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ooc: Go easy on me, it's my first IC post after a long bought of writer's block *laughs*. I left it open, so you can have Raurie bump into her any way that you want :smile:.




The letter sat open on her desk, the heavy hand making the dark ink look imposing against the ivory background. She'd read it a few times, cringing at it's true meaning, despite the talk of a lovely new wardrobe waiting for her at Mistress Eyon's shop. She no longer needed a code breaker to decipher these letters; it had been nigh on fifty years that the woman had been Mimi's eye and ear. Her dark blue eyes easily picked up the tone of the information through a mere scan of the document.


The news was dire indeed. Miahna rose from her desk chair to look out the high arched windows on the wall behind her. There were darkfriends deigning to set up camp in Tar Valon. Darkfriends that Miahna had run across before and failed to catch. Oh how that galled her. If only she'd been able to find another companion like she'd had in Malachi. Mimi absentmindedly toyed with one of her long dark braids as she remembered her fallen Warder and all the people they had brought to justice together.


Sighing, Mimi stared down at the city of Tar Valon. From high up in the Tower, the people looked miniscule, like tiny dolls to set on a mantlepiece. The streets were packed with men and women, horses, and wagons. Everyone bustling to get where they needed to go. Everyone living without the knowledge that there was a devious band of darkfriends in their midst. Tossing a dark braid back over her shoulder, the Arafellin turned away from her window and back to her rooms.


“I need to go talk with Mistress Eyon,” she said aloud, her words echoing about the empty suite. It was nice to have a place of her own whenever she visited the Tower, but Miahna couldn't help but think it was a waste of space. She rarely returned to Tar Valon, her travels taking her from the coast to the Spine of the World and back again. In fact, once her bags were packed, the room would hold no sign that it was hers; it was stock Blue Ajah Aes Sedai furnishings.


As if saying it out loud was needed to get moving, Miahna strode from the windows into her bedroom. Though it was late in the morning, she still wore a dressing gown. One of the afore mentioned advantages to having her own rooms. She pulled a dress from the wardrobe – not paying any attention to the color or cut. What did that matter? As long as she wasn't riding today, a dress was a dress. Any person in Tar Valon would know she was an Aes Sedai.


The navy fabric felt cool and light against her skin. Tying the sash around her waist, Miahna quickly unbraided, brushed, and rebraided her hair. The silver bells jingled in the silent space as she untied and then reapplied them. Gathering a pouch to support her “need” of a new dress, Mimi slipped quietly from her rooms and headed into the city.


The people looked larger down here, of course, but no less busy. Though there were many carriages available, the Blue preferred her own feet. She glided along the streets at a measured pace, her face a mask of that cool Aes Sedai serenity. She nodded occasionally to other Sisters, Accepted, or just people in general, but spoke with no one. There was business to be done and an exchange of words would only prolong her discussion with the dressmaker.


Miahna pursed her lips and frowned as she arrived at Mistress Eyon's front door and found the shop closed for a midday meal. The urgent message should have been enough to keep her shop open, but Eyon waited for no man, woman, or Aes Sedai when it was meal time. She was skinny as a rail, Mistress Eyon, yet she could eat a horse's weight in food. The Aes Sedai rolled her eyes and crossed her arms beneath her breasts. She's bound to be in the common room of one of these establishments Mimi thought wryly. She doubted any other Aes Sedai had to track down her eyes and ears, but Eyon was one of her first, and thus the Arafellin was fond of her. Uncrossing her arms, Miahna sighed again and stepped across the street into the nearest inn.

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(ooc: Had to finish midterms before I could get this up, sorry.)


Raurie pulled himself out of bed that morning and did his best to rub the sleep out of his eyes. He drank what was left of the water in a cup by his bed. He had made the same deal last night with the innkeeper that he usually did with all the others: he played music for the customers, he had a room and meals. Making use of the deal, he made his way to the kitchen for a warm breakfast, yawning and knuckling the small of his back all the way.


I'll have to pick a room with a smoother mattress next time, he thought as he sat down at the high table in the kitchens. The always frowning cook that Raurie could only describe as 'dumpy' scowled at him, but she gave him a small tray of food nonetheless. While the innkeeper was happy to make a deal with Raurie, he sincerely doubted that this woman would even entertain the thought. Rather than striking a conversation with her, he ate in silence.


