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Approved TTPC - Aldwyn Frewin - No CC required


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Name: Aldwyn Frewin


Nationality: Cairhienin


Age: 17


Hair: dark brown and lanky; often falls in his eyes


Eyes: brown


Height: 5’ 6”


Build: medium build, toned from working a farm


Purpose: Aldwyn is the getaway wagon driver - he has little to no fighting skills but he may hit a wagon driver or two or the head with a branch when his fellows are threatened.




Aldwyn grew up at a noble’s manor house outside of Cairhien where is mother was a kitchen hand and his father a travelling blacksmith. They lived in comfort in the staff quarters which were well removed from the manor house itself. When Aldwyn was 15 his mother passed away and his father had not been to visit in many months, as he worked for farms as far as Aringill in the south and almost all the way to Tar Valon in the north.


Aldwyn was beaten by the stable master not long after his mother died, accused of feeding the favourite mare of the Lady of the house wet feed, resulting in bloat. Of course it had been the stable master himself, but he had needed someone to blame.


Aldwyn made a decision to leave the manor house and see what he could find in Cairhien. As he crept past the stables in the night he heard the snores of the drunken stable master, so he lifted his purse, fat from a night of gambling with his weighted dice.


Once in the Cairhien Foregate he found work in the stable of a seedy tavern. He supplemented his meagre income with coins from the pockets of drunken patrons who were often thrown into the stable to sleep off their stupor.

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