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Approved FL TTPC - Ellery Ghent - No CC required


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name character: Ellery Ghent

Guild: Freebooters

gender: Female

age: 17

location: Cairhein

role: thief

short background: Ellery was born on a small farm in the country area of Cairhein. As a child, she leapt into piles of hay, milked cows, rode around on ponies, and helped her mother cook hearty breakfasts for her father. It was a small nuclear family, though it never felt too small for any of them. They were happy and that's all that mattered. That happiness left when Ellery turned eight. That year, her parents both came down with a terrible sickness. They were confined to their bed with wracking coughs and a bone weary weakness in their limbs. The girl did what she could, but with no other family and no one else to help, it wasn't long before the farm was shriveling up and her parents were dead. In despair, Ellery clung to the farmhouse. Avoiding her parents room, she tried to carry on as normal, pushing her small frame to do the work that her large father had done only the week before.


And that worked for a little while. She bravely trudged on with her life, slowly numbing herself to the silence of the empty house. She feed the animals, milked the cow, plundered the chicken eggs, and cleaned the house. Ellery couldn't do everything, but she could do enough. In fact, she was out in the barn milking the cow when a rough voice drifted into her ears. Startled, the little girl dropped the bucket. She hadn't heard a voice other than her own in weeks. Creeping forward, Ellery peered out between the barn doors to see a band of thieves poking around outside her house. Experiencing annoyance instead of fear, Ellery pushed the barn doors open the rest of the way and stomped toward the group.


The men and woman, surprised and then amused by the tiny girl defending her home, took her in. On the way to the city of Cairhein, the band taught her the ropes of pickpocketing, disguise, and crafty lies, letting her practice on merchants as they followed the large road into the heart of the capital city. With time, Ellery grew into a pretty petite girl who had quick hands and an even quicker tongue.

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