The walk back to his room for his harp was short, and he found himself tuning his instrument on his bed in mere moments. He felt a strange weight from the knife on his belt. He knew it was just in his mind, but carrying the knife gave him an ominous feeling as it always did. He realized he was staring off at nothing, and finished tuning the last string. Before too long it was near lunch time, and Raurie hurried to the inn's common room and up onto the humble stage.


As he played, he absently looked at the patrons sitting around the room as well as those walking in the door for lunch. A few were playing cards, some rolling dice on a table, while one group sat in the corner with their backs to the walls. They threw furtive glances to the room as they hunched over their food and spoke forcefully to one another. Raurie looked over at the door. His attention was immediately caught by a woman who walked in with a dark blue dress and bells in her hair. She had that distinctive Aes Sedai agelessness about her as well.


That's an Aes Sedai and no doubt about it, Raure thought. Though what she was doing in this inn he had no idea. They had their own Tower, why did she need to step foot in an inn? She took a few steps in and looked intently around the room. So she was meeting someone? She must be if she was looking that hard for someone. And someone she wasn't too happy with, if that frown mean anything. Even a slightly irritated Aes Sedai was something to be avoided at all costs.


She walked quickly out of the inn. Well, that was that. No trouble at all? Raurie knew it was a blessing, if a surprising one. He looked over at the table with the men playing cards. One of the men sitting there was watching the Aes Sedai leave. Well, there was nothing wrong with that. After all, Raurie watched her intently, nothing wrong if another does. But the man nodded to the others at the table, and they stood in unison. The six men walked quickly for the door. Under more than one man's coat, Raurie caught the distinct glint of a steel knife. This Aes Sedai seemed to have enemies.


After making a hasty bow and slinging his harp to his back, Raurie stepped out the door not ten steps behind them. The men had divided, two going one way, four going the other. Ahead of the four, Raurie could just make out the dark hair and bells of the Aes Sedai. I should just keep to my own business. He told himself. I should just go back inside and play some more. He thought this as he found himself weaving through the traffic of the street after the four men and the Aes Sedai.

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ooc: no worries love! RL always takes precedence :smile:.




Stepping into the common room, Miahna’s eyes took a quick sweep over its inhabitants before she pivoted on her heel and walked back out. Evidently the woman had traveled farther than across the street for her meal. Strange, that. Usually the dressmaker preferred not to stray too far from her shop. Frowning for a moment, Mimi walked into the next three inns each to no avail. I’m going to throttle her the Aes Sedai thought crossly, knitting her brows as she walked into the last inn on the street. The dressmaker rarely showed her face here, the roughest of the inns on this stretch, but the cook made an excellent spiced pear dish. On the rare occasions the innkeeper could afford it, that scent drew in everyone, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ lot alike.


It took a scant glance over the room for the Blue to realize the woman wasn’t here either. Mimi frowned and forced herself not to mutter a string of expletives that bounced to mind. The innkeeper seemed friendly enough, but the looks from his patrons were something else. One wouldn’t think to find such animosity toward Aes Sedai in Tar Valon of all places, but it was apparently there. Making a mental note to keep an Eye on the inn, and presently ignoring the looks, Miahna made a quick exit and found herself back on the street. At least an hour had passed and she still hadn’t found Mistress Eyon. Perhaps something had happened to her? Something better have or she won’t like it when I get a hold of her, Miahna thought harshly though with little emphasis. The woman had given her many good tips over the years and somewhere along the line had become a friend rather than a mere lookout.


Miahna felt rather than heard the people who were following her. Embracing the Source, the Blue walked forward at the same pace, seemingly unaware of those behind her. She nodded to another Aes Sedai, a Gray with a question in her eyes. It was uncommon to see a Sister with the glow while in the streets of Tar Valon, but the Gray did not give her away. Her business was her business. Mimi was known throughout the Tower for her ‘interesting’ ways. But she managed to collect Darkfriends like no other, was not given to politics, and thus was given the benefit of the doubt in many situations. The other Sister moved along, oblivious to whatever or whomever it was following the Arafellin.


