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Adding characters - att Rashi, Ama & Taei


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Taei, Rashi & Ama, please post here whether or not you'll be able to help me to add the characters to the new database.


To start off, let's add active members and their characters first. Once that's done, we can add inactive members.


I've made a list of Handles and their Characters at the bios email documents. Let's each take a letter of the alphabet, and keep rotating them till they're done. What I mean is, I'll start with handles beginning with A (and all their characters). Rashi takes B's, Ama C's and Taei D's, then once I'm done with A's I'll take E's, and so we'll keep leapfrogging. That is, IF all 3 of you can help. If you can't, just post here please and we'll re-organise. If anyone runs straight through all "her" letters of the alphabet, and someone else is struggling, you can post here you'll do Q's, or whatever.


The data we have to add is spread all over, so you're going to have to hunt it down. Most of it is in the admin end of the site, url: http://whitetower.al...n.com/wp-admin/


Go down to pages, click on pageMash below that, then scroll down the list on the right hand side till you get to One Power and You. You should find all the "old" tables there. Click on the >> next to the table, then on edit, then on VISUAL. That should bring up something that looks like the old tables. If it doesn't, you're in HTML - get the heck outa there :P and for the Light's sake, DON'T EDIT anything in there!


Please make sure the data you enter is ACCURATE, so copy and paste from the original Bios and cross check with the google docs Lil Book that the OP scores you find in the site tables correspond to those originally assigned from the Lil Book.


Please let me know if there's any snags, or you can come up with a better way to do this.

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Ok this is not going to work ... I think first let's add some of the data to the google doc I made, otherwise each of us are going to have to have multiple tabs open just to add 1 character.


I'll start by adding the OP scores and breakdowns.


The following still needs to be done:


find the correct wiki links to the bios and add that to the doc

email addresses


dream score

black or not

correct ages (might need to hunt through Accepted interviews)

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Why don't you ask your members to do the work for you? I could make a form that could do all the work for you email it to your staff account and then you can check it to make sure things like op aren't being changed.


A link to the wiki bio (and/or the forum bio depending on if they are there.

OP break down

Requirements links and the like

bonds etc.

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Because the members are lazy gits who couldn't even be arsed to post their bondeds' names when Rashi asked for it? Lol ... we'll be sitting here till 2012 if we wait for them.


But Rashi, if you could post a reminder at the Bonds thread asking people to PLEASE give the details and explain that we need it asap for the database? Also, thanks for doing the wiki links, Rashi - just make sure that it's from the correct wiki site.


I'll do Black or not.

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I haven't had a chance to get to the Wiki's yet. I'm on it though guys I was SWAMPED yesterday at work. I'm hoping today will allow me to get some of it done. *crosses fingers* Yeah Elgee I'll post about bondings now. I forgot Dante was my warder because he's never here so I need to add him *whistles innocently at forgetting her warder*


Edit: Elgee please post yourself about who your bonded too. ;)


Also This thread may be helpful on getting e-mails and such from the more or less active members.

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I don't see anything added to the Black column, apart from the 2 I did. If you sign into the bios email, click on documents, open the one that should be at the top (Handles and Characters - 2011 Jan). Here's the link: https://spreadsheets...=en&pli=1#gid=0


Is that the one you entered it in? If so, did you save the doc before closing?

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I think that's the one...*sigh* I'll check it again and see if I did save it and all that. I'll get to it at work and okay Ama. *laughs*


Don't work too hard Ama I've got three hours today where i'm doing nothing waiting for a meeting at work to start so I can get a lot done in that time. LOL

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I started on the OP breakdowns Elgs, double-checked scores against the Lil Novice book and then added up the scores according to the charts. If i have left it blanked it needs to be re-checked by you. If i was unsure for any reason i left it blank.

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