Tune??

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Four "Tune or No Tune" have been posted in the last 2 weeks as I try to play catch up, there is yet another double dose this week, continuing to feature a top song from 2010 and an artist who is expected to shine in 2011.


"Tune or No Tune" is a simple, weekly thread hosted by the Band of the Red Hand Social Group. All you need to do is decide whether the song I have chosen is a TUNE (i.e. you love it) or a NO TUNE (i.e. you hate it). Quite simple, really!


The main music theme of January every year is to look at songs from the previous year. That will be happening, but there will also be a look at what we can look forward to (or ignore!) for 2011. There is already a "It's A Knockout" contest for the top 16 singles from the UK chart in 2010. So far, we have only seen one "Tune" in 2011 - that was Beautiful Monster by Ne-Yo. The three other songs picked (Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding, Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J and Jezebel by Anna Calvi) have all ended up as a "No Tune".


Time for the final two songs of 2010 and 2011 before moving onto February's theme next week. First up is a group to look out for in 2011 - well, probably in the UK anyway. And that group are called The Vaccines, a London-based alternative rock. The group came third in the BBC's Sound of 2011 contest (which continues my theme of picking up and coming artists from that competition). The band's début album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, is due for release on 21 March 2011.


The group describe their influences as "'50s rock 'n' roll, '60s garage and girl groups, '70s punk, '80s American hardcore, C86 and good pop music" - so pretty much anything then! The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Ramones are two groups that The Vaccines have been compared to. Franz Ferdinand are another band that springs to mind.


Now, I was going to pick their début single Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) as my "Tune or No Tune" song this week - except it is about 90 seconds long and not worth putting up to the vote! Instead, I have picked their second single, which is called Post Break Up Sex, which is released today as a single. Now, I don't think the lyrics are that imaginative, for example, "post break up sex that helps you forget your ex / what did you expect from post breakup sex". Good use of rhyming!


The lyrics don't do anything for me. It's also a bit repetitive. It has that feeling of droning on and on with no change. I would say a poor person's Franz Ferdinand. Therefore, I give Post Break Up Sex by The Vacinnes the vote of NO TUNE!


For those of you who haven't heard the song, here is a link to YouTube.



The poll closes in a week's time, which is Monday 31st January 2011. So make sure you vote now before the time for the latest "Tune or No Tune" poll finishes!


Also, if you want to suggest a tune for "Tune or No Tune", do not hesitate to drop me a PM.

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Banders, Please Note:


Voting in "Tune or No Tune" threads counts towards posting in an activity thread for points gained through the roll call. However, in order for that to qualify, you need to post that you voted. Otherwise you won't get the recognition or the promotion points via the roll call!.




Social Group Leader

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I am torn. On the positive side, nice to hear some decent pop music coming out of England again. On the negative side, had it been 1991-92 this would have made me ecstatic. Problem is, it is 2011. If you're doing nostalgia, you need great songs. And this is too average.



Still, I am voting Tune. Because the English music scene right now is in such a sad state, and when you're dying of thirst, even american beer can be enjoyed.

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