Mimi circled back toward Eyon’s shop. She was careful to remain across the street and north a few establishments, but with her heightened senses from holding the Power, the Blue could see that no one had entered the shop in the time that she’d been gone. Who knew how she had received that information, but Eyon had almost certainly been silenced for her knowledge of Darkfriends crawling in the streets of Tar Valon. The Aes Sedai hid her sadness behind a mask of serenity and continued walking along the bustling streets.


She was honestly surprised that the group behind her hadn’t tried anything yet. Perhaps the idea of attacking an Aes Sedai was keeping them at bay. A busy street gave plenty of witnesses, sure, but it also allowed for confusion and distraction. Frustrated over the Eyon situation, Mimi was in no mood to play Follow the Leader. Ducking into an alleyway, the Blue wove a shield of thick air about herself and tucked it in close to her body. Seemingly there to relace her soft leather boots, Miahna bent down to play with the laces just as a set of men rounded the corner. The corner of her mouth twitched up once, It seems Tar Valon is going to be fun for a change and she pulled a long knife from her boot to the startled surprise of the man closest to her. “And you’re following me why?” she purred toward them, danger dancing in her eyes.

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Raurie was sure they had doubled back along the way, that or the Aes Sedai was lost in her own city. She must be doubling back, which means that she knew about her followers. She wasn't going to fight them, was she?! This Aes Sedai was angry, so there was almost no telling.


Raurie caught the back of her head through a break in the crowd, but it disappeared behind the figures of those four behind her. His hand went to the cold hilt of his knife, and he felt a small thrill sweep through him. He fought the thrill, willing himself to calm. He lost sight of the Aes Sedai, but the men he was following turned down an alley. They would be out of safety in that alley, for those men would have no witnesses should they try anything. This would be it when they would make their move.


Raurie followed the last man into the alleyway and drew his knife. None of the men expected him, and so all their backs were turned. By the time he rounded the corner to see them, they were already bearing down on the Aes Sedai. . . who was holding a knife. Raurie aimed a kick at the last man, hitting him in the small of the back, and sending the man barreling forward. Before the next man could turn around, Raurie buried the knife in his back.

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(( OOC: Hope this fits, left everyone else to do their thing I hope. Let me know if something doesnt work for either of you.))



Regardless of spending a little over two years in Tar Valon, Grisham was still enamored by the Ogier built buildings. Their creativity was beyond Grisham's comprehension. Elaborate skybridges two or more stories high connecting the various structures, balconies fashioned into breaking waves, stores and shops shaped like objects of nature. One merchant's shop actually resembled a flight of birds, light how was that possible! Even the newer man-made buildings near south harbor were wondrous to see with their unique architecture, statues set in niches, decorative cornices and friezes. He was not a scholar or intellectual though he could appreciate beauty and good craftsmanship.


The streets bustled with all manner of people. From street vendors hawking their wares to the occasional Aes Sedai and Warder though the latter was less common. There were people of all nationalities as well in Tar Valon. He had even seen some Sea Folk on the docks in south harbor, an interesting lot they were. Grisham was generally fascinated by people; he often stood in the streets of Tar Valon or on the walls on guard duty observing people going about their daily tasks. It was a habit of his since his days as a city guard in Far Madding then again as a merchant's guard. Often he would engage random passersby in conversation, he liked to talk, a lot according to his mother who exclaimed he could talk a gleeman to death if given the opportunity.


Grisham was returning from the weapon crafter’s shop. He had just purchased a new sword to celebrate his graduation from the ranks of trainees in the yards. It was a beautifully crafted two hand sword, more so in its sturdiness and balance rather than decoration. It was a simple looking sword though someone with a trained eye would know its quality. It had cost him half of his savings though what good was coin when most of your necessities were paid for. He only had a few articles of clothing since his uniform was his normal manner of dress. Today he was plainly dressed, a simple tunic and trousers, since uniforms were only for official duty.


It was still hard for Grisham to believe he was a Tower Guard now though his aspirations did not end there. Some sought to make a career and a name for themselves in the Tower Guard, not Grisham. He yearned to be a warder, the ultimate level of service in his opinion for a man in service to the White Tower. A few Aes Sedai had come to watch him train in the yards though no offers had come yet. The warder bond was very personal or so he had been taught, therefore it was very important that the right pairing was found. One would or should not enter lightly into a relationship such as that between a warder and his Aes Sedai though Grisham decided that he would serve any Aes Sedai that needed a warder. In his eyes it was his duty, so an Aes Sedai only need determine that he was the right fit for her.


A woman shouted to him offering him freshly baked meat pies. Grisham nodded then smiled at the woman as he approached her stand. He was not one to skip a meal. Grisham handed her the requisite coins with a smile and a word of thanks as he took the proffered meat pie. Despite the wrapping it was hot to the touch so he stood near the vendor's stand watching the crowd in the streets as he bounced the meat pie from one thick fingered hand to the next waiting for it to cool.


As was typical for him, Grisham struck up a conversation with the vendor who spoke to him in between shouts directed at the crowd for them to sample her wares. Another patron approached the vendor so Grisham continued to scan the crowd. It was amazing all the people going here and there about their business, it was fascinating to watch. He often wondered on the lives of others. Everyone seemed to have a purpose. Without looking down Grisham began unwrapping the meat pie. It had cooled enough to the point where he felt he could take a bite though perhaps his rumbling stomach was getting the better of him. He brought the meat pie to his mouth about to take a bite.


Suddenly Grisham caught a glimpse of a brownish haired man about his height though much slimmer with a drawn knife in his hand. Grisham muttered an oath dropping his meat pie to the ground as he began to run. The street vendor's voice called to him though her words were inaudible as he focused his attention on the man who was entering a nearby alleyway. He muttered apologies as he bumped into others on the street. Grisham thought of calling for the guard though he felt foolish doing so as the man had done nothing yet aside from having his knife drawn. There could be numerous reasons for a man having his knife drawn he thought to himself though none of which seemed plausible here in the streets.


As he entered the alleyway he was shocked to see so many others occupying it. It made him pause for the moment as he tried to figure out the scene that lay before him. The man he had followed drew his attention as he suddenly kicked a man pushing him into others throwing them off balance. One man in the pack closest to the vigilante received a knife in his back for his trouble.


Grisham wiped grease from his hands then drew his blade walking lithely forward in a defensive stance as he attempted to discern what was happening. Then he caught a glimpse of her beyond the pack of men. A look of danger in her eyes, it was the Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah from his Tower Guard raising. These men were fools for attacking an Aes Sedai though she was still in danger. Grisham shouted a challenge trying to get to the Aes Sedai whose name he did not know. He could not reach her, there was not enough room in the alleyway to do so and the men who were sent sprawling were now rising to face him. He ignored the man who apparently had gauged the men’s ill intentions and had come to her aid. It seemed he could handle himself and would have to do so if he wished to remain alive, Grisham's duty was to the Aes Sedai, she could not be harmed, he had sworn an oath to protect all Aes Sedai. He could not fail...


"Rouse the Guard!" he shouted in his deep gruff voice to no one in particular as he fought off two of the men. "Tower Guard! To Arms!" He did not know what the outcome would be and the more men on their side the better. He would not let the Aes Sedai be harmed nor would he let these attackers get away. How dare they attack an Aes Sedai, in Tar Valon no less!


Grisham had his hands full with these two; his long sword was a detriment in the tight quarters of the ally. The dagger wielding ruffians had a distinct advantage. In the void he was one with his surroundings. Both the Aes Sedai and the good samaritan lived though that was all he could discern at the moment as he deflected and dodged dagger thrusts and cuts. He could not catch them deflect or dodge them all, some had struck home drawing blood. He fought like a wild beast grunting and bellowing though he was in control drawing on his daily practice of the forms he had been taught in the yards.


His opponents were quick and lucky though eventually as fate would have it their luck ran out. The Falcon Stoops, an overhead thrust took the attacker to his left in the shoulder forcing him to move his dagger to his other hand. Quick thrusts and tight slashes were best in close quarters plus the advantage in weapon length went to Grisham. He feinted low then dropped the other man with The Courtier Taps his Fan. Despite the attempted block with the man's dagger, Grisham's sword easily powered through it deep into the man’s skull. Now he had more room to face the remaining man who looked about for a way to escape though that was not in his cards. In a matter of moments then man was down with a fatal wound to his abdomen courtesy of Parting the Silk. The man writhed on the ground attempting to hold his innards in to no avail. He resisted an urge to spit on the fallen men.


He took in the situation at hand; the Aes Sedai still lived as did the good samaritan who was wiping the blood from his blade on one of the ruffians’ tunics. Interesting he thought, who was this man with impeccable timing? As Grisham had guessed they were of similar height and age though Grisham had roughly a hundred pounds on the other man. Grisham brushed wavy locks of brown hair from his brown eyes nodding to the man as he made his way to the Aes Sedai. He would have to speak to the man after attending the Aes Sedai and properly thank him for intervening. Without his aid he would never have known what was about to happen in this alley that was a short distance from where he had been standing. Without this man Grisham would likely be lying face down in this alley with a dagger in his back.


Grisham bowed to the Aes Sedai, an odd looking gesture with his bulk. He was out of uniform and doubted she would remember him anyway. Breathing heavily he made his introduction "Grisham Elmaren of the Tower Guard, at your service Aes Sedai" as he uttered the words he eyed the battered ruffian kneeling at the Aes Sedai's feet before meeting her gaze. She was serene as can be, as if this was a daily occurrence for her. His deep gruff voice held a hint of mirth as he asked "A friend of yours?" following with a smile to make sure she knew it for a jest. Light her eyes seemed just as penetrating if not more so than the day he was raised. Did she not appreciate his levity? Grisham blushed, in his haste he killed the two men not thinking to keep one alive for questioning. Luckily the Aes Sedai was much wiser and calmer than he was under pressure…


Grisham Elmaren

Tower Guard



((Edit: for spelling and grammar))

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It wasn’t as if she was extremely skillful with her knife, but she had learned a few things on the road One, was that she had courage, and two, was that with men like these, you always went on the offensive first. If these men thought she would be going down without a fight, they were wrong. Her heart leapt into her throat as they started to advance, but she pushed down the queasy feeling. No time to worry now she thought, whipping threads of Air and Spirit about her body to create a shield from oncoming attackers. They were mad to attack an Aes Sedai, didn’t they know that? Did they actually think that she’d go at them with her knife? That was merely for show.


Miahna, safe behind her shield, contemplated how to stop them. Dealing with six men wouldn’t be difficult, exactly, but how to do so without harming other people in the streets. They would have to keep the fight contained to the alley. She moved back a few steps, silently coaxing them to follow her and nearly laughed as they did so. Whoever sent them apparently had a misguided view of Aes Sedai, and especially of her. Though her stomach grew queasy at the thought, Mimi always did what was necessary and she never backed down from a fight. Even when that fight cost her dearly.


The thought of who sent them made her pull up short. Most assuredly it was the same person, or circle, that had disposed of Mistress Eyon. But was it a new enemy or one from her past? The Arafellin sent a combined thread of Fire and Earth out to heat the knives in the hands of the two closest to her. The men dropped them quickly as the metal became white hot, cursing and shaking their hands as if the act would rid them of the burns. They glared at her suddenly, more menace than fear in their eyes. These men had perhaps dealt with Aes Sedai before. She slowed the Air around them until they were unconscious but breathing and then set them on the ground.


Though that only took a moment, the Blue was pleasantly surprised to see that the other four had been …dealt with by some men who had come to her aid. One looked a stranger, and strange he was, with a bloody knife in his hand and a harp on his back. The other, Mimi realized, was the Tower Guard whose ceremony she had attended and spoken for. How odd that they should cross paths again and he should come to her aid. She walked forward to meet the two of them at the mouth of the alley, careful to pick up her skirts lest they trail in the blood that was pooling.


Before she could speak the Tower Guard stepped forward, bowing as he did so. He was out of uniform, but she never forgot a face. That was both a detriment and a savior in her chosen lifestyle. Panting, the man introduced himself, "Grisham Elmaren of the Tower Guard, at your service Aes Sedai.” This time she committed the name to memory. She stared at him as he stood in front of her, deciding that she trusted him. His deep gruff voice held a hint of mirth as he asked "A friend of yours?" following with a smile. The corner of her mouth twitched slightly, but as the situation was not yet completely resolved, she kept her face serene.


“Thank you helping dispose of these miscreants,” she said with a nod to Grisham. “The front two are alive, but unconscious. I will need to take them back to the Tower. I would imagine they have a lot to say once they wake up.” Her smile sharpened into something resembling a feral cat momentarily, before fading into the serene guise of an Aes Sedai. “Stranger,” she said to the young man at her feet, “you needn’t kneel to me. Tell me, what is your name so that I may thank you properly?”

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Blood was pooling in Raurie's cupped hands. He fell to one knee as pain from the stab wound in his left leg finally came to him. The thrill of the fight had worn off, and now it was time to face the consequences. If he had been just a blink slower then he would have been dead for sure. Luckily for him, he knocked his attacker off course with his free hand by just a hair's width. If not, his opponent's knife blade would have surely hit the artery in his leg and he would be long dead.


That was how knife fights went, and Raurie knew this. All the stories and songs told of heros escaping entire battles without a scratch, but this was reality. In reality, one man died and the other was bed ridden for weeks. It was the advantage of surprise and the tool of aggression that enabled Raurie to actually survive. They made up for his lack of skill and inexperience with his blade.


Someone had joined the fight without Raurie knowing. He was probably Raurie's height, though it was difficult to tell from Raurie's position on the ground. The man was also large, broad like a hauling horse, and he carried a large sword. How do people grow that large? Raurie thought. He probably eats people. That was a strange thought, Raurie realized. He had lost blood.


Now the large man was bowing and saying something to the Aes Sedai. She said something back, Raurie was sure. If she was talking to him, then he should stand. One should always stand when a lady was talking. He rose to meet her eyes. "I'll introduce myself. I'm Raurie Ashkar, and I play the harp." he said, though he sounded like he had a lot of gravel in his mouth. To him, that seemed like a good introduction. Another slow thought came to him before his sentence had left his mouth. "Say, Aes Sedai, you couldn't do something about this--" he gestured somewhat lazily to the blood running out of his thigh, "--could you?"

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“Thank you for helping dispose of these miscreants,” The Aes Sedai said with a nod to Grisham. “The front two are alive, but unconscious. I will need to take them back to the Tower. I would imagine they have a lot to say once they wake up.” Her smile sharpened into something resembling a feral cat momentarily, before fading into the serene guise of an Aes Sedai. Was that a trick of the mind he wondered as the Aes Sedai focused on the other man who had come to her aid. “Stranger,” she said to the young man at her feet, “you needn’t kneel to me. Tell me, what is your name so that I may thank you properly?” The man appeared to have taken a nasty wound, blood pooled from his cupped hands. Words passed between them then the Aes Sedai knelt focusing her attention on the man.


Grisham couldn't do anything to help the man so he turned his attention to the unconscious bandits as the Aes Sedai tended to the other man that had cometo her aid. Grisham finally wiped the dark red blood from his blade then sheathed it. A crowd had gathered at the mouth of the alley. Moments later a few members of the Tower Guard pushed through the crowd. One of them recognized Grisham, surveying the dead and wounded the guardsman asked what had happened. "Later Jared," he pointed to the unconscious bandits "The Aes Sedai" He felt foolish as he never learned her name "wants those two brought back to the Tower for questioning." Jared glanced at the downed bandits. "They attacked her Jared!" Grisham spoke. Jared whistled "Blood and bloody ashes Grisham!" He met his eyes "They attacked an Aes Sedai in Tar Valon of all places? Darkfriends in Tar Valon" a look of horror on his face and Grisham nodded then he looked thoughtful. These weren't ordinary bandits, not in Tar Valon. They must be darkfriends, who else would attack an Aes Sedai and here of all places?


Grisham looked at Jared as the man shook himself from his thoughts, the incredulous look on Jared's face fading to a look of dutiful purpose as he yelled orders to the other guardsmen. Grisham kept his eye on the prisoners as Jared studied the fallen bandits closer to the mouth of the alley. He could tell the difference in the wounds between those made by sword and those made by dagger. "Two Grisham?" He nodded in reply, was that jealousy or respect? "They ripped my favorite tunic Jared!" Grisham said with all the mirth he could muster as he fingered the bloody rips in his tunic getting a laugh out of the guardsman. Luckily his wounds were minor, he would have them stitched later. Women liked scars and he liked women...


Shortly thereafter guardsmen and Tower servants appeared with blankets for the dead and litters to transport the prisoners back to the Tower. They strapped the bandits to the litters and waited patiently for the Aes Sedai to give the order to return to the White Tower.


Grisham Elmaren

Tower Guard